Wish List Wednesday- Art and Furniture

Wish List Wednesday- Art and Furniture

Hi friends…my apologies for no post yesterday…I had a really shit 48 hours so just needed a wee break to be honest.
I won’t bore you with the details but real life stuff is slamming the door on unicorn dreaming right now…things are definitely not always sunshine and roses as it were.
Anyhow…as always, I know goodness is just around the corner so time to buck up and thanks the gods that all of my loved ones are healthy and really, that’s all the fuck that matters.
And on that note, daydreaming about better days means fantasizing about goodness on my wish list and since it’s Wednesday, let’s go for some…
Blog Series- Wish List Wednesday
For this week, I’m still totally obsessing over artwork.
Topsies on my one day list are…
…I’m literally in AWE of this image.
2. This loveliness by Skye Parrott
…wouldn’t it be perfect in a master bath against sheets of wall marble…giant size?
3.  And of course, my girl crush on Stephanie Vovas continues/is great (see the other works of hers I want/am getting here)…just discovered this beauty…
..and I lurv her.
Also quite enjoying her boyfriend…
Outside of art…I’ve got these guys on the list…
4.  All of these amazingly fabulous pieces from recent/ thanks to my ‘I coudn’t live without her’ friend Christine discovery…Brabbu….
The Mursi rug…

I die over it…like dead die.
And this marble table…
…also afterlife worthy.
Oh and their brass plinthed sofa…
…I wouldn’t throw it out of bed for crackers either.
5. And then there’s this stuff from my newest ‘I saw it in real life and can buy it locally + I want EVERY SINGLE PIECE IN THEIR COLLECTION’ discovery, Stellar Works
Barstools for the new house…but mine in black leather…
These incredible chairs…in front of a fireplace…

And THIS…in #projectdreamhouse kitchen across from the fireplace…
I mean have you ever?
The fabric…the shape…it WILL BE MINE- you heard it here first- no way in China this baby isn’t going to belong to me…come hell or high water as it were.
As for the rest, I think it’s high time I won the lottery…or landed some type of dream design job that paid large buckets of money…or both.
In the meantime/before I strike it rich, stay close to my Instagram feed over the next few days…peeks of my finished laundry area are a coming.



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