OILS 101

what are essential oils?

Essential oils are a highly concentrated version of the natural oils in plants.

They are obtained by a distilling process that involves every part of the plant, including roots, leaves, stems, flowers, and bark, resulting in an oil containing the fragrance and healing properties of the plant. You can think of the oil as a plant’s immune system; it is the life-blood of the plant!

Essential oils can provide support to every system of our bodies, including hormones, nervous system, and metabolism. It only takes 2 minutes for oil molecules to hit the bloodstream, and only 20 minutes to affect every cell!

why young living oils?

All essential oils are definitely not created equal. Young Living has been the world leader in essential oils for 25 years. They adhere strictly to their Seed to Seal model and are able to produce and bottle oils that are completely chemical free.

The same can not be said for store bought, off the shelf oils. Because there is no regulatory body governing them, products labeled ‘essential oils’ often contain fillers to lower their cost and/or have added perfumes to enhance their sent…the products are simply not going to support wellness in the same way as Young Livings do…and they may even be harmful. It is SO important to know where your oils came from.

Young Living has led the way in the essential oil industry for nearly 25 years, bottling up the best oils on the planet. They grow their own plants on pesticide-free 50 year organic farms and partner with responsible farmers around the world to produce the most pure therapeutic grade essential oils you can buy. Young Living overseas the entire process, from seed until the bottle is sealed so they can say with 100% certainty what goes into their bottles and that it is safe and pure. This is their Seed to Seal commitment.

Each batch of essential oils is RIGOROUSLY tested, in-house and through third-party testing. They are an open book and invite people to personally visit their farms to learn first hand about their process and commitment to quality. They only use the first distillation of plant material. Would you want to go to a coffee shop that saved all of their old coffee grounds and mixed them together to brew a new pot for you? Nope…you’d want a freshly brewed cup. That’s what Young Living offers you with their first distillation process and how it produces the best essential oils. They have the largest selection of oils and blends available, as well as other incredible products for your home and body.