essential rewards

Essential Rewards is Young Living’s incredible Reward’s Program. It’s like Shopper’s Optimum on steroids.  When you enroll in ER, you’ll enjoy 10-25% back in points each month to use on future orders, as well as free products from monthly deals. As well, you’ll be sent loyalty gifts (hello free diffusers,) just for staying on the program. Of all people to ever join ER, 90% stay on it forever! That tells you something about how great a rewards program this is.

why enroll in essential rewards?

ER is a totally customizable monthly wellness box that you can change every month, depending on your needs. I use it to purchase household products that I’d be buying at the grocery store anyways, and then use my points and freebies to build on my oil collection. Using ER, you can slowly ditch all the toxic stuff in your home with 100% plant based natural products…your toothpaste, deodorant, cleaner, hand soap, shampoo, makeup, skin care…everything.

Every month, your curated box arrives at your doorstep, and every month, you’re one step closer to a chemical free home. And with all the freebies and bonuses, you’re paying a fraction of what you’d be paying at retail.

You can join or cancel ER at anytime. There are no annual fees or contracts.

points + promos

When you enroll on ER, you’ll receive 10% back in points to use on future orders. After three months, that goes up to 20% and after two years, you’ll enjoy an amazing 25% off one every order. When you think about it, getting 25% back on every purchase you buy is pretty incredible. And remember, these are all products you’d be buying anyways…just better, cleaner ones. And not only that, but along with the points back, you’re also going to be getting free stuff. When you spend 100, 190, 250 and 300PV, you’ll be receiving a whole bunch of amazing product promos, that change every month. With my last order alone, I got 6 free oils and $50 cash back. Totally amazing!!