A Weekend With Genesis Motors

A Weekend With Genesis Motors

This past October, I got the chance to experience a very fun little weekend getaway to Montreal, thanks to Genesis Motors.

I had been planning a trip to see friends and celebrate Halloween so when the opportunity came along to drive the new Genesis G70 to my destination, I was of course sooooo excited…and man, did this car not disappoint.

The day I left was a rainy one and what I noticed first and foremost, was how incredibly well the car handled the road. It comes with lane avoidance technology so I’d be alerted if any car was in my blind spot or if I was drifting over center line. As well, it has that fancy hologram thing that allows you to track your speed and distance without ever taking your eyes off the road.

This beautiful also car comes equipped with the best navigation system I’ve ever seen…as in it shows you the actual road signs so there’s never any doubt where it is you are supposed to be going. If you’re ever driven in Montreal, you probably know how difficult it can be and this car, with its amazingly clear displays, just made it so so easy.

In addition to the tech, the G70 also just well…looks SO DARN GOOD. It is a sexy car, period full stop. I loved the stitched quilted leather, sleek lines and elegantly understated finishes. The seats were so so comfortable and the ease of use for dash items and controls was also very easy. And then the sound system…next level amazing. I blasted my playlists the whole way there and it was a joy to hear sound so crisp etc.

Once in Montreal, I got to enjoy a night’s stay at the stunning William Grey Hotel. All I can say there is wowwwwww. It’s ridiculous. After checking into my room, I had a little massage and then met a friend for dinner, which was of course, delicious.

I spent the night out with friends at maybe the coolest party I’ve ever been too. The party was a costume one at a place called Bar George and the building alone was just so incredible…and then the costumes…all to die.


It was a late night but before heading back home, I had a gorgeous breakfast at the hotel and then back on the road.

As with my drive there, the trip home was rainy and long but was made so comfortable thanks to this car. Every minute in this vehicle just felt so easy and insanely luxurious. The controls for everything are thoughtfully placed…the tactile response, unbelievably good and the finishes/interior layout… delightful. The innovative tech and stunningly pretty elegance of this car, made it such a treat to drive.

I got home late that Sunday and my car was picked up the following morning. I was honestly, very bummed to give it back lol. Like I want it to be MY car. One day. For now, I am already so looking forward to the next time I get to take this sweeter than sweet ride for a spin!






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