Prince Edward County with Caesarstone

Prince Edward County with Caesarstone

I am so happy to be back to blogging after a very long hiatus while my new site was being developed. I’m hoping this first post back, marks the start of many many to come:)

I wanted my first post back to be pretty special so am very happy to share an account of my most recent partnership with Caesarstone…becasue well, they are one of my most favourite companies to work with ever because of how generous they are with their time and experiences.

Ok so with that little intro, on to the good stuff.

Last month, I was lucky enough to have been included in a group of people who were whisked away for a two day incredible tour of Prince Edward County. During our time away, we got to experience such an amazing itinerary, filled with beautiful stops, delicious wine , incredible food, and stunning home tours.

Day one started on the party bus, where we had had a super yummy breakfast and got to talk a lot with our fellow tour peeps, before arriving at stop number one, The Old Third…

We had the most amazing lunch while there, and also got to experience a tour of their vineyards and bottling area…

Quick sidenote…this house + barn = my life goals.

Moving on…this trip was clearly starting off as pretty much my favourite kind of trip ever…wine and good and pretty places is a boss situation in my books.

After our lunch and tour, we finished our stop at the Old third with a little demo of how Caesarstone products can hold up to things like wine spills…

Good, good stuff.

After that, we loaded back on our party bus and made our way to the first of four house tour stops.

The first home was saw was a pretty modern build whose kitchen showcased Caesarstone’s Intense White…

After this tour, we made our way to place #2, and it was amazing. Like seriously amazing. I want this house…

The kitchen was of course totally decked out in beautiful Caesarstone.

After these two stunning tours, we were off to check in at our hotel for the trip, the ridiculously charming The June Motel…I’ve wanted to see this place in person for forever so was stupid happy to be staying there. I mean just look at it!

And then after seeing all of this goodness, we were off to dinner at one of my most favourite places, the Drake Devonshire…

It was heaven.

After dinner, we went back to the hotel and were surprised with a smore bonfire and it was such a perfect ending to such a perfect day…

And then it was day two time. Before heading home, we visited two beautiful homes, the first of which is my literal dream…

I mean sooooooo good. Also that kitchen counter in Caesarstone Fresh Concrete is now the counter I want everywhere. It’s so modern and cool but yet warm and tactile. Adoreit.

And the second house for the day…it wasn’t one I’d throw out of bed for crackers either…

…loved the Organic White countertop…it suited this kitchen perfectly.

We made one more stop before heading home to view some of Caesarstone’s new just released colours and I fell in love with every single one. The first four are the shades we saw while in the county, and are their newest colours…

Airy Concrete

Topus Concrete

Flannel Grey


And these are three other new colour additions to Caesarstone’s collections…

Frozen  Terra

Cloudburst Concrete

Intense White

All so so good. I love how matte and tactile they all. Such a good alternative to concrete, that while looks amazing, is super pricey and speaking from experience, not that durable.

I had such an amazing time on this trip and am so grateful to Faulhaber Communications for organizing and including me. And of course, to Caesarstone for being such incredible hosts.

I’m working on a super exciting new project re: my favourite place in the world and can’t wait to share how I’ll very hopefully be using a few of these new colours for that. Dreams = happening!!!


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