Cordial House – Main Floor Reveal!!!!

Cordial House – Main Floor Reveal!!!!

I am SO ridonc excited to share with you the main floor of our sweet little Cordial House.

We took possession of this vintage piece of heaven in mid-August and since then, have been working away to bring her somewhat tired self back to life.

To start, a little backstory on why PEI and why this place. In 1967 I think it was, my mom (17 then,) spent the day with her parents looking at vacant oceanfront land on the north shore of PEI’s beautiful red sandy coastline. At the time, she and my grandparents (and two uncles,) had recently moved to the town of Summerside, where my grandpa had recently been stationed with the airforce. I guess my grandparents discovered the gorgeous terrain of the north shore shortly thereafter and when a seasonal cottage property development began advertising land, they jumped on it. My mom wandered the entire peninsula until ultimately declaring which lot should be theirs. And shortly after that, a little panabode log cabin was built…and then as the story goes, my parents met/got married…honeymooned at the little cottage…had my sister and I…and then year after year, we travelled from wherever we lived at the time (ranging from Toronto to Halifax to Vancouver to Montreal to Maine,) to spend our summers at this beautiful little spot.

As a kid, we moved around a lot…I don’t think I ever went to the same school for more than two years…until high school…I managed 3.5 years there. PEI to me was and will always be where I feel most at home because it’s been the one constant place…the one we always went back to.

My grandparents passed the original log house onto my parents when I was in my late 20s and they have since renovated a few times over. And we still go…every year.

I now of course have 4 kids of my own and well, that’s a lot of people in one cottage. Also I have the psycho dog so yah…beaucoup chaos. This past summer, my family rented a cottage just down the road and we quickly realized that having something of our own there..just down the road from my family…was sooooooo the right move. On that note, I forgot earlier to mention that my uncle and aunt from Calgary also bought property in this same little development and are just up the road from my parents…it’s like a family compound lol.

Anyhoo…long story short, we knew we wanted something of our own. I’ve really always known that. PEI is my most special place. It’s where I feel the most me…the most centered….the most connected to my roots.

During our trip in July we looked at a couple of properties that were available…most of them vacant lots but there was one vintage little log house, sitting on a ridiculously stunning lot on the other side of the peninsula from my parents, that immediately sparked our interest. Trouble was, it was tentatively sold. Also at the time, we really thought we wanted to build rather than renovate. But…the gods had other plans and when that sale fell through, we went back and discovered that in addition to this property, the neighbouring vacant lot could be purchased along with it. And that most definitely sealed the deal. After like a month of waiting on bank stuff to be finalized and ducks to be in a row, we became the official owners of a very sweet vintage log cabin, that after 3 months of hard work, now looks like this…


I had originally planned on including before shots in this post but in the end, wanted to just focus on the pretty so instead, I’m going to do individual room before and afters in detail. Those will go into depth with reno details and design decisions etc.

For now, sufficed to say, this little cottage is most definitely the happy place I knew it would be.

And on the cottage gratitude note…I am SO thankful for this guy, Quintin Etchell/Island Innovation

When we first purchased the property only four months ago, I knew I wanted to get working on it right away but…PEI is notoriously short on builders/contractors, with some people waiting years after buying property to have work start. I count my stars as the luckiest that my parents, after seeing a build he had done just down the road, put me in touch with him.

For the past three months, Quintin has shown up time after time to get this place done…and done well. I’ve worked with so many contractors over the years and what struck me most, from the minute we met, was how honest and forthright he was about timelines, expectations and deliverables. He has always done what he said he would do…even when that meant working overtime or putting other things on the hold. In a storm a few weeks ago, he hopped in his truck when my window blew in, drove over an hour at night, with no power, in the shit weather, to board my place up so that no further damage happened.

He’s like old school good…as in he takes so much pride in his work and on giving people what they want…and charging them what he says he’s going to. There is just zero bullshit ever and that…that is like one giant ice cream sundae of awesome.

People keep asking me how we got the cottage done so quickly and it’s very honestly a combo sandwich of me being impatient and determined AF to get her pretty, and this guys work ethic…also he’s like one of those dudes who can just fix or make anything…it’s actually annoying lol.

Also, we had zero fun at all working together…zero…

So yup…if you are looking for a contractor in PEI or thinking of building there etc., Island Innovation is a HIGH recommend from me.

Back to sweet cottage…if you are looking for a pretty little oceanfront cottage to rent anytime (including winter because she’s magic in the snow,) CH might just be for you. She’s two bedrooms and a full bath on the main floor with a fully finished lower level that will sleep 6. We’re currently working on finishing that up with built in bunks and a full bath, and family friendly family room etc.

The cottage will be listed by the end of December on VRBO and Home Away so stay tuned and in the meantime, I’ll be heading back there next week for two new photoshoots…one with my favourite Citizen Atelier i.e. winter wonderland/girl trip and the second, a holiday shoot with a favourite magazine. So stay tuned for all of that.


Photos by the incredibly talented Brady McCloskey

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