Car Dreams – the Porsche Panamera GTS and Sport Turismo

Car Dreams – the Porsche Panamera GTS and Sport Turismo

You know those things that make you just pinch yourself because you just can’t believe how lucky you are? Those times when you end up doing something that feels surreal and so next level extra fabulous?!?!?! Well that was me a few months ago when I was given the opportunity to take a Porsche Panamera GTS and Panamera Sport Turismo for the day and take her exploring to Prince Edward County and back. I mean HELLO what a time to be alive!

To start, here’s a little info on this incredible car…

  • Exterior Design: Rear spoiler splits after it extends to ensure lift on the rear axle is reduced
  • Interior Design: Made with Alcantara, a microfiber material. Available in carrying leather, two-tone or club leather interior
  • Performance: Twin-turbo V8 engine. The transmission of torque on the road is maintained with all-wheel drive Porsche Traction Management (PTM), ensuring smooth and easy driving on tight corners and surfaces with different levels of friction.
    • These models have an anti-roll system on the rear and front axles, designed to reduce body movement on curves, for an even sportier driving experience
  • Assistant systems:
    • Porsche InnoDrive, adaptive cruise control, Lane Change Assist, Lane Keeping Assist, ParkAssist and Surround View
    • Head-up display is a new feature: it allows driver to view all relevant driving information in full colour display, directly in the field of vision. This is integrated into the dashboard with minimal distraction

The long and short of that is that is it is LUXURY and does all the possible things. Driving it, was like floating on a cloud of sweet automobile magic. I have loved Porsche’s since I can remember and it’s always been my sort of dream car of all dream cars…the one day when I become uber successful sort of car. And man did she ever live up to all those sugar plum fantasies.

During the course of the day, I had the chance to drive both the GTS and ST GTS models,  in three different colours. I started with this very cool green number…

…then the cherry red lovely…

…and finally, lady white, who was definitely my favourite of all.

Driving her made me feel like a total bad ass lol…

I also got to enjoy beautiful scenery around Port Hope and PEC, and a had amazing lunch at my favourite, the Drake Devonshire.

So yup…it was most definitely not a terrible day at all.

I’ve owned and driven quite a few cars in my life and well…

…the Porsche is still at the very top of the one day pretty please list. Getting to have a whole driving one, most definitely secured that in spades. And though the 911 will always have my heart of hearts, the Panamera GTS and Sport Torismo models are also so so sweet.



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