What’s Cool in Kidland You Ask???

What’s Cool in Kidland You Ask???

Well, let me take you on a little tour.

ABC chairs- Roeland Otten
These had to have a page all to themselves.  Have you ever in your life seen something so cool?  How amazing would one of these be (for each child of course) in the playroom…love!

1. Themis Mobile (Clara Von Zweigbergk) via Artecnica
2. Bird Lamp via Stray Dog Designs
3. Panton Jr. Chair via Modernseed
4. IKEA Mammut Crib
5. Customizable Crib via Inhabitots
The mobile is among the most beautiful pieces of kiddie decor I have ever seen; I love how it is gender neutral and so very modern.  The lamp by Stray Dog is whimsical and comes in a multitude of colours.  I am still waiting for my own Panton chair but if I can’t have one then why not get a few of these sherbet coloured beauties for the little ones- would be so sweet around a play table.  I really adore this crib by IKEA- they are modern, budget friendly ($59 – crazy cheap) and come in 3 great colours (smart IKEA guy produced them in pink, blue and green.)  The last item on this page is just too fun for words; the cardboard crib is actually designed to serve as a bassinet for a young baby and can then be used as a play vehicle when they outgrow it-a bed your kid is actually allowed to scribble on…brilliant!


1. Giraffe Lamp via Jonathan Adler
2. Elephant Wallpaper Decal via Inke
3. Elephant Needlepoint Pillow via JA
4. Penelope Wing Chair Glider via Oilo Studio
5. Zebra Rug via JA
This is apparently the Jonathan Adler page:)  I love his whimsical junior decor; the line is full of bright colours and graphic motives- very Hollywood glam!  The wallpaper animals Inke Heiland are a favourite of mine because they add vintage charm to any kid space- they come in a variety of patterns and colours and are sure to please the most discerning young tot.
1. Avalisa Art via 2Modern
2. Argington Floor Mat via 2Modern
3. Superfly Blanket via Superfly Lullabies
4. Meadow Friends Print via Serena and Lily
5. Baby Tolix Chairs via Tolix
I love quirky artworks; both for kids and adults.  The Avalisa prints are so graphic and come in a huge selection of colours. I like these grouped together in large numbers (say 6 or more) to give a real Pop Art feel to the room.  The Meadow Friends Prints are too charming for words.  I included them in my bijou boys’ room and would happily put one or five in any room in my home- I totally adore them.  The Argington floor mat is a bold print and totally organic so great for little cheeks.  I really like the print and think orange is such an unexpected but striking colour for a nursery- works great for boys and girls and plays so well against a variety of other colours.  The Superfly blanket is from Etys’s Superfly Lullabies.  I actually own this blanket and love it to death!  The underside is a soft woolly plush material and the print is just so cool- adds a great graphic feel to the room.  And then there is the baby Tolix chairs- helllllooooo!!!!  I die a million times and have to own at least of these beauties- and soon.
1. Amenity Blanket via Amenity Home
2.Deer Print via The Animal Print Shop
3. Dwell Pillows via Dwell Studio
4.Vintage Chair via Edmond
5.Hazel Crib Bedding via Serena and Lily
I love all of the offerings from Amenity;their organic line of bedding and pillows is so very modern- the prints are woodland inspired and would add subtle colour to a neutral room.  The Animal Print Shop photographs are amazing and as I said in an earlier post, I would happily put one in my living room- they are sweet and graphic all rolled into one.  I own one of the Dwell animal pillows and love their bold prints.  The vintage chair has major cool factor while the Serena and Lily bedding is pretty and elegant.
1. Owl Pillow via Dwell Studio
2. Roses Chandelier via PB Teen
3. Sock Doll via Chickabiddy Baby
4. Dwell Bedding via Dwell Studio
5. Eames Elephant via Vitra for Kids
As always, love Dwell everything- the owl is my new favourite; he’s adorable!  I purchased 4 of the sock dolls for my own kids, niece, and cousin last Christmas and I absolutely adore them.  The dolls are personalized with your child’s name and are just so charming.  The Eames elephant is a classic and comes in a variety of colours- would put this little guy anywhere in the house…its modern lines would be at home in any space.
1. Crayola Colour Chart via JB Interiors
2. Family Tree Print via Sarah Jane Studios
3. Bassinet via Anos Enfants
4. Rocker via Inhabitots
5. Alphabet Poster via Made by Girl
The first image of the crayola colours is one of the coolest things I have ever seen; apparently the colours produced for Crayola double exactly every 28 years- what a great piece of useless knowledge!  The poster itself is so pretty and would be perfect in a playroom.  If you follow the link, there is a blog post about crayons that includes some amazing images- a really fantastic post.  I love the family tree print from Etsy seller Sarah Jane- it has such a great vintage style and is just so pretty.  The modern bassinet is so chic and I love the punch of orange. I also love how it is a relatively small piece of furniture- I’m so over huge baby gear!  The modern walnut rocker has such an architectural appeal- love it. Alphabet posters by Jen, of Made by Girl, are very graphic and come in a great variety of colour combinations- I like how the posters provide a modern way of personalizing a room.
1. Petit Bird Armchair via Oly
2. Owl Lamp via Michele Varian
3. Wood Gorilla via Tom Dixon
4. Vespa Rocker via Cool Things
5. Resin Truck via Michele Varian
I love love love Oly- one of my absolute favourite decor studios.  This armchair is mini size is gorgeous and I would love one of these for my little girl’s room- it’s just sooooo pretty.  Michele Varian’s owl lamp and resin truck are both adorable. I love the modern take on a brightly coloured plastic truck- for my money, I would definitely pick the resin version, although my 2 year old would probably stick with his John Deer:)  Tom Dixon can’t do wrong in my books and this line of wooden animals just follows his brilliant design aesthetic.  I included the Vespa rocker even though it isn’t for sale, just because it is so totally cool- If I remember correctly, it was built by a grandfather for his grandson- how amazing is that??? 
Katie Vital Ant farm via Inhabitots
I am finishing my tour of all that’s cool in kidland with this amazing take on your everyday ant farm.  I would never ever imagine that I could appreciate an ant farm but this really is pretty neat and it comes with your choice of sand and frame colour ….I’ve said it many times during this tour but this really is totally cool.
So there ends my tour of Kidland Cool-  I hope it has given some insight into the amazingly modern products that are out there for our kids.  Shopping for them has never been so fun- my credit card might now always agree, but that’s another story:)
  • Nattie
    Posted at 18:51h, 24 October Reply

    Hi Christine! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comments! Your blog is so lovely too!! I think we have the same fave items: I love love love the jonathan adler giraffe lamp + HOME chair + vespa rocker ( so cute ) and plenty more from your list above – if only I have disposable income to fullfill all my wants :P! I’m totally following you from now on 🙂 have a nice day!

  • Jen of Made By Girl
    Posted at 16:21h, 25 October Reply

    Thanks soooo much for including Made by Girl :))
    Will mention you in a future thank you post! 🙂

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