Thinking About 7- #4

Thinking About 7- #4

I’ve got lots on the go, which translates to lots on the brain.
So, it’s sharing time.
1. I was at a fabulous little Kravet/Jonathan Adler colour seminar yesterday so had time to peek around the showroom…in between the 3 or so plates of food I was shoving in my face that is.
Anyhoo…I zoned in on the Kelly Wearstler section because let’s face it…the woman is my total and complete idol girl crush and everything, and I mean everything, she does is like magic sauce.
I found this…
…which is sooooooo going to happen re: the little secret collaboration of sorts that I’m been hinting at…which PS, will be revealed on Monday…along with some other big news…
This leads me to numero deux
Make sure you pop over for the ‘secret talks’ announcement, along with some goodness thanks to my favourite magazine Style at Home.
I’m pretty sure both little tid-bits will ensure that I follow along with this sage advice…

…well hopefully anyways;)
3. #projectbaby is still in the active rumination phase, though I think I might have a firm plan.
I have to admit though, I’ve received a number of submissions for 
Baby, Baby, Baby Nursery and every time I see one, I want to completely scratch what I am thinking and just follow along with said plan…you bloggers are some talented folk.
I’ve got another ridiculously fab one to share tomorrow, thanks to the ridiculously fab MFAMB, so make sure you drop over for that and leave some much deserved love for Jenny.
And speaking of said series, I’ve decided to store all of the nursery boards in one place as they are posted, so that you, my dear readers can view them all at once…there’s a new button on my right sidebar that will bring you to a page with all of the nurseries on display, along with links to their respective posts…look for this familiar button..

4. The whole #projectbaby thing, along with the recent completion/reveal of #projectscarlett has made me feel a little sorry for my 
‘Malcolm in the soon to be middle’ as it were.
I put together his room on a strict budget and though I really do love it’s sort of rustic/naval library feel, it needs a little something to jazz it up a bit…especially since the plan I have for #projectbaby is sort of a little ballzy.
PS on the #projecbaby front…I’m still on this sort of train…
Back to Mac….since his trim is all painted in a deep navy, I’m thinking a little 
Paul Loebach Yee-Haw action (in white and cream) would add the perfect layered surprise…

It’s sort of subtle but would add a good dose of whimsy etc.
I’d also LOVE to add these prints I’ve been wanting for like ever…

And PS, I’d also like to win the lottery so I can afford to do all of the above.
5. Said cash windfall leads me to my next thought.
I’ve been discussing finishing off an office for my husband, since his new job allows for the flexibility of working at home.
I made a pitch for some really dramatic dark wallpaper yesterday, layered with some giant boat pictures framed in acrylic…like this guy (hubby is a sailor- loves boats)…
{viaoriginally seen here}
….and this chair (hubby loves mid-century anything)…

RARE Iconic George Mulhauser Lounge Chair WHITE leather Mr.Chair For Plycraft Mid Century Modern Resurrection Eames

…to which he replied, “actually, I was thinking of painting the walls white, re-using the old chair of my mothers and sticking up the boat pictures we already have.”

…And deflation insued.

6. These shots all have me wanting to do something…

gorgeous/ burgundy velvet settee/ portrait

Wine coloured velvet, berry on the floor, pink on the walls, portrait…HELL YES!

design and style from a scandinavian perspective. those walls!

…more proof that I need to find a wall to paint/wallpaper in a painting.

Pretty in pink

I’m going to get my hair did on Saturday…excited to try out Colour Lab in the city to get the ‘Fashion Week’ done…which will hopefully translate into something along these lines because afterall, what 30something year old with a giant baby belly doesn’t need bright pink hair?

windows and patio

I want that addition with the floor to ceiling black metal windows/doors stuck on to the back of my house…it would make me happy.

interior design by colleen carney.  floral, lilac, orange. hazelton house fabric

After yesterday’s post and the moodboard for my client’s foyer project, I really can’t get the whole cantaloupe/lilac out of my mind…this bedroom sealed the deal- have to make that happen.

Also, that Hazelton House fabric…it’s Anne Dorothea and I have some in the black colourway- it’s on the back of my chairs in the hallway.  That headboard though…wowzers…would ADORE to copy that shit- too bad I have no room to put it in nor the 5K or so it would take to make it happen…that fabric is crazy money but god it’s pretty.

Speaking of good florals, this one is also a winner…

graphic wallpaper in neutral, floral bedspread

…again with the cantaloupe…loving.

7.  Since we’re talking about things I’m thinking about…

Yeah, I can't wait until it's done pouring either

…I’m almost 6 months preggers and besides dreaming of sweet baby, my brain is happily counting down until the day when I can have some sort of sweet libation…mommy is missing her wine!

And just before I go, I’d love to direct you over to a little guest post I did for the insanely talented Erika at Small Shop…as I mentioned yesterday, I’m sort of re-discovering the beauty that is burgundy (or wine, or berry or whatever you want to call it;) so I put together this little board…
Bijou and Boheme for small shop

…along with some pretty pictures that showcase one of my favourite ways to mix this trending colour…you can see the rest of my post HERE.

Peace out blog readers.


  • barbara@hodge:podge
    Posted at 09:50h, 14 November Reply

    Wow, that is a lot going on! I think you need to take on more clients so your creativity can be unleashed at a mad pace! Enjoy and I am LOVING following along with your good fortune while I find myself unexpectedly teaching grade 2 full time indefinitely!

  • Karen Albert
    Posted at 10:09h, 14 November Reply

    You are really on the go girl! I love that wine, pink, berry room! All images are wonderful and have me thinking…a bad thing right now!:)

    A Special Scalamandre Giveaway

  • Hydrangea Girl
    Posted at 11:28h, 14 November Reply

    Deep reds/painfully dark purples are my fabourite colours. Adore the injection of them in your colour palette!

    p.s. ‘Malcolm in the middle’ – I laughed out loud at my desk.

  • Erin | Holtwood Hipster
    Posted at 12:41h, 14 November Reply

    There is no way in hell you could EVER be boring. I think my pulse actually raced a bit as I scrolled through all this goodness. Very excited to hear all of your news!

  • Erika [small shop]
    Posted at 14:06h, 14 November Reply

    Can’t wait to hear all the big news! And keept the nursery designs coming (I know I owe you one too, I’ve been brainstorming!).

    Thank you again for the beautiful post today!

  • Chassity (Look Linger Love)
    Posted at 15:33h, 14 November Reply

    I’m dizzy with all this information and truly love it all. I will narrow it down to speak of one thing specifically. Pink hair — you must…

  • Sadie + Stella
    Posted at 07:14h, 15 November Reply

    Ok. Lovely board you put together. Lovely spaces. Annnnd lovely KW fabric. Love it all!

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