Style in Seven…Moi

Style in Seven…Moi

Goodmorning all.
It’s Sunday, which means Style in Seven time…

 and this week, yours truly is up to bat.
I actually put this 7 together for the very fabulous Ashley, of a {llittle} dash of ash….she posted it last Sunday on her gorgeous blog.

But you may have missed it so….

Here it is again.

My post is basically a picture party of the 7 things I feel best represent my aesthetic…if I had been allowed a few more choices, I would have thrown in wallpaper and whimsy into the mix but alas, thanks to my own rules, I had to just focus on 7.
So here you go…take all of these things, wrap them up with a bow and you pretty much have a room a la B&B…
1. Pink
There’s not much to elaborate on here.
I simply ADORE pink…I love how it’s feminine but has a distinct air of strength to it.
Daring in its girliness.
Pretty and punchy…perfection in a colour if you ask me.
2. Art
If I was a bazillionaire, I would spend all my riches on artwork.
To me, nothing is more compelling/beautiful than a great piece of art…and as such, no room is complete without well adored walls….and PS, that means no mass produced canvas prints, thank you very much.
My taste runs a pretty wide gamut…I adore fashion illustration and modern abstracts but also find antique portraits and landscapes rather enchanting.
3. French
There’s something about the interplay of history and femininity that I love about the French aesthetic.
It’s just so darn pretty.
I love when a little French is mixed with some more modern touches so that the girliness of it all isn’t too overpowering.
Truth be told though, an antique bergere will always win over an Eames chair with this girl.
4. Gold
Rich and lux, I just heart gold….and brass…and bronze…anything with this decadent hue.
To me, gold is the most glamourous and feminine of metals so it’s undoubtedly my favourite.
I’m of the mind that pretty much everything looks better with a touch of glitzy gold beside it.
5. Leopard
Leopard rocks…simple as that.
It’s the grande dam of animal prints and looks good with every thing.
Leopard performs as a dynamic neutral and makes any space/ensemble infinitely more glamourous.
I will never ever tire of it…as evidence by the fact that I have approx. 7 cushions, 2 coats, a handful of scarves, 2 blouses, 1 dress, 1 pair of boots and a car seat in this print…yes…I’m a bit of a leopardaholic but I make no apologies for it…my love for this print runs deep.
6. Glamour
What’s not to love about this one?
I’m not sure why anyone would want to be/dress/decorate in anything less…a little girly sparkle/shimmer/crystal/metal/feathered/encrusted/gilded pretty is 100% essential to happiness…I’m convinced of it.
{all photos via here or here}
7. Fur
Last by certainly not least, there’s fur.
This one goes along with #6…glamour always wins for me and you can’t have that without a little 
furry goodness.
I’m of the mind that most rooms could benefit from a fur throw or pillow (or 5)…same goes for a closet.
And PS, vintage or faux is best.
So there you have it….my 7 style essentials.
Very much hope I did my own series some justice.
And with that, I wish you a very happy Halloween Eve.

I still have my costume to figure out {thinking I might just drench myself in every piece of leopard pretty I can find} and a few more pumpkins to paint….we’re going black and white this year around these here parts.

Pictures to come on Tuesday or so.




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  • Design Blooms
    Posted at 07:32h, 30 October Reply

    I honestly was never a fan of leopard until you came along..but you changed my mind on it! How do you make something “cool”?! haha! Im trying to figure out ways to add it into my home, or just wear it! J.Crew has great leopard scarves!

  • The enchanted home
    Posted at 07:40h, 30 October Reply

    Love this post Chrstine…yes to art, leopard, pink, glamour, gold and all things French…you are talking the ingredients for perfection my friend. Love it all!! GREAT POST. Happy Sunday to you.

  • Andrea
    Posted at 09:41h, 30 October Reply

    I did see this last week…and it is exactly, perfectly you! I have 2 vintage fur coats in my closet awaiting a new creation….too tattered to wear, but could be crafted into a sweet throw pillow, or perhaps neck roll??

  • danielle {breakfast at toast}
    Posted at 09:49h, 30 October Reply

    Love it all. Your posts are always so lovely!!

  • heather (love your space)
    Posted at 12:10h, 30 October Reply

    Now you’ve got me thinking about my aesthetic broken down to seven bits. Really fun to do! I have two in common with you…funny how elements can be so mixed and matched to completely different effect.

  • Michelle ~ Make Life Pretty
    Posted at 15:26h, 30 October Reply

    I especially liked what you said about mass produced canvas prints. Thanks to Etsy, you don’t need to have a ton of money to have an original piece of art.

    Posted at 19:42h, 30 October Reply

    love all the glamour! Gold and leopard are my all time fav’s for fall! I’m with you on the art obsession too-can’t get enough and never will! Have a great end of weekend!

  • Fash Boulevard
    Posted at 01:51h, 31 October Reply

    these pictures are incredibly beautiful. obsessed. amazing post, love. I hope you had a fabulous weekend. If you have a second I’d love to hear what you think of my latest outfit post. Also I’m doing my very first amazing jewelry giveaway! So excited. xo

  • Anne-Marie @ 10 Rooms
    Posted at 08:49h, 31 October Reply

    Happy Halloween, hon! I think this may just be my favourite post ever. Your images are so completely delectable. What always immerses me about your style is that you know it so well, and that’s a rare talent – x

  • P.S. I love this...
    Posted at 15:52h, 28 January Reply

    Love this entire post! I love all of these elements and I’m slowing incorporating them into my new home. Thanks for sharing and providing such beautiful inspiration.

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