Style in 7 – Natalie of The Enchanting Life

Style in 7 – Natalie of The Enchanting Life

Good day my love beans.
It’s going to be a perfectly swell one for me.
First, I’m off to the doctor for a bambino check-up and will hopefully get to hear his/her heartbeat for the first time…for those of you who’ve had beans before, you’ll know that this is a big moment…could barely sleep last night I was so excited.
And on top of that, #projectscarlett is going to be make mucho progress…wallpapering is happening…ps, stay tuned to my instagram feed (@bijouandboheme)…will post photos of the action.
Also, my curtains and pink French chair are being delivered…happy happy happy.
So…since it’s already a great day to be alive, I thought it a perfect time to share another newbie Style in Seven.

Today, I’m welcoming Natalie of the blog, The Enchanting Life.

After only 2 months on the scene, this young lady has already mastered the inspirational and is cranking out posts devoted to all things pretty with ease.

Natalie’s blog features all the big hitter favourites like food, fashion and decor…it’s got just the right mix of fabulous, along with a little dash of personal stuff to keep things interesting.

I’m very pleased to feature her Style in 7 today and am pretty sure that you’ll see why I’m smitten with her after reading it…let’s just say her version of style hits very close to my little heart…


Hello everyone! I’m Natalie from The Enchanting Life. I am so honored and excited to be featured on Bijou and Boheme as part of the “Style in Seven” series! I could write my whole post on the 7 things I love about the Bijou and Boheme blog but since you obviously feel the same, I will share some of my other style inspirations.

1. Bold

As much as I love a whimsical and soft style, I am drawn to a room or outfit that has a focal point. A bold look, to me, can be accomplished through bright colors, loud patterns, and a mix of textures. I admire anyone who is willing to use a bold style in their apparel or their interiors because it draws so much attention; however, you almost have to have a room or outfit that is close to flawless if you want that kind of attention. My favorite bold combinations are black and white stripes, a large chevron print, color blocking two opposite colors, and a bright-colored ceiling.

2. Vintage

I think every outfit or room needs a touch of vintage; anything from a skeleton key necklace to an old steamer trunk used as a coffee table. Using a mix of old and new makes an outfit more charming and a room look more cozy and lived in. My favorite pastime is spending the day in a flea market or on Etsy looking for the perfect vintage item to add to my collection. A vintage piece is a conversation starter and is even more special if it has a story to tell (like it belonged to a grandparent or Abe Lincoln’s neighbor). Adding a vintage piece breaks the cookie cutter mold and makes any room/outfit one-of-a-kind.

3. Whimsical

Whimsical is one of my favorite styles because it’s so playful and makes you use your imagination. A whimsical room can make me feel so relaxed that I drift off into a dream world made up of enchanted forests and Alice in Wonderland tea parties.

4. Glam

Like most women, I am drawn to anything that sparkles. Being surrounded by diamonds, crystals, and gold can make any woman feel like Kate Middleton. I love how a glam style is the perfect mixture of feminine and vintage with a touch of charm and a whole lot of bling. Massive crystal chandeliers, Chanel, white marble, and gold furniture makes for the perfect combination of glam.

5. French

If I had to sum up my style in just one word, “French” would probably be my word, it covers all the bases. The French have achieved a bold and modern look with their black and white stripe; a vintage look with the shabby chic farmhouse style; and their haute couture, crystal chandeliers, and elaborate Rococo furniture make for the perfect mix of glam and feminine. To top it all off they have the world’s most delicious and decadent pastries. Goodness, why am I not living there? The French style always has me saying, “C’est très belle!”

6. Feminine

Soft and pink, bold and glam, I love it all. I admire feminine interior design so much because it’s somewhat out of reach now-a-days. Now that I’m married I have to find the right balance of masculine and feminine within our décor so that the hubby doesn’t complain. This leaves me scrolling through pages on Pinterest dreaming of my Bachelorette pad made up of pretty pinks, delicate lace, and soft linens. Luckily I can still fully embrace these same elements of the feminine style through my wardrobe.

7. Eclectic

Whether I’m designing a room or getting dressed in the morning, I lean towards an eclectic and asymmetrical style. I am drawn to things that are made of up several diverse styles, colors, prints, and patterns. I love when several pieces look so different from one another but when brought together they make a cohesive and beautiful room or outfit. Having that diversity gives so much more dimension and interest; it makes we want to know more about the person who owns that outfit, painted that picture, or lives in that house.

Well there you have it, my “Style in Seven.” Thank you so much to Christine for allowing me to post on her incredible blog. I’m still high-fiving a thousand angels over this awesome opportunity!

Hope you all have an enchanting day,


What did I tell you?
Natalie’s Style in 7 could totes be mine…love, love, love her pics.


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