Sponsor Welcolm and a Holiday Giveaway!!!!

Sponsor Welcolm and a Holiday Giveaway!!!!

Hello my friends.
I’ve missed you!
On that note, a quick word on my absence…you see, I came down with the plague. And by plague, I mean an ear infection that spread into the soft tissue of my face, and into both ears, and literally turned my face into something only reminiscent of a boxing match with aliens.
I wouldn’t curse this sort of thing on my worst enemy.
I had to have a wick put in one of the ears because the canal was completely closed and let me just say that if I hadn’t birthed children, I would have unequivocally said this was the worst/craziest pain ever…I literally screamed for 20 minutes in the emergency room as the doctor put it in.
Really not good times.
I still feel like I’m in a bathtub and can’t hear a thing but the swelling is gone and my ears don’t feel like someone’s putting hot pokers in them so I’ve turned the corner as they say and can finally get back to blogging business.
Now because I’ve been away for almost a week, I thought I better return with something good so let me introduce my newest sponsor….aka…one of my all time favourite Etsy shops
I’ve been fan of this art shop forevs and am the lucky owner of this lovely print…

…that now lives in my laundry nook…

Which PS, I could not love more, thanks to that swan.
 Vivian and Beverly has so many beautiful prints to choose from…it’s definitely hard to narrow down a favourite…

But, guess what…you’re going to have to because you my friends have a chance to win….

…as the kick off to my…
Untitled #84


So…for your chance to win a stunning print…..do these things:
To Enter:

Leave a comment below
For extra entries:
*and you must leave a separate comment for each*
1. Like Vivian and Beverly on Etsy
2. Pin your favourite print from the shop and include hashtags #giveaway #art and post a link here so I can see it
3. Tweet the giveaway
{enter to win a gorgeous art #print from @bijouandboheme 

This giveaway will run until Tuesday Dec. 17th…and :whispers: there’s more to come:))))

Good luck my friends!



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