One Room Challenge – Version 2.0…Week Two

One Room Challenge – Version 2.0…Week Two

Howdy…it’s week two (if you missed week one, you can read that HERE) of my second go at my master bedroom overhaul…
one room challenge christine dovey

…and let me just start by saying that things are fairing SO much better this time around.  With a whole house renovation going on, trades in every corner, and construction happening everywhere, the master bedroom is like a little bastion of sanity. It’s got walls and floors and paint and wallpaper and it just waiting for the big picture to be installed. With 5 weeks left, I’m super duper confident that I’ll be able to pull everything together and give you a reveal…happy, happy days.

With time to really consider the design plan and not just spin around in a mad dash to get things done, I’ve been able to really hone in on how I want the room to look and feel.

As the first few furniture pieces have gone in, what I’ve started to see is a room that’s a tad too pretty without the grit/ugly that I really always need in a space to have it feel like one I want to be in.

Example A…my beautiful chandelier from Crystorama went in and after I hung all the crystals…


crystorama chandelier christine dovey one room challenge

…I gasped at the pretty and well, it sort of took my breath away…

crystorama chandelier christine dovey one room challenge

crystorama chandelier christine dovey one room challenge

crystorama chandelier christine dovey one room challenge

Exhibit B…my custom side tables from Druthers and Hammond were delivered…

druthers and hammond custom side tables christine dovey

druthers and hammond custom side tables christine dovey

…and again….LOVE…but, they just made me want something else with them.

And then there’s Exhibit C, the Bellacor lamps I ordered…they’re also my favourite but they just look a bit heavy on my narrow side tables.

All tolled up, I’ve just decided to re-work a few things.

My new plan is to use one of the table lamps on my console table from the old foyer…


In their place, I’m going to do a pair of Lambert et Fils wall sconces…

lamert et fils cliff sconce christine dovey one room challenge

I like how they’ll give the room a little more edge because of their contrast with the chandelier. They’ll also free up table space on the nighstands.

So lighting done.

In terms of the overall plan, I really got a clear new vision for the room after seeing this beautiful photograph by Kalle Gustafasson

kalle gustaffason one room challenge colour inspiration christine dovey

I just sooooooo love the colour combo and have been wanting to use burgundy, black and blush together for longer than I can remember.

Here’s the scheme…

one room challenge christine dovey colour and fabric board

The specifics…


I’ll be taking Scarlett’s pink settee…

christine dovey pink settee

…and upholstering it in channeled black leather or snakeskin.

My friend Hollie Cooper will be making me up some hand painted black square curtains, inspired by my favourite Kelly Wearstler numbers…

one room challeng inspo

Sidenote…the beautiful pink ones I had previously purchased from Tonic Living, will be going in Scarlett’s room so stay tuned there.

As for the burgundy, I’ll be re-upholstering my Stellar Works chairs…


…in a rich oxblood velvet. They’re actually pink now and though I love the colour, the fabric has just not worn well at all and they just look dirty all the time. So, burgundy it is.

Overall, I want the space to feel sort of moody and old world, but with a hit of badass.

I’ll keep you posted how that goes;)

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