One Room Challenge – Version 2.0 Week Five

One Room Challenge – Version 2.0 Week Five

Holy bananas…it’s week 5!
one room challenge christine dovey

And I might be starting to freak out…just a little.  Even though we have until next Thursday, my amazing photographer is coming Tuesday so it’s T- 5 days and well, I’m still crossing fingers that a lot of things get done before then.

This week was a pretty fantastic one on the progress front though so business is definitely happening and I have to say, I’m starting to really love how things are coming together.

Up until a few days ago, I was worried that the room wasn’t feeling gritty enough and was entirely too serious. But then…the best best best curtains in the entire universe were made by my amazing talented Hollie Cooper and when we installed them in a sort of unconventional no pleat/two hooks on every ring sort of way, I literally started jumping up and down. I mean….I LOVE them…

christine dovey one room challenge karastan carpet hollie cooper pillows

christine dovey one room challenge karastan carpet hollie cooper pillows

christine dovey one room challenge karastan carpet hollie cooper pillows

This is one of those weird times when the photos really don’t due these things justice. The drapes have instantly made me lurv my room in a committed/ ‘I want to be your girlfriend’ sort of way;)

Also sidebar…I finally got to put down my Karastan leopard carpet in her new home and meow my friends…she’s one sexy area rug.  Love, love how the warm tones pick up my beautiuous oak floors form Alexanian!

This week was also good on the fabric delivery front. My Pindler vinyl from DecoratorsBest arrived…

And is getting put on my settee as we speak. Have I mentioned how awesome my upholsterer J and J Made is? Well she is…she’s doing my settee and the pair of pink chairs…in a week.

Speaking of pink chairs. I had a little trip to the wonderment that is JF Fabrics this week…

…where every single fabric is IN STOCK and ready THE SAME DAY! Yup…it’s like the IKEA of fabrics and it’s heaven.

I went there with a solid plan to pick up some burgundy velvet but I just couldn’t find the exact elusive rusty oxblood I had in mind.

Happily, I found something I love even more…

christine dovey one room challenge jf fabrics

…a deep mossy green silk like thing that when matched up with my new Hollyhock, made me a little giddy.

christine dovey one room challenge hollie cooper pillows jf fabrics

Speaking of the Hollyhock…Ms Cooper delivered those this week too and wowza..

one room challenge christine dovey hollyhock hand painted curtains

The combo is bam.

Back to fabric…I brought the samples home and was all set to upholster the pinks in the green until I realized that it’s almost too good a match and sort of vanishes against the wall so a quick plan B went into action, which has the chairs being done in the heather grey wool with silk green lumbar pillows layering on top…

christine dovey one room challenge jf fabrics

Sidenote…in combo with a rust Maharam mohair I’m planning on using in the den and the burgundy Gretchen Bellinger that will go somewhere in my house, these bunch of colours are my new favourite all time palate…

christine dovey one room challenge jf fabrics

It’s just so luxe no!?!?!

Moving on.

So upholstery check.

As for art, I mentioned last week that I had ordered up a bunch of goodies. I got the bad news yesterday that the shipping estimate hadn’t taken into account the international bit of me being in Canada so the new stuff isn’t going to get here in time. So…I’m sort of back to square one on that. I did frame up my Nicole Cohen tear out prints and also whipped up a little DIY painting of my own…

one room challenge christine dovey

one room challenge christine dovey minted art nicole cohen

…so all is not lost. I’m also hoping my anewall lady gets here and have plans for some little nic-nack antique walls things as well so all good I think.

And to finish things off, this is what has to happen in the next 5 days for me to finish:

  1. hang all art (scared of this because of how many pieces there are and how many holes that means for the wallpaper.
  2. make bed with new bedding I bought for the challenge last time (grey linen).
  3. re-hang chandelier…we just installed a ceiling medallion so it had to come down- going back up today.
  4. pick-up settee and chairs from upholsterer and get them in place
  5. style side tables and console table
  6. hang set of floor mirrors on either side of fireplace
  7. pray to the gods it all gets done

Easy peasy:)

Until then, make sure you check in with the featured designer’s progress…

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Crossing fingers that all of use make it across the finish line:)


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