New Work, a Small Bathroom Remodel, Wallpaper and a Video

New Work, a Small Bathroom Remodel, Wallpaper and a Video

I’ve got some newbie projects starting and I’m pretty excited that quite a few of them are local ones.
In person business gives me the opportunity to really get my hands in there…touch stuff…style stuff etc.

One of my newest clients is someone I met while visiting one of my fave shops, Black Rooster Decor...we were discussing mirrors and our conversation moved to the one she had seen of mine in the Style at Home reveal of my basement.  That convo quickly moved to whether I offered design services, which led to emails, which led to me getting to work on her insanely gorgeous home.

Behold the ‘befores…

projectlores great room before shots christine dovey style

projectlores hallway before shots christine dovey style

projectlores kitchen before shots christine dovey style

And by before, I obviously mean one already very STUNNING home.

An architect and designer were brought it to bring the house to where it is now and what I’ll be doing is furniture, art, window treatments, rug and lighting selections, along with a healthy dose of styling.

Fun, fun, fun.

To get things rolling, I sent these vintage Pace blue leather dining chairs over as a rather heavenly option…

pace dining chairs christine dovey style vern and vera

Crossing fingers on that one.

Stay tuned for more on developments on this fun, which will henceforth be known as #projectbraecrest.

As for new stuff, I also spent some time this weekend doing some quick wallpaper/lighting/mirror/flooring concepts for a powder room consult…the directive I was given was bold, bold and bolder so with that in mind, I sent these 4 scenarios over…

powder bath design concepts christine dovey style

(Art from Eleanors, Lumas and Citizen Atelier, floor from The Cement Tile Shop, Wallpaper from Flat Vernacular, Mirrors from Black Rooster and lighting from a combo of 219 and BR)

I’m not sure which one selection I’m hoping for most but super excited to see some of that happen.

And speaking things I want to exist, while searching for the above situations, I found some wallpaper that I’m considering for quite a few things, not the least of which is #projectdreamhouse…Cole and Son never gets it wrong…

wallpaper options from cole and son christine dovey style

…the combo of the black wisteria top left and the modern black/white geometric top middle is making my brain hurt from the combo possibility fantasies.  Same with the black and white weird floral and that geometric.  Or the bottom row far right two…they play well in the schoolyard too.

And on the topic of playing well together, but on a totally different note, I’ll leave you with the most recent holiday music video from my 4 smallish humans.

Happy Thanksgiving Canadian friends.


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