My New KitchenAid Black Stainless Steel Appliances

My New KitchenAid Black Stainless Steel Appliances

I think most people would agree that one of the most exciting things about a house build and/or a kitchen renovation, is the possibility of brand spanking new appliances. We’ve been working on our place for over a year so to now live in the space, with the best suite of appliances we have ever had the fortune of owning, is well…pure bliss.
The road to this point has been long but so so worth it…in big part because of our new kitchen.  When deciding on the design for the space, I went back and forth on a few elements but the one constant I knew was that I wanted was black flat panel cabinets. I also knew that I didn’t want the appliances to really jump out in the banks of cupboards…instead, I envisioned appliances that integrated seamlessly with what was going on around them.

Que, KitchenAid‘s new line of Black Stainless Steel appliances.

First off, they are visually STUNNING. I absolutely love their sleek design and modern aesthetic. And then on top of that, they’re incredibly well made and are loaded with so many features that make function as high a priority as looks. I’m a form over function sort of girl so having appliances that are packed full of both, is a pretty amazing thing.

In terms of what I love specifically about each piece, there’s a lot.

Let’s start with the oven.

Though I’m not the full time cook of the family, having a great range is just something I think everyone wants and though, we haven’t actually cooked anything in this beaut yet (having only moved in a few weeks ago,) I know she’ll be amaze.

For now, her looks are enough to make me happy like Christmas morning…


ktichenaid black stainless wall oven christine dovey

kitchenaid black stainless christine dovey

kitchenaid christine dovey black stainless

I can’t imagine not having a gas top and though I was a little nervous about not doing a freestanding model, I have to say, I’m a total convert. The KitchenAid gas cooktop is just so sleek.  The large grills lift up super easily, which makes cleaning a breeze and having five large burners is business…

kitchenaid gas cooktop christine dovey

kitchenaid christine dovey black stainless

And though I was slightly worried that the stainless top might not blend in with all the black stainless steel, it so does because of the heavy black iron grills…

kitchenaid christine dovey

kitchenaid black stainless christine dovey

Our 5 door fridge is probably my favourite of the bunch…it just has SO much storage. I love the double wide main compartment and am finding this configuration so much more accessible than a side by side. On top of that, the middle two drawers can be set to function in so many different ways…from defrost, to produce etc. Amazing.  And then there’s the freezer…it’s ginormous and has pull out trays that make for double the storage…

kitchenaid black stainless fridge christine dovey

Also, it’s grey inside and that’s well, awesome…

kitchenaid black stainless fridge interior christine dovey


kitcheniad black stainless close up fingerprint resistent christine dovey

Though dishwashers aren’t the most glamorous of the appliance family, this one is…it’s so sturdy and whoever designed the layout of the trays is some sort of dish washing genius. My plates, bowls, cups, kids plastic stuff, wine glasses and pots all seem to fit perfectly without bending the little dividers…

kitchenaid black stainless dishwasher professional christine dovey

kitchenaid black stainless dishwasher christine dovey

And the streamlined hidden top tray is all sorts of good…

kitchenaid black stainless dishwasher open professional christine dovey

Most importantly for me though, as with the other black stainless steel goodies, she’s just real purdy…




And here’s a little peak that includes my KitchenAid counter microwave. We really only use micros for one things…re-heating coffee and the odd leftover so I really wanted something small. This one works like a charm and is concealed with a cupboard door when not in use.


I’m super excited to share more about both the kitchen and my love affair with my new KitchenAid Black Stainless Steel appliances as we live with them even more. So far, I can confidently say that these black beauties are exceeding all my expectations, not the least of which is because my kids can’t seem to mark them up with fingerprints…which leads me to a quick sidenote…when KitchenAid called their black stainless steel line ‘fingerprint resistant’ in their ad campaign, I was a little doubtful…but holy bananas, they really are and if you’ve every owned stainless appliances before, you know this feature is a really big deal.

Anyhoo…I’m feeling super duper lucky in the kitchen/appliances category and can’t wait to share a full reveal of the space with you very soon.


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