Friday Fabrics- Spotlight Louise Body

Friday Fabrics- Spotlight Louise Body

Louise Body Wallpaper and Design

First, the pictures.

For today’s Friday Fabrics, I am spotlighting British designer Louise Body.  Her beautiful work would make a wonderful addition to any room and would certainly work amazingly well in a child’s space (with the exception of Erotica, which probably would not be my first choice for a little tike:)  Although this post is focusing on her fabric, Louise Body also has a  full line of wallpaper; all are printed on paper sourced from managed forests, and use only water based inks.  Her papers are actually finished by hand, with colour being added after printing.  Louise’s work combines, drawing, painting, and photography to make exquisitely charming prints with definite vintage appeal.  I am totally smitten with her and will hopefully be adding some of her fabric or wallpaper (or both:) to my home soon.
PS- I if I was ever fortunate enough to own my own store or design my own something, and needed a website for this said venture, I would take Louise’s site to my web developer and ask him/her to copy it!  I am totally IN LOVE with the style of her website- so charming, so romantic, so girly, so perfect!!!


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