Flash Sale – Black Rooster Decor!!!

Flash Sale – Black Rooster Decor!!!

Happy Friday friends.
If you’re in the same vote as me, your kidlets are done school for the holiday break and well, you might need a little something something to get your through as it were.
A little online retail therapy might just be the trick and if so, get a load of Black Rooster’s latest…

Yuppers…our friends over at BR are doing a Pre-Boxing Day blowout…while quanties last that is.

So hurry, hurry if you want 20-40% OFF pretty things like these…

Black Rooster - Flash Sale

Black Rooster - Flash Sale

[Black Rooster – Flash Sale]

Black Rooster - FLASH SALE

[Black Rooster – FLASH SALE]

So utterly delightful.

Oh and just to sweeten the pot even more, Black Rooster offers free shipping in the US and Ontario.

You officially have zero excuse not to buy this goodness up;)


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