Camera Ready Interiors

Camera Ready Interiors

I’m so happy to be joining with 23 other talented designers to feature the work of the photographers who make our work and portfolios shine. Dreamt up and organized by the fabulous Jana Bek, this co-blogging feature called #camerareadyinteriors, will help shine a much deserved light on the artist’s who make us look good.
Photographing interiors is a very specialized craft…I’ve watched many a shoot take place and let me tell you, it is HARD work. Capturing a space in its very best light takes so much skill…walls have to line up…light has to be just right…glass on art has to be made non-reflective…accessories have to be positioned and re-positioned so many times…mirrors have to be dealt with…perspectives have to be adjusted…I could go on and on but sufficed to say, those who can make a room look it’s best on film are truly amazing to watch.

And then there are the lifestyle photographers…those who have to also deal with people in the shots…interiors + capturing a person(s) at their best = a real task…especially when you throw say kids or people who hate (i.e. me) having their photo taken.

Over the course of 10 years, 3 babies, 2 houses and a ton of spaces, I’ve had the great pleasure of working with 4 photographers who I feel so very lucky to have been partnered with…all have such a unique eye and have captured my work and life in a way that makes everything feel just that much sweeter.

First up, the photographer who has  photographed pretty much every local interior I’ve ever done. Ashley Capp is the best of the best when it comes to interiors and has honed her craft in a way that makes her work truly stand out from the crowd. She has an attention to detail that means every shot is studied and practised until it captures the absolute best nuances of a space…she is an absolute perfectionist and I adore that about her. Her portfolio features a stunning array of food and interior shots and I feel so very lucky to have had her shine a light on my work. Ashley’s eye for what makes each space or design truly beautiful, is un-rivalled…she always makes a room’s true spirit shine through, in a way that feels elegant and refined…she truly has a gift for taking a space and making it look infinitely prettier than it would have without her. And on top of her very obvious talent, Ashley is one of the sweetest people you could ever hope to meet and our days spent on location together are among my very favourite…

camera ready ashley capp photographer interiors christine dovey

Next up, the photographer I’ve probably known the longest out of the bunch….Jodi Renee. We met 10 years ago during a shoot for a local kids’ store. My Scarlett, then a baby, was asked to take part in the ads and Jodi was the photographer in charge of capturing the kiddos. The pictures she took of my little one completely blew me away…though I already of course thought my baby was the most perfect one in the universe (as all mamas do:) she somehow managed to make me see my Scarlett differently…almost like she was able to capture the twinkle in her eye…her sweet old soul starting right back at me in every picture. I was immediately smitten to say the least and have since, had the great privilege of having Jodi capture other spaces and moments in my life…and with every one, she showcases how perfectly sweet her eye is for life and time. Jodi has an amazing way of making time freeze and stand still in every shot…in a way that feels free-spirited and infinitely wise. I am and will always be, a huge huge fan…

camera ready jodi renee photographer interiors christine dovey

The next photographer on my list is the incredibly talented Kayla Rocca. As Toronto Life’s official photographer for TIFF, Kayla has an obvious gift for capturing people in their very best light. But it’s not just that she’s able to document life and places in a pretty way…Kayla’s lens captures design, people and lifestyles in a way that feels magical…and when I say magical, I truly mean outer-worldy/stars in the sky/next level/unicorns dancing/rainbow skies magical.  She has a gift for seeing her subject’s best quality or feature and exploiting it to its absolute best potential. Kayla took photos of me for my portfolio last year and I so clearly remember how I felt when I first looked at them. Usually I’d be picking apart every line or wrinkle but with these, it was like all of that didn’t matter. Instead, I was actually able to see the version of me that probably other people do…the one that isn’t self-conscious about her age, or the way her smile turns up, or how her hair is looking on a particular day. Kayla is that photographer…the one that makes the little things we don’t like disappear…the one that makes the imperfections speak to what’s truly beautiful about what she’s capturing. She and her work are magic…

camera ready kayla rocca photographer interiors christine dovey

And last but certainly not least, I need to shine light on a photographer I’ve only just recently had the pleasure of getting to know…the amazing Kieran Darcy. A few months ago I got an email from this gem of a talent, asking if I’d be interested in having my family shot in our new home and I of course, practically lept at the offer. After she came and spent the morning with us, I was so excited to see each capture, knowing that the photos she sent would be something I would treasure forever and let me tell you, my expectations were quite simply blown out of the water. Kieran has an incredible way of seeing life in its perfect imperfection…she captures moments as they happen, not staged versions of them. She sees the absolute beauty in funny faces…and kids who won’t stand up straight..and half-eaten apples on the floor…and un-made beds…and wrinkles…and dirty knees. Kieran manages to find the beauty in life’s everyday and capture it, in a way that feels as if she’s actually freezing your memories. Her work feels nostalgic and meaningful and romantic…full of heart and soul and all that’s really important. The photos she took of my family in our new home are truly a gift and speak to the journey we took to get here and the true loveliness that exists in the little moments in between the big ones…the ones that actually matter the most.

camera ready kieran darcy photographer interiors christine dovey

Again, I feel so truly lucky to have worked with each of these woman and to have some of the most special rooms, moments and milestones captured by them. Words can’t really adequately reflect my gratitude to each of them but I hope, along with the other designers taking part in this series, that I’ve been able to shine some light on their incredible talents. Make sure you check out each of their portfolios and instagram accounts to see more of their magic.

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