Art Fair Fridays – Hayley Mitchell

Art Fair Fridays – Hayley Mitchell

Friday has once again come around and both Bijou & Boheme and Heirloom & Knot are thrilled to share with you our latest instalment in our ongoing Art Fair Fridays series where we bring you weekly design inspiration and exclusive interviews with the talented artists that inspire our creativity on a daily basis.
This week we had the pleasure of interviewing the exceedingly talented Hayley Mitchell, who skillfully mixes rhythm, colour, and texture in whimsically created shape medleys. Her work feels playful and bold but also carries with it a warmth and ease that makes her portfolio approachable and inviting.

How long would you say you have been a professional artist and what has lead you to this point in your career?

I have been selling my work for about 4-5 years, so I suppose that is the length of time I have been professional. Since I was a child I wanted to be an artist. So much so my grandparents took me to Paris, France at age 9. I was absolutely enthralled with Expressionism and modern art. I attended ACU and majored in graphic design. After a lot of encouragement, I finally started sharing my work with the world.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received about your art ?
Get out of your head!

How would you describe your creative process?
I would say my process is mostly intuitive and compulsive. I write, sketch and draw ideas. I need to create like I need to breathe. I work mostly at night when I can work uninterrupted.

What is your favourite medium to work in?
Acrylic and oils. Growing up my Grandmother (also an artist) introduced me to all sorts of techniques and mediums. Her studio became my laboratory where she encouraged me to always push beyond my boundaries. I once piled so much texture medium on to a canvas it tore. She handled all my mishaps graciously.

What has been your biggest career highlight to date?
The most rewarding aspect of being a creative professional is getting feedback from your clients. I love hearing how a certain piece brightens someone’s day or has such a deep meaning to them.

How would you describe your signature style?
Bold, colorful, vibrant

Where do you find your greatest creative inspiration?
Very many things, including ancient cultures, ceremonial costumes of the Balinese, Indian, various African cultures, etc. My children.

What do you think sets your work apart from other artists?
I tend to be very self reflective and not very comparative. I hope my work speaks for itself.

Art Fair Fridays - Hayley Mitchell (1)

Hayley Mitchell

No. 1  Jonathan Adler – Rider Lounge Chair – $1,450.00

No. 2  Zinc Door – Seismograph Aqua Square Embroidered Pillow – $187.00

No. 3  Best Buy – Beats by Dr. Dre Pill 2.0 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker – $199.97

No. 4  Zara – Aviator Sunglasses – $19.90

No. 5  West Elm – Geo Shag Wool Kilim Rug – $929.00

No. 6  Black Rooster Décor – Nesting Trinket Dishes – $106.69

No. 7  Net-a-porter – Sophia Webster Heaven Tempest Orchid Sandals – $695.00

No. 8  Kelly Wearstler – Bijou Chocolate Dark Chocolate Sugar Crystals – $13.00

No. 9  Indigo – Pablo Picasso – $30.95


I love art that feels exuberant and joyful…Mitchell’s works is so that. Also, it’s got a lovely little edgy coolness about it, which certainly doesn’t hurt matters:)

Here are my 5…

art fair fridays hayley mitchell black and white

art fair fridays hayley mitchell gallery+5

art fair fridays hayley mitchell purple

art fair fridays hayley mitchell yellow

art fair fridays hayley mitchell gallery+10

The black and whites though…sublime!

And sidenote…here’s one of Hayley’s pieces in one of my most favourite One Room Challenge reveals,   created by Mimosa Lane

mimosa lane hayley mitchell

So perfect.


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