Art Fair Fridays – Anna with Love

Art Fair Fridays – Anna with Love

It’s Friday once again, which means both Heirloom & Knot and I are very happy to share with you the latest instalment in our ongoing Art Fair Fridays series, where we bring you weekly design inspiration and exclusive interviews with the talented artists that inspire our creativity on a daily basis.
Today, we’re so excited to share with you the beautiful photographic work ofAnna Tsoulogiannis. Her photos showcase the beauty of life in a magically nostalgic way and reflect the artists eye for history, inspiration and colour.  Each piece captures a mood, memory and moment in time, reflecting the reality of a moment in the prettiest possible way.

How long would you say you have been a professional photographer and what has lead you to this point in your career?

The official answer is 5 years but I’ve had a camera in my hand since I was a little girl.  I went full time in my business 3 years ago.  I worked in television before and looking back now that hugely contributed to starting off on the journey that would eventually become Annawithlove Photography.  I’ve said it many times but Paris is was truly ignited my passion for photography.  I fell in love with the city – I will never tire of capturing it’s beauty!  What’s lead me to this point in my career? Probably a deep desire to create and make a business doing what I love.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received about your craft?

Early on I would read everything and anything I could get my hands on.  Not just about photography but about business too.  I don’t think the best advice I ever got was verbally more from what I read.  I remember reading everywhere ‘just keep practicing in as many different situations as possible’ – ‘practice practice practise’…and so I did just that! I would bring my camera around everywhere with me.  You can read the theory of photography all you want but unless you go out and practice yourself you’ll never learn or get better.  I also remember reading somewhere ‘It’s not how good you are but how good to want to be’…early on when I wasn’t so good I was often frustrated not being able to get the image in my mind on the back of the camera.  That quote kept me going and kept me motivated to keep trying.

How would you describe your creative process?

This is an interesting question because I’ve never thought about it before.  When creating a new print for the shop I always follow my gut.  Most of the time it’s something I personally love – other times I have friends or family in mind who’s style is a bit different than mine knowing they would love this.  When I’m out in the field sometimes I know right after I’ve taken the photograph that it will become a print other times I discover it in post when I’m culling my images and have had time to experiment.

What is your favourite technology to work with?

Aside from my camera…that would be a tie between photoshop and lightroom! Wouldn’t be able to live without either or.

What has been your biggest career highlight to date?

I’ve had many highlights in my career that it’s hard to pick just one.  Truthfully, as cheesy as it may sound just being able to wake up and do what I love everyday is the highlight.  Everytime someone purchases a print or a client is beyond happy with their photographs…that feeling never gets old.  Lots of *pinch me* moments sprinkled throughout every week.

How would you describe your signature style?

Colourful! I’ve always been drawn to colour my favourite being pale powder blue which is why there are so many prints in the shop with this hue (especially from Paris!).

Where do you find your greatest creative inspiration?

Truthfully, music.  I love music and if I’m feeling creatively drained I put on my favourite playlist and just sit and let the music inspire me.  I love listening to movie soundtracks (I guess that’s my film & television background coming through) but it’s something I’ve done since I was a little girl.  There is so much emotion and feeling jammed into the melody that it’s impossible not be feel inspired listening to it.  During one of my trips to Paris years ago (before Annawithlove) I would wake up early in the morning – put in my headphones with my favourite movie soundtracks and walk around the city with my camera and capture what inspired me.  It was one of the happiest moments of my life.

Art Fair Fridays - Anna With Love

Anna Tsoulogiannis

Featured Product

No. 1  Black Rooster Décor – Moorish Mirror – $2,349.04

No. 2  Net-a-Porter – Aquazzura Leather-Trimmed Sandals – $689.00

No. 3  Kelly Wearstler – Muse Vanity Mirror – $895.00

No. 4  CB2 – Natural Clay Dinnerware – $14.95

No. 5  Heirloom & Knot – Versailles Natural Wallpaper & Fabric – Price Upon Request

No. 6  Anthropologie – Ceramic Melon Knob – $8.00

No. 7  Versace – Le Vase Baroque Cushion – $400.00,en_US,pd.html&cgid=470000#!i%3D5%26color%3DZ0026%26start%3D12%26sz%3D12%26size%3DUNI

No. 8  Kate Spade – Wedding Belles Luggage Tag – $68.00


Photography that uplifts and feels like a window into life unfolding, is my favourite.

Anna’s work is as beautiful as it is soulful…these are my favourites…

art fair fridays anna with love christine dovey heirloom and knot Posh_Annawithlove_Shop600px_1024x1024

art fair fridays anna with love christine dovey heirloom and knot Funny_Face_Annawithlove_Shop_500px_1024x1024

art fair fridays anna with love christine dovey heirloom and knot Perfect_In_Everyway_Annawithlove_Shop500px_1024x1024

art fair fridays anna with love christine dovey heirloom and knot We_re_all_mad_here_Annawithlove_Shop_WEB500_1024x1024

art fair fridays anna with love christine dovey heirloom and knot Spoonful_of_Sugar_Annawithlove_Shop500px_1024x1024

The combo of the two last ones together makes me all giddy like.


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