Art Fair Friday- Elaine Dilay

Art Fair Friday- Elaine Dilay

Friday has once again come around and both Bijou & Boheme and Heirloom & Knot are thrilled to share with you our latest installment in our ongoing Art Fair Fridays series where we bring you weekly design inspiration and exclusive interviews with the talented artists that inspire our creativity on a daily basis.
This week we had the opportunity to talk to Canadian artist, Elaine Dilay, who uses bold and bright colours with pops of metallic to create beautiful abstract textures.  Elaine’s work varies from graphic and edgy, to soft and soothing and comes in a variety of palettes, shapes and sizes, making them both signature and versatile for any space.

How long would you say you have been a professional artist and what has lead you to this point in your career? Professional artist sounds so fancy! Ha. I have been selling my artwork for about 12 years now. I am sure that friends & family were just being supportive in the beginning but it gave me a good start! I worked in sales for a while and was given the opportunity to display my art in the offices and showrooms of car dealerships. Soon people were asking to purchase my art and commissioned work followed.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received about your art ? Many have said “keep going” as they watch with anticipation for what comes next. Words of encouragement are powerful and I truly appreciate any support. I also value feedback. I like when people are honest! The stores that carry my art have been great at suggesting canvas sizes, color schemes, and educating me in regards to what their clientele likes. It is an ongoing learning experience.

How would you describe your creative process? It begins with capturing inspiration on my phone, be in it color schemes, interior design or fashion that I love. Then prep work like stocking up on materials, gallery wrapped canvas, paints, resin, mixed media, and  I have my round boards custom made. I believe in using the highest quality supplies & materials as possible. Then when I am ready to create of course that is the best part! I blast my favourite tunes (music is vital) and I am extremely focused and work fast. Using epoxy resin is very time sensitive so the clock is ticking in regards to how long I have before my piece is set. I get quite the adrenaline rush while creating. Seriously the best time of my life!! After the first layer dries I decide if the piece is complete or if it needs another 1-2 layers of paint & resin.

What is your favourite medium to work in?
For most of my career I focused on building texture into my dramatic acrylic abstracts. 5 months ago I literally woke up one morning and the word “resin” came to me clear as day. I went out and started an exciting journey using epoxy resin with acrylic paints and mixed media and feel that I found my medium…or shall I say it found me! My past experience with acrylics provided a stable foundation to build upon this medium.

What has been your biggest career highlight to date?
I feel that I am just at the beginning of an exciting art journey! Some highlights include being chosen for a design magazine as their featured artist, selling to the top design & furniture stores in my city and opportunities promoting EcoPoxy! I am so thankful to be using a natural resin! After using 4 other toxic brands in the past EcoPoxy is like a breath of fresh air!!

How would you describe your signature style? My work flows, has a flare of the unexpected and dramatic color. Oh how I love color…and a hint of metallics. Most of my pieces are large in scale…bigger is better (as long as you can transport it!)

Where do you find your greatest creative inspiration? Australian artists have been a huge inspiration. The first time I viewed a resin abstract it was by Mitch Gobel and it took my breath away. I have no lack of inspiration, it actually can keep me up at night! So many ideas and never enough time!

What do you think sets your work apart from other artists? I do not simply create pieces that I love but also keep my potential buyers in mind while creating. Selling my work means that I am able to be in the studio more often which is very important to me. I do not wait for a commission or opportunity to come my way! I step out in faith and give my all to produce stunning artwork that will capture an audience.

Art Fair Fridays - Elaine Dilay

No. 1  Matter – TS SIDE TABLE LARGE – $1,650.00

No. 2  Pottery Barn – Marbleized Serve Platter – $64.30

No. 3  Net-a-Porter  – Jemma Wynne 18-karat gold, emerald and diamond earring – $685.00

No. 4  Christian Lacroix – PALAIS ROYAL – VERT BILLARD Wallpaper – Price Upon Request

No. 5  One Kings Lane – Ebru Marbled Party Plate – $28.00

No. 6  Net-a-Porter – Avec Modération St Moritz faux fur and shearling slides – $330.00

No. 7  Black Rooster Décor – Larissa Malachite Box Set – $650.00

No. 8  Hollie Cooper – Malakos Pillow – $45.00

No. 9  Jonathan Adler – Malachite Oct Vase – $118.00

Elaine Dilay


As always, it was hard to narrow down to my top five but here they are…

Elaine Dilay art fair fridays christine dovey heirloom and knot

Elaine Dilay art fair fridays christine dovey heirloom and knot

Elaine Dilay art fair fridays christine dovey heirloom and knot

Elaine Dilay art fair fridays christine dovey heirloom and knot

Elaine Dilay art fair fridays christine dovey heirloom and knot

Imagine one of these blown up large size and gallery wrapped with an acrylic coating?!?!? So beautiful!



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