Another Day, Another Project – #projectbeverlyhills (Pick the Lights Thank You Please)

Another Day, Another Project – #projectbeverlyhills (Pick the Lights Thank You Please)

Let me just start this one with a little plea…anyone out there know how I can get a boobing only/teething baby to sleep for more than an hour stretch at time through the night?  I need answers because I stole a glimpse of myself in the mirror a minute ago and pretty sure my eye bags are about to eat my face…thank you please.
On a brighter/happier note, I’ve just finished plans for a new e-design project and I’m tres balls excited about it…for one, the home is already beautious and for two, it’s in Beverly Hills…something about the fact that little old me has been hired to re-do part of a house in BH seems like a big fat….
Cherry on Top
 …cherry on my sundae as it were…chuffed galore.
Here’s the rather delightful before shots of the space…

I mean really…the beams…those arches…the windows- it’s sort of my California dream house.
On top of that, my client sent me her Pinterest page, which showcased her love of navy, brass and eclectic glamour…
Haus Design: Striking Black and White
orange black wood white

traditional dining room by Studio William Hefner

dining room

Gorgeous deep blue gloss dining room with antiqued metallic ceiling. Adore the ikat rug and the grey and off white zebra upholstered side chairs at the glossy black table.  sweetsuitechic:    Benjamin Moore’s Old Navy, it’s like blue patent leather.  Source: Elle Decor

stunning navy dining room

Style At Home: Jessica Marx Of Life’s Little Gems |

Vintage light fixtures in Ralph Lauren's dining room

turquoise + white dining room with wing back chairs, twin bead chandeliers

For this dining room featured in "Rhapsody," Kelly Wearstler used circular shapes as a counterpart to the angles and lines in the floor, lighting and artwork. The circular chairs and round fruit bowl have a subtle counterpart in tiny circular perforations in the brass tables. Add the three offset pieces in lieu of a traditional long dining table, and you've got more contrast and surprise.

love the chairs

Jeff Lewis - Gramercy

And with all that info in place, I came up 4 boards…

…as you can see, what changed in each was the lighting, and perhaps a little table/buffet styling.

Which is your fave?

Would love to hear/mucho gracias.

Also, just because this might further help you get an idea of what my fab client enjoys, which will in turn help you pick the lights she should buy, a pair of these guys are hers…

Yup…that authentic Les Touches people…lady’s got some smashing taste as it were so we need to get this righteo.



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  • Nancy {at} powellbrower at home
    Posted at 07:48h, 11 July Reply

    Mornin sweet pea. So sorry about the lack of sleep. As my mom would say, this too will pass. But, I know, not quick enough. Im all out of baby tips at my old age. I love # 1 and 3 although my first love was that dang sundae. Why did that get me more than the decor? Sick.
    This B H’s house is gonna be so much fun!
    xo Nancy

  • Alex {Things That Sparkle}
    Posted at 07:57h, 11 July Reply

    I say #2 or #4. The gold was my first instinct but I think its the most expected one and I love the softness of doing something a bit more clear/white. And although I love the turquoise it feels rustic to me which I don’t love in the space.

  • Britt Douglas
    Posted at 07:57h, 11 July Reply

    I think #3 is my favourite, but I love that Leigh Viner print in all of them 🙂 (It’s hanging in my room currently haha) xo

  • Dianne
    Posted at 08:03h, 11 July Reply

    #1 for sure! The color will be smashing!!

  • Daedesign
    Posted at 08:16h, 11 July Reply

    I’d be a zombie if I didn’t get any sleep, so I bow down to you that you can design such amazing work. As for the BH design, I think I would go with the 4th design. The other light fixtures have been over used and the 4th design, looks new and fresh! They also compliment the 2 busts and blend nicely in the room. I like that they are soft and aren’t the focal point. Some of the other lights are just a bit too strong and edgy. I also think the lights in the 4th design would be easiest to clean. There is nothing worse than dusty lighting.

  • Rebecca { MyDarlingHouse}
    Posted at 08:17h, 11 July Reply

    #3 is my fav!! Also,dying over her chairs. Le sigh!

  • Brittany Liljeqvist
    Posted at 08:31h, 11 July Reply

    Love everything about the design plan! Number 2 is my fave 🙂 Hope the babe gives you some relief soon!

  • Jenny
    Posted at 08:44h, 11 July Reply

    I love #3 but is there any way you can source those awesome “x” shaped lights in her Pinterest image? They would repeat the pattern on the back of the chairs and add just a bit of edge. I know I’ll probably get all sorts of hateful comments, but from a breastfeeding mom of 4 I say put the babe in your bed for a bit. It will be a hard habit to break a bit down the line but raising kiddos, isn’t there always some sort of habit to break? Good luck!

  • alison g.
    Posted at 08:52h, 11 July Reply

    Dude, you’re on that redo like white on rice!
    Functioning without much sleep myself, but I vote for the brass fixtures.

  • Hollie Cooper
    Posted at 08:59h, 11 July Reply

    Loving #1 & #3

  • Leah
    Posted at 09:31h, 11 July Reply

    I like #4 the best. the lighting is unusual and softer than the others. I have no baby tips and feel for ya! xo

  • Hannah
    Posted at 09:34h, 11 July Reply

    I’m loving #2 or #3… amazeballs.
    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  • Lindsay @ GrowBuildNest
    Posted at 09:53h, 11 July Reply

    Have you tried Camilia for teething? I gave them to my daughter and it workers instantly. I also held onto the little tubes and let her gum them – worked wonders. Then there is always a wet face cloth frozen that you can leave him. Good luck 🙂

    And I love option three for lighting!

  • Jessica
    Posted at 10:06h, 11 July Reply

    My vote is for 3 or 4…love all of them though!

  • Kimberly Lemmon
    Posted at 10:09h, 11 July Reply

    I remember this phase well and it seems like it will never end. Hang in there. Oh, and #2 lights are my fave.

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 10:30h, 11 July Reply

    My first pick is #2, followed by #3. I think #1 is too trendy and that #4 gets lost in the rest of the killer room.

  • Gabby @ Cookie Cutter Unique
    Posted at 11:24h, 11 July Reply

    First of all #3 is my favorite! That room is going to be stunning! And as a mother of 2 boobing only babies I have to say the only thing that worked for me was co-sleeping, I never missed but a minute or two of sleep (just enough time to roll to the other side and switch boobs). I know co-sleeping is not most people’s thing so I get that; it gets better though. Teething is the worst; ugh, I do not miss those days.

  • Laura @ Lulu Belle Design
    Posted at 13:03h, 11 July Reply

    Love your blog!
    Definitely the two middle, number 2 and number 3.

  • Kerry Steele- Design du Monde
    Posted at 18:46h, 11 July Reply

    Hyland’s homeopathic teething tablets saved my sanity! They really helped my oldest sleep and they are totally safe/dissolve instantly. Good luck!

  • Dominique DeLaney
    Posted at 19:19h, 11 July Reply

    I am going with #2 or #4….but let’s get serious they are all absolutely fabulous!!! Loving her Les Touches chairs too!! Can’t wait to see this project!

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 08:34h, 12 July Reply

    I know you’ve already raised three babies BUT if you’re interested I did read a book called “Secrets of the baby whisperer” by Tracy Hogg. Her method of getting a baby to sleep through the night has worked like a charm for me. Both of my girls were sleeping through the night by 12 weeks. You can start the method anytime too.

  • Barbara Matson
    Posted at 09:17h, 12 July Reply

    Sorry to hear about the lack of sleep. I use a soother, but not sure if J will take it!

    As for lighting choices, I love how #1 just pops! But #3 is a fav as well!

  • Emily Kathryn Winship{either/Or}
    Posted at 16:20h, 12 July Reply

    i love the third gold lighting option. also, ive been dying over a navy and black moodboard you posted on pinterest!! ahh gahh! you might be my hero, i would never have thought that combo could be so posh!

  • All Alaska Outdoors Fishing Lodge - Alaska Ptarmigan Hunting
    Posted at 01:46h, 13 July Reply

    Those dining sets all look so elegant. I’d love to have one of those.

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 11:18h, 15 July Reply

    No. 2! The light fixtures make the space feel airier and more refined. Such a beautiful and inviting space! Sue

  • Sandy
    Posted at 15:28h, 15 July Reply

    I vote for No. 2 as these would let everything else stand out too.

  • {The Design Daredevil} Jessie D. Miller
    Posted at 08:45h, 16 July Reply

    As someone who ALWAYS goes for Black & White, the navy is so fresh. #3, duh! I ALWAYS say sputnik. You are going to blow up Beverly HIlls!

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  • Maria at inredningsvis
    Posted at 13:56h, 17 July Reply

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