A Party, A Hand, A Castle and A Magazine

A Party, A Hand, A Castle and A Magazine

Hi friends.
I’ve had a rather eventful few days so I though I’d give you the short version of highs and lows.

Thursday- My red-head organized a birthday party of her fish Twinkle…

fish party christine dovey

…and I couldn’t resist going slightly to town with the whole fish theme business…never mind the fact that my kid was researching cake designs online and planning snacks that went with the whole fish thing etc.  Ridiculously cute.

So…I had some fishy inspired balloons and a pretty adorable little cup-cake cake….

fish party cake and craft christine dovey

fish party christine dovey

I also decided early on to bring in the big guns re: activities.  I  had my amazing friend Darcy from the most fabulous little shop in my town called Tea With Gladys, come and do some crafting with the kidlets and it was the bestest…

fish party darcy allen crafting christine dovey

I mean they made freaking fishy pencil cases…so adorbs…

fish party pencil cases christine dovey

And after the cake, little Twinkly was un-expectedly showered with the most thoughtful/perfect gifts from Scarlett’s friends…


The whole thing did my heart good.

And then later that night, a little interview I did for Erika Brechtel (who in case you don’t know this, is the genius behind my website and branding) went live, and that was pretty happy like…

brand styled christine dovey ericka brechtel

So that was a beuno day.  And then Friday happened.

Friday- Well to start, it was Friday the 13th so I should have known.  Turns out Feb. 13th is also my husband’s birthday so I spent the afternoon flying around town with the kids picking up last minute party supplies and prezzies…and cooking.

A little backstory…the Mr and I have a pretty well-oiled machine when it comes to domesticity and division of duties etc.  He has jobs he likes and I have ones I like…on his list is dinner. I do actually love cooking but not all the time. I’m sort of one of those people who likes to go all out or not at all so the daily drudge of it just doesn’t appeal to me. Anyhoo…I always like to go all out on special occasions and do a coursed super yummy/fancy pants restaurant like meal.  And this b-day was no different.

So…I found my menu and bought all the stuff and spent the next part of 3 hours cooking appetizers, mains, courses etc.


All was going perfectly well until I went to drain the potatoes for the main course. I really can’t remember what I happened because I think I’ve blocked a bit of the trauma out but basically, I poured an entire pot of boiling water on my right hand, down my leg and onto my foot. I knew right away that the burn was bad and not like one I’ve ever had before but I guess I didn’t really totally grasp the grossness of it at the time because I got an ice pack on it, finished plating the food and sat down for our little meal.  As the time went on I guess I started to panic a bit as the pain got worse and worse.  So…being super duper not smart, I swallowed a glass of wine and tried to go to bed. By about 1am I was crying in pain…like in a slightly ‘hysterical ugly cry/ I have to call my mom’ so that’s when we decided a visit to the emergency room was in order.  Because it was the middle of the night and the hubs had to stay back with the kids, I had to drive myself there with my left hand…in a blizzard.

And 7 hours later….the basic takeaway was that I had burnt my hand bandly…


…like skin-graph/plastic surgery kind of bad. It’s going to be bandaged for at least a month so yeah…a total pain in the ass. It hurt’s like a mo fo and work is hard because I can only type with one hand etc. I can’t get the fudger wet so well, bathing isn’t the easiest…getting dressed isn’t the easiest…nothing is the easiest. I’m feeling a bit sorry for myself over the whole thing really but all I can keep thinking over and over again is how fucking grateful/happy/thankful to whatever gods there are that for the first time in recorded history, my little bean Jasper wasn’t standing at my side while I cooked.  It’s honestly like a ticker-tape running over and over again in my brain.  If you’re a mom, you know what I mean…just can’t get the horrific scenario out of my head.

Anyhoo…onwards and upwards as they say.

Saturday- Valentine’s Day…after my all-nighter in the hospital, nothing much happened on Saturday. I stayed in bed all day…

christine dovey instagram

…and because he’s pretty great, hubs spoiled me with care, flowers and a pretty little ensemble that I’ll get to wear once I want to get prettied up again;)

flowers valentines day christine dovey

Sunday- Malcolm had a photo shoot downtown so I wrestled myself together and headed out with the rest of the fam-jam for that…afterwards, I had a client meeting which turned into an impromptu playdate for the kids while the grown-ups talked furniture and the like.

Monday- Family Day holiday here in Ontario so though I reallllllllly wanted to not do a damn thing re: hand that is forming new blisters and a pretty rapid rate and turning black from deadness (insert wow is me fact,) we all piled in the car and headed into the city. The big kid is home for reading week so the 6 of us did the restaurant thing first…and PS, that business always cheers me up…I freaking love eating out.  We had a great lunch at Terroni, which is as pretty as it is yummy…



And then spent the rest of the afternoon at Casa Loma

casa loma

They put on this Pan-Am games thing for the day so the kids got to try out boxing, watch gymnastics demos, do wheel-chair basketball etc.  There were also crafts and games.

My favourite part besides watching them be all excited like, was soaking up the amazing beauty of the place…turns out castles are chalk-full of design inpso…

casa loma christine dovey chandelier


casa loma christine dovey floors


casa loma christine dovey

casa loma


And that was pretty much that.

As of yesterday, I’m trying my best to be back at work. I actually got tons of client stuff done yesterday and have begun meeting prospective interns in person so I’m really hoping, things like this blog start to happen at a better pace.

To end on a super high note, I ran into an old friend in the grocery store last week who told me she spotted my laundry room in the pages of one of my all time most FAVOURITE international magazines and sure enough…the space that Ashely Capp originally photographed for two of my other most favourites, Style Me Pretty Living and Style at Home Magazine…

christine dovey style at home basement 3

…is now up in the pages UK’s Living Etc

christine dovey living etc

And I couldn’t be more thrilled.

All and all, it’s been a week of highs and lows to be sure but that’s life of course and with the bad comes soooooooo much good.

I’m a lucky girl, charred hand and all;)


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