A Birthday for Malcolm

A Birthday for Malcolm

Today my sweet little boy, Malcolm John is 5…
There’s something about 5 to me that strikes a mommy cord…it marks the start of kiddom really…and with that, a turn away from those joyous days of chubby fingers, rolled ‘r’s and round bellies.
And although a part of  me is sad that my sweet little dude is growing up, most of me is infinitely excited to watch him become more and more the incredible person I know he will be…

So on this, my Malcolm’s birthday (as I did when Scarlett turned 5) please indulge this mama with a little time to reflect on her precious boy.
My Macaroon… on your birthday, I want you to know these things about your beautiful self:
1.  You have the absolute kindest soul and have a inherent sense of right and wrong that makes me infinitely proud of you.
2. I love that you’re a  moody…it means you feel things deeply and without apology.
3. You are and have always been a ‘studier’…you never judge things quickly, but instead, take your time to see the real truth behind everything.
4.  Your great grandmother fell in love with you instantly because she said she sensed your kindness and heart…I remember her proclaiming that one day that you were most certain to become a judge when you grew up because of your unparalleled objectivity, even at such a  young age.
5. I adore that you love your sisters and brother more than anything on earth and how you delight daily in their companionship.
6. You are the absolute best snuggler in the world and find so much happiness in feeling physically close to others.
7.  You can be so serious at times and I can already tell that you hold details important.
8. You are incredibly sensitive and are deeply affected by relationships with others.
9.  You’re loyal to a fault…I’ve watched  you conceal being hurt many times just to ensure blame isn’t placed on someone you consider a friend.
10.  I love how you love being silly and aren’t afraid to be yourself…you’re definitely not one who has to fit into the crowd.
11. You have a quirky spirit and are at your happiest when this side of you is allowed to shine.
12.  I am amazed daily by the sparkle in your eyes and how it’s captured in every photo taken of you- you have depth and soul behind those big blues that is impossible not to see.
13. You are a lover of numbers and patterns and engineering- your sister Natasha adores how scientifically minded you are and how much of her she sees in you…many have commented on the resemblance between the two of you and I just know you’ll always have such a special bond.
14. Although you are one who sees things as they are and are keen to discover answers to life’s questions, your driving force is clearly your soul…I already know that you will be one whose goals are driven by the idea of fate and purpose.
15. You are one who finds joy in the simplest of things and are never demanding of ‘entertainment’- a pile of dirt is enough to keep you happy.
16. You love being outside and feeling the earth- I can already see how much you value a connection to things ‘bigger’ than you.
17. I love how you find so much happiness in  helping out and making others feel less burdened.
18. You are a giver in every sense of the word.
19. You have the best kind of heart…it’s incredibly soft and mushy.
20.  You are an talented builder of milk/creamer towers and spend every restaurant experience trying to one-up your last attempt;)
21. Though sports aren’t really your bag, your favourite shoes are always ones that you can test out with a good old sprint so that  you can proclaim them fastest of the ‘go fasters’.
22. You think you’re a Ninja…for real…and that’s awesome.
23. You love to sleep and we all really love that about you.
24. I adore when you say something is ‘electrical’ in reference to it being fast…like your mommy, you love words and are always keen to use ones that make your tongue dance around when you say them.
26. I will cry a thousand tears on the day that you no longer say ‘zank you’ instead of thank you…saying ‘za-welcome’ back to you is something I never want to leave behind.
27. I love that you always want the pink cup at dinner and seem pretty OK with liking some ‘girl’ stuff.
28. You are one heck of a slow eater my friend….this is maybe the one thing on the list that I wouldn’t mind if you grew out of;)
29. I love that you’ve been counting down to your fifth birthday religiously for over a year…like your mommy, I know you see what this milestone means- you so clearly love the idea of becoming more of the person you’re meant to be.
30. You are sentimental and might just have inherited some of mommy’s hoarding tendencies….I remember  when you were given the option of getting a new bigger room before your brother was born- you happily let him have it so that you could stay cozy in the space you already had- you value your things, take care of them and get very sad when you are made to part with them…a minimalist you are not;)
31. There’s nothing I love more than when tell me how you love me to infinity…and you know what, I love you so much more than even that.


  • Hollie Cooper
    Posted at 11:31h, 18 September Reply

    By #3 I was balling my eyes out. Malcolm is pretty awesome little dude! We are all wishing him the Happiest Birthday today.

  • modern jane
    Posted at 14:38h, 18 September Reply

    He sounds like a pretty special boy and is pretty lucky to have a mom who sees and appreciates all the wonderful things about him Happy birthday Malcolm!

  • black rooster decor
    Posted at 17:27h, 18 September Reply

    Happy Birthday, you adorable kid.
    And congrats to the very proud mama.


  • Designwali
    Posted at 20:12h, 18 September Reply

    happy birthday to your little guy…man, it does really fly by.

  • Albertina M. Cisneros
    Posted at 09:38h, 19 September Reply

    I have goose bumps and I’m overwhelmed by such beautiful thoughts. happy birthday to your sweet and gentle soul.

  • Nancy {at} powellbrower at home
    Posted at 13:19h, 21 September Reply

    What a beautifull tribute. I am right there with you and felt all those things with my now 25 year old son. He is finding his way and is a wonderful soul, but it is sad when he doesn’t need me as much anymore. I am having withdraw! I love how you love your kids. Thank you.
    xo Nancy

  • sima jana
    Posted at 02:32h, 23 September Reply

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