Happy New Year my friends.

Pretty sure I thought we’d have flying cars and food that appeared behind magic robotic shoots by now but anyhow;)

I love the start of a new year…rapped with possibilities and new beginnings but still tinged with a hopefully rather pleasing sentimentality about the year that’s just passed.

For me, 2104 was for the most part, mucho beuno.

For one, at least half of it was played out with Songza’s ‘Commercial Indie Pop’ via my gifted Jambox on repeat.  Having music in the background as the soundtrack of your life makes everything seem better so just that alone was a good, good thing about this past July- December anyways.  Right now, as luck would have it, I’m typing to ‘I’m Gonna Take You To My Show’ so that’s sort of fitting;)

As for what actually happened, I think this past year was a turning point for my business.  Here’s a quick look back, thanks to my life record, otherwise known as Instagram (it’s much better at following along lately because I admittedly, wasn’t the most diligent blogger in 2014- on of my pseudo resolutions is to be better at that…I miss the writing and the diarizing etc.)

So…the year that was…here were some of my highlights…starting today with January- June…I’d be here all day if I tried to do the full 2014 at once.

1. One of my client’s home in Chicago was featured in Style Me Pretty

christine dovey 2014 style me pretty

christine dovey chicago project vicarious settee 2014

2. And then SMP followed that up with a 2 part feature on yours truly…first, a ‘Behind the Blogger‘ feature…

christine dovey behind the blog smp 2014

…then a house tour

christine dovey smp home tour 2014

3. I taped my first Steven and Chris episode of Season 7/ 2014…

steven and chris

…the featured my nursery and the little girl’s room I did for Project Whole House aka ‘the piano room abode’…

christine dovey little girls room curtains christine dovey style 2014

christine dovey little girls room steven and chris 2014

4. Malcolm decided he wanted to do acting like his sister and got his first photos done and quickly landed a commercial that ended up being shot in this amazing house that I found gracing the pages of House and Home just a month later…

christine dovey malcolm photoshoot 2014

christine dovey malcolm commercial 2-14

christine dovey malcolm shoot house 2014

5. My new website went live!!!!

christine dovey wesbite 2014

6. My sweet Jasper nugget turned one in March…

christine dovey jasper turns one 2014

7. Project Bistro Chic got did…

christine dovey project bistro chic 2014

christine dovey project bistro chic kitchen 2014

christine dovey project bistro chic chairs 2014

8. The epicness known around here as Project Greenbay really got under way with fabric, paint and wallpaper selections…

christine dovey project greenbay fabric selections 2014

christine dovey project greenbay fabrics 2014

9.  My big girl turned 8 and we had a tea party to celebrate…

christine dovey scarlett birthday party 2014

christine dovey scarlett tea party 2014

10. I tackled my first One Room Challenge and overhauled a client’s piano room in 6 weeks…and patted myself on the back large btw…if you missed the before and afters on this one, check that here…(all photos by Ashley Capp for Citizen Atelier)

christine dovey piano room 2014 ashley capp photograph ashley woodson bailey flowers

christine dovey piano room 2014

christine dovey piano room fireplace 2014

11…oh and PS, the room was then featured in DOMAINE!!!! Cue so much happy dancing…

christine dovey domaine feature 2014

12. My first ever art show happened at Black Rooster Decor and I’m happy to report, all of these goodies sold!

christine dovey artwork black rooster 2014

christine dovey artwork black rooster decor 2014

christine dovey painting 2014

13. And speaking of Black Rooster, I had my first merchandising gig there to get the store all prettied up for it’s grand opening…

christine dovey merchandising black rooster decor 2014

christine dovey merchandising black rooster decor

14. My year long birthday celebration kicked off (friends and family will know what I’m talking about with this one…my 40th was a big one for me mentally and well, I took advantage of the depression by extending it for a looooong time…not really planned per se but I can’t say that I was unhappy about getting 4 events:) with a trip to Miami with my sister…and it was SUCH good times…

christine dovey miami 2014

christine dovey miami beach 2014

15. I got together with Citizen Atelier to style an art shoot in my home and a client’s for their website…

christine dovey citizen atelier styling shoot

christine dovey styling citizen atelier 2014

…which included some photos at the piano room that got completed mere minutes before the shoot started;)…

christine dovey citizen atelier shoot piano room one room challenge 2014

16. On May 4th, a mommy miracle happened when I actually caught Jasper’s first steps on video…no joke…not scripted or re-done…it happened and it was heaven in a baby bucket…

christine dovey jasper walks 2014

17. And on the family note, Mother’s Day rolled around as it does every year and I as always, thanked the stars and moons for these 4 perfect humans…

christine dovey mothers day 2014

christine dovey mothers days kids 2014

18.  Work started on FINALLY getting the master bedroom’s shit together…

christine dovey master bedroom makeover bedside table 2014

christine dovey master bedroom overhaul 2014

19.  My business cards ARRIVED…and they were/are the business…

christine dovey business cards 2014

20. I got on a jet plane and headed to Chicago to meet my Project Greenbay peeps in person and it was. the. best…

christine dovey project greenbay trip 2014

…because I saw goodness like this for realz…

christine dovey project greenbay chandelier 2014

christine dovey project greenbay mural 2014

christine dovey project greenbay wallpaper 2014

21. I started taking selfies…mostly because it was the only way I could get any photos with me with my kids…for those who know hubs in real life, you’ll understand why I have to take control of this business;)…

christine dovey jasper selfie 2014

christine dovey malcolm selfie 2014

christine dovey scarlett and me 2014

…Natasha was pretty happy she was at school the day I got focussed on this new pastime;)

22. Some commissions were finished off…like this soft one, that made me want to dive back into this side of things…

christine dovey art commission 2014

23. I contributed to ‘The Happy Space Project‘ with a feature on my fave art sites and pieces…

christine dovey happy space project 2014

And that my friends was pretty much January- June.  There was a lot of other day to day design work thrown in there but these were the highlights I’d say.  The second half of the year turned out to be sort of crazy pants insane in terms of wurk so I’ll go through that tomorrow.

For now, I want to take a minute to thank you all for continuing to pop by here and read up on the comings and goings at CDS…again, I know I’ve been a bit of a backseat driver blogger for the last little bit but I promise, promise to be better. It’s a priority for 2015 because honestly, I miss it…I miss you.

So yup…cheers to what’s coming. It’s going to be the gong show called life that it always is but I’m pumped for the unknown…the uncertainty…the curvy/crazy paths…all of it:))))


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