Working closely with the client to renovate rooms in their 1980’s home one at a time, we focussed on bringing in a lot of architectural detail through the use of moldings and trim work. Looking at the piano room specifically, the client wanted to transform a builder basic suburban room into something that felt more similar to a historical space that had been renovated. We added a lot of detail molding and a beautiful marble geometric floor. As well, a complete remodel of the fireplace brought in more character and highlighted on of the marbles used on the floor. As a primarily adult space, we focussed on furniture pieces that felt appropriate for a cocktail room. The centerpiece of the space is the client’s grand square piano, that we had refinished in high lacquer black. In the foyer, we added panel molding and a few antique furniture pieces to make this space speak to the tone of the rest of the home.


Oakville, Ontario


Renovation Consultation. Vendor Management. Space Planning. Furniture and Decor Selections. Paint and Wallpaper Selections in Piano Room, Foyer, and Two Children’s Bedrooms. Vendor Management.