Weekend and Randomness

Weekend and Randomness

So it was a long weekend here…but not for me…hubs is away AGAIN on business and poor guy had to go here…
The teenager is also really hard done by and has found herself here…
And me…I’m home…going no where fast.
Thankfully, we did enjoy a lovely 2 days in gorgeous weather before everyone left.
As per the regular ‘spring time with kids family schedule’ we went to a local farm for some fun…the kids climbed on hay bales, went down tube slides, ran through corn mazes and rode horses…

It was fun…always is.
On Sunday, I took the kids on an early morning walk…in our jammies…which they loved…it somehow magically transformed an ordinary jaunt into an adventure in their cute little heads…
…as stop at Starbucks was of course necessary to give me a reason to be up and about with 3 kids at 7am;)

The fam jam and I also did some work around the house….our beautiful tree in the front has been blooming its ass off…
…and I managed to cut some branches for the indoors…
And as for yesterday, I said bye to the man and large kid (insert sad/more than slightly jealous face) and went for another walk with the kids…
…and then joined our fabulous neighbours (@designinghollie) for a BBQ at their house….they were kind enough to take pity on me for being on my own and let me crash their family fun time…love them.
What else…
…on another ‘not so happy/jealous of my travelling family’ note, Jasper seemed to spend the weekend deciding that sleeping most of the day is sooooo April 2013…aka…he appears to be over that fun…thankfully, when he wakes up looking like this…
…it’s hard to be too upset;)
On the other hand, I’ve been trying for days to get these shelves sorted {note that our white quartz is now on:}…
…and still don’t know if I want to keep them or not.
I also didn’t have time to paint the bathroom sconces {I’ve decided I’d like them mat black to tie in the shower door}…

So….cuteness aside, a little more napping would be swell…especially since I’m in single mom mode…I’ve got a seemingly never-ending list of shizzle I’d like to get done while there are a few less peeps in the house so please send over some ‘baby…you know you want to have some long long naps’ good thoughts my way:)
And while you are at it, please also pray that the N’espresso gods get my order here soon…it was supposed to arrive Saturday but there was a hiccup and I’m still coffee-less…I’m started to feel more than a little desperate for some Arpeggio action.


  • alison g.
    Posted at 09:29h, 21 May Reply

    High fives for getting out of the house two days in a row – when my hubster is working weekends (often, lately), it’s like herding cats with a depression hangover!

    Thank goodness Jasper seems good-tempered, if awake 😉

    We have a Nespresso boutique two blocks away…I don’t know what the freak I’ll do when we move, and I can’t readily refill our coffers. I think they put crack in those pods!


  • Karen Albert
    Posted at 09:31h, 21 May Reply

    Dear Christine you children are so adorable and that red hair! Still loving that mosaic mirror in your bath! Gorgeous!!

    Art by Karena

  • Andrea
    Posted at 09:35h, 21 May Reply

    Blair travels occasionally for work which I hate muchly. Hard to be in single mom mode especially with a newborn! Looks like you are managing splendidly tho.

  • Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful}
    Posted at 10:05h, 21 May Reply

    Oh hun, I feel your pain…I’m always feeling a little green hearing about fab vacays when I’m stuck at home! Especially when you can’t get anything done with the wee people around! Gah! Sending sleepy vibes to your sweet Jasper and crossing fingers that your coffee comes to your rescue!

  • Pam @ Cherish Toronto
    Posted at 11:39h, 21 May Reply

    At least your little people are the cutest & most beautiful children I’ve ever seen – for realz!! I’m honestly amazed by all of the things you get done, even with your hands so full. Seriously, I’m single and childless and I don’t get half as much accomplished as you do.

  • modern jane
    Posted at 12:18h, 21 May Reply

    My goodness your kiddies are adorable! I really like the idea of painting those sconces black. I don’t get near as much accomplished as you and I have no children! Argh:)

  • barbara@hodge:podge
    Posted at 19:15h, 21 May Reply

    The life of a mom, never dull! And I would DIE if I had no coffee in the house (why no, I am not addicted….)

    As for the hubs and teenager – nice!

    Your Jasper is soooo cute! As are Scarlett and Max!

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