Sunday Style in Seven – Alcira of The Nero Chronicles

Sunday Style in Seven – Alcira of The Nero Chronicles

I’m thrilled beyond words to have Alcira of The Nero Chronicles here today, sharing her
Style in Seven.
You can most certainly count me as one of this ladies most devoted fans.
Her blog is filled with eloquent reviews of all that’s stylish and her gift of the tongue never fails to impress.
If you’re not already a follower of Alcira’s, than I’m afraid you’re quite simply missing out on a little piece of blog heaven and I hope this piece gives you a small glimpse into the fabulous world of Nero.
And if you are already a huge fan as I am, than sit back and enjoy finding out a little more about this girl you already surely love.
Dearest Christine, I’m tickled pink to have been asked to contribute to your Sunday Style in Seven series.  Seven is, after all, such a lovely number. And now without further ado, here are a few of the tidbits that express my style and make me tick.

I believe strongly in the power of natural curiosities and books to breathe life — still or otherwise — and layered charm into a space. When it comes to design, I always recommend choosing objects with the help of that dynamic duo, the heart and the gut.
Aerin Lauder Zinterhofer is a particular style icon of mine. Apart from being a stunning beauty, she oozes grace, poise and natural charm from every impeccable pore, and has apparently mastered the subtle art of going easy on the accessories.

Just look at her — she’s luminous yet understated, timeless and spunky. I also have the utmost respect for a cosmetics maven who doesn’t over-groom her eyebrows or go to town on her hair.
All Napoleonic complexes notwithstanding, I would like — just once — to conquer the world in this coat.

Nero likes her some design — a great deal of it, in fact. So trying to narrow down my signature decor style isn’t a truly viable option. I go in phases, lunar mostly.

These days I’m leaning towards the urban grace of Paris.
With a touch of edgy London cheek thrown in.

Foreign films are my guilty pleasure. They are the one elixir that allows me to travel and indulge in alternate experiences without leaving the creature comforts of home behind. I live for the next Netflixcapade.

Ambient scent is an essential part of my daily routine, much like an accompanying soundtrack to my space. As such, I believe fine candles are a welcome addition to a life well-lived. And luckily, like most things of quality, one is all you need.

This brilliant life is a fleeting and many-splendored thing, so go ahead, take the time to slow down for tea and dessert.
Merci Beaucoup Bijou for inviting me to luxuriate in your vie Boheme!


Thank you so much Alcira…you are style is inspiring.

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  • Chassity (Look Linger Love)
    Posted at 08:14h, 23 January Reply

    Aw, luv that girl’s blog!!! And yea, she does have a way with words.
    Beautiful set Alcira! Enjoyed very much.

  • Design Elements
    Posted at 08:28h, 23 January Reply


  • Brittany {Gallery No. Eight}
    Posted at 08:29h, 23 January Reply

    Great post! Will definitely be checking out her blog πŸ™‚

  • De tout, de rien
    Posted at 09:19h, 23 January Reply

    Thank you for making me discover another great blogger! In the past few years, I’ve become disillusioned with magazines, be it fashion or decorating, as it is so commercial rather than about inspiring one to find his or her own sense of style, and I am instead turning more and more to bloggers for such inspiration. I am constantly amazed at the brilliance out there!

  • anita @ a dreamer's den
    Posted at 09:39h, 23 January Reply

    Dearest Nero: I believe you have aptly described yourself while describing Ms. Zinterhofer. Big hugs!! πŸ™‚

  • nkp
    Posted at 09:47h, 23 January Reply

    As per usual, the lady delivered in grand style. I love learning a little more about the lovely and stylish Alcira and it’s always a treat to get little peeks into her stunning home. Alcira, get the coat and get to work say I. The world would surely be a more wondrous place.

  • Debby
    Posted at 09:51h, 23 January Reply

    This is such a great series. I will most definitely check out her blog. Not only is she stylish, she’s a great writer. xo

  • Sara Mueller
    Posted at 10:41h, 23 January Reply

    I love how she writes and I love candles too!

  • my favorite and my best- MFAMB to you
    Posted at 11:44h, 23 January Reply

    yes. urbanparislondoncheek. i fall well into that category myself.

    and candles..anyone who really knows me knows expensive ones are my weakness…

  • Sarah Jane
    Posted at 12:06h, 23 January Reply

    Beautiful pictures and so fun to discover a new blog!

  • Kellie Collis
    Posted at 12:10h, 23 January Reply

    Thanks for the heads up! That blog is truly gorgeous! Enjoy the week ahead, Kellie xx

  • Tabitha
    Posted at 12:14h, 23 January Reply

    I find both Nero’s writing and style quite hypnotically glamourous.

    Earlier today I was staring at that Aerin Lauder desk pic in my scrap book wondering where to find gold bits and bobs, I also love her style.

  • Kayla
    Posted at 12:58h, 23 January Reply

    Hoping over the check her out now. Thanks for sharing!

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  • Erica
    Posted at 13:21h, 23 January Reply

    I’m not going to lie… I find Alcira and her style intoxicating.
    Truly breathtaking post… I don’t say this lightly. xo

  • Alcira Molina-Ali
    Posted at 14:08h, 23 January Reply

    Dear Christine and Fair Readers,

    Thanks so much to all of you for your kind words and support πŸ˜‰
    Nero’s most grateful to be in such good company.
    Cheers and best, Alcira

  • Bethany Dirksen
    Posted at 14:15h, 23 January Reply

    I completely agree with you Christine…Alcira has what I believe to be the best written design blog out there. Each word is perfection!

    Posted at 14:38h, 23 January Reply

    Thank you so much for the introduction, sweetie. I didn’t know what I was missing πŸ™‚

    Hope you’re having a lovely weekend!

  • Kelly Green
    Posted at 16:13h, 23 January Reply

    Will go and have a peak – thanks for the intro! Love Aerin too – too stylish for words! KG

  • Ruthie{Look~Learn~Love}
    Posted at 16:33h, 23 January Reply

    I also <3 Aerin Lauder Zinterhofer for all the reasons you stated, she would make her grandmother proud!

  • Jenn @ Department of the Interior
    Posted at 16:57h, 23 January Reply

    Love all of this! “Urban Paris” is my favorite decor style, too…this week anyway πŸ™‚

    Sounds like Alcira and I have a lot in common…

  • idratherbeshopping
    Posted at 18:11h, 23 January Reply

    just lovely! happy to discover both bijou and boheme AND the nero chronicles…have a lovely weekend!


  • paula
    Posted at 18:28h, 23 January Reply

    what a fabulous post. The first thing I noticed about Aerin was her natural hair and gorgeous brows. Such elegance and beauty in her simplicity.

  • Rachel @ Little Bits of Lovely
    Posted at 23:20h, 23 January Reply

    Ooh I haven’t seen this blog before but Alcira has amazing style! I love Balmain and agree, Aerin Lauder is incredibly graceful. Off to check out The Nero Chronicles! xx

  • classiq
    Posted at 03:43h, 24 January Reply

    Aerin Lauder is so stylish and graceful, I’ve always admired her. The Balmain coat is gorgeous!

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