Maison et Objet – Ten Tips for Best Seeing the Show

Maison et Objet – Ten Tips for Best Seeing the Show


I’ve had time now to reflect on my amazing time at the Maison et Objet winter show and wanted to share with you all, my tips for making the most of the AMAZING experience.

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1. Wear comfortable footware…friends told me this before and though I believed them, I don’t think I fully grasped the necessity of packing perhaps multiple pairs of just one type of shoe…and that would be full out running shoes. The show is IMMENSE and for however many numbers of days you are there, you are going to walk and walk and then walk some more. This is not the place to try and look chic in heels. In fact, as Parisians always do without even trying, the key here is to look like you completely didn’t try to look cool and care more about comfort etc…and in doing so, look very at home amongst the local fashion mavens.

2. Plan for four full days at the show. There are 8 halls of goodness to see. I was there for three solid days and got to 4 of the 8 and was there 8 hours for all three days. As noted, M&O is ginormous and if you want to  see everything, you’ll need to be there for the entire length of it.

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3. If you can’t allocate 4 days to seeing everything, you need to be strategic. The show has amazing guides, maps and vendor descriptions available so my advice is to study those before going and really establish what your priorities are. For me, I knew I wanted to focus on the interior design, art showcases, inspiring vignettes and products in situ. So I focussed mostly on halls 5-8, with a little pop into 4. That meant not getting to the tech, kids or market halls as much, which I was good with. Again, figure out what you really can’t live without seeing and do that.

  maison et objet maison et objet maison et objet maison et objet maison et objet maison et objet

4. Pack a lunch for days at the show. I found the food vendors in the market very expensive because of the euro conversion. I paid $47 euros on the one day I bought a lunch and well, that was about $80CDN. And that didn’t include any alcohol so yah…no beuno. Also if your hotel offers a complimentary breakfast with your stay, take full advantage of that every day you’re going to the show and that way, you can almost get away with just having some packed snacks with you. From my Paris hotel experience, the breakfast is compltely next level decadance. I could have had breakfast, lunch and dinner from my free morning offering lol.

5. Find a hotel that makes transporting yourself to the show. I stayed at a cool place located right across the street from Gard de Nord, which runs a commuter train that lands you right at the show. Easy.

6. Numer five leads me to this tip…figure out the subway and commuter trains asap. It’s the RER line you’ll need to take to get to the show and the stop is Place des Expositions.

7. Make sure you phone is charged fully before you go. If you’re like me, want to take a zillion photos and are not Eurpoean, chances are you won’t have a plug adapter that allows you to charge once at the show. Having said that, an adjunct tip is to buy yourself and adapter before even landing in Paris.

8. If you’re travelling to Paris specifically for the show, give yourself a two extra day buffer to expolore the city. The show is very removed from Paris itself so if you want to see the city of lovers as well, you need two full days at least in which to sightsee. And re: money…plan on having at least 500 Euros in cash for the time you’re away. And get that from your bank in advance of the trip, rather than the airport because of conversion fees…learned that the hard way.


9. Go alone. I was nervous about making such a big trip by myself but I ended up LOVING it so so much. When you are a design enthusisast and want to see everything…and perhaps a social media person who wants to share everything…the only way not to drive other people with you crazy and for them not to drive you crazy is to go it alone. Trust me!

10. Prepare yourself ahead of time for how the show will impact you…how the sheer immensity of it will at first feel overhwelming but will then inpsire you in ways you can’t even adequately grasp. Maison et Objet is everything and so much more than you can possibly imagine. It’s a design lover’s heaven, pure and simple. Being there will invigorate your passion for all things beautiful and leave you with the most insatiable desire to create art in all things you do. It’s truly something you won’t ever forget experiencing.

Have you ever been? I’d love to hear your thoughts and tips for others!!!!

And if you’re interested in seeing more photos from my time at the show, link here to my Instagram and check out all of my highlights. I’m an oversharer lol so there are a lot of pictures:)

To learn more about Maison et Objet and for info on upcomming shows, click HERE. And if you’re in Canada, there is a Maison&Objet Canadian representative located in Montreal who is dedicated to provide information and assist Canadian professionals! You can email her at any time with questions HERE.


*this post was sponsored by Maison et Objet but all opinions are my own.


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