Maison et Objet 2020 – Top Ten

Maison et Objet 2020 – Top Ten

I just got back from one of the most inspirational few days of my life. A trip that I know has forever changed the way I look at design, creativity and beauty.


As a very lucky ambassador for Maison et Objet 2020, I found myself in Paris…at the design show for the ages…with nothing on my agenda but four glorious days of exploration. I roamed the hallways and passages of this incredible show, soaking up more design goodness than I’ve ever seen before. The sheer scale of the show was almost overwhelming at first. I’ve just never seen so much beautiful in one place…ever. But once I got my bearings, the delight and joy of it all became very obvious.

As someone who is very passionate about the creative process, and who finds a lot of inspiration in shape, texture, colour, proportion and innovation, being able to see things that were so special…so clear in vision and execution…so thoughtful…well it was just all kinds of good.

Over the course of three days at the show, I was able to visit 4 of 8 halls. That gives you and idea of how huge this thing is. I focused my attention on the buildings and exhibits that were more suited to my areas of interest…so furniture, lighting, art etc. I didn’t end up seeing the accessories, children or smart tech displays just because of time and having to prioritize. I so so hope to return in the fall and if so, will definitely try to at least skim the other areas.

For now though….I want to show you what I saw. What I felt inspired by. What got my heart skipping beats etc.

In no particular order, here is my top ten.

1. Bomat Rug Creations

I don’t know exactly when it happened but my brain left a relationship with area rugs for a giant love affair with broadloom last year some time. Of course, no simple carpet makes me jump the fun rug ship…it has to be soooooo textural….and the most perfect hue that ever existed. Enter Belgian company Bomat. I spent about an hour at their booth and fell so hard for both their rugs and their people. The company is clearly run by the most passionate team who believes so wholeheartedly in what they do and what they have to offer. I left wanting to put Bomat carpet in every space I ever create ever. I mean wall to wall silk lilac…dense rust wool….cobalt shag. Dead.


maison et objet   maison et objet maison et objetmaison et objet maison et objet maison et objet maison et objetmaison et objetmaison et objetmaison et objet

2. Dooq Details

Two words…furniture HEAVEN. If you’re into luxe materials, gorgeous shapes, texture for days and days, then Portugese born Dooq is for you. Everything about this line is a divine assault on the senses. Each piece focuses heavily on the little details that make something special. How different materials are combined together to make each shine brighter. And how craftsmanship and form can create pieces that feel beautifully out of the ordinary.

maison et objet maison et objet maison et objet maison et objet maison et objet maison et objet maison et objet maison et objet

3. Greenkiss

Ethically made furniture, dreamed up and created in Italy, as a collab between three extraordinary designers. Yes to the please. I had a long stop at this exhibit and was so very taken with the beautiful organic materials, stunning forms and ease of design. Each piece felt so comfortable to just be with…serene. And then to find out that the wood used is salvaged from waste or boards that were otherwise rejected because of ‘imperfections’….that no dye or chemical compound is used to seal anything…that production methods are as zero waste as possible. Well it’s just good. And it doesn’t hurt that everything is rediculously stunning.

maison et objetmaison et objet maison et objet maison et objet maison et objet maison et objetmaison et objet maison et objet

4. CC Tapis

Rug art…plain and simple. Incredible shapes, colours, patterns…with a giant hit of edge. Putting one of these rugs down in a space is an instant way to add crazy amounts of cool factor. They are absolutely works of art for your floor…or wall for that matter. Seeing them displayed at the show vertically was so beautiful. I spent a LOT of time here and want pretty much every rug they have ever designed. They’re rock and roll with a very luxurious underpinning.

maison et objetmaison et objet maison et objet maison et objet maison et objet maison et objet  maison et objet maison et objetmaison et objet

5. Aynhoe Park

Looking for the most magical getaway stay you’ve ever had? Wedding venue? Photo shoot locale? Place to be taken away to a land of wonder and magic?  The answer to that desire…Aynhoe, a private residence in the UK that caters to luxury retreats. A stay here includes private butler service, the use of any dream car you’ve ever wanted, transportation to anywhere via private jet or helicopter, any food/menu/decadent dessert you’ve ever wished for, and more design inspo than you can probably fathom. It’s almost too much. And as an extra bonus…for us peeps who might not actually get to ever stay there (please god let me not be one of them lol)…the owners have opened a retail arm of this venture and the pieces that are for sale are an eclectic mix of delightfully luxurious whimsy.

maison et objetmaison et objet maison et objet maison et objet maison et objet maison et objet  maison et objetmaison et objetmaison et objet

6. Sandrine Tortikian

I stumbled on a sweet little booth in the hall five artisan craft section of the show that just sparked happiness, and that was the one by French ceramist Sandrine Tortikan. I just love how each piece feels so hand crafted and whimsical. The pieces are delicate but pack such a storied punch. Sweet with a side of sauce, which is always my favourite.

maison et objet maison et objet maison et objet maison et objet maison et objet maison et objetmaison et objet

7. Nomon Clocks

Truth for a second…I don’t love clocks. I mean I don’t have anything inherently against them but have just never really loved them as a decor thing. That was until I landed on the booth for Nomon Clocks. These things are truly jewelry for the home…exquisitely simple pieces of brass are delicate, beautiful sculptures for your walls. And side note…their exhibit was the most beautiful of the beautiful….a monotone wash of blush velvet with wall to wall velvet drapery of the same. Basically my idea of heaven.

maison et objet maison et objetmaison et objetmaison et objet

8. Maison Dada

Cool…only way I can describe it. Starting with an exhibit that was tented in clear plastic. Dada is from China and their colours, shapes and just it factor are hard to beat really. I wanted every single thing I saw. Playful with a capital P.

maison et objet maison et objet  maison et objetmaison et objet

9. Rising Talents

My favourite section of the entire show…the rising talents. Each of these amazing artisans produced something just for the show that demonstrated crazy amounts of beautiful talent. I spent time speaking to each of the artists and was just so inspired by their vision and commitment to craft. Their creations all felt inventive, surprising, while also steeped in the best kind of tradition.

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10.The Architecture of Paris

If there’s one thing you get inspired by in Paris more than any other, it’s the architecture. Those amazing historic buildings just lined up row after row…with all the stunning plaster work, carvings and historic elegance.

And when walking by each one, it’s hard not to imagine the splendor that’s inside. The moldings…the plaster crowns….the ceiling medallions…the character!!!

Living somewhere where there’s decidedly less of that historic charm in buildings, and where cookie cutter new builds seems to pop up overnight, I’m always looking for ways to add that kind of detail to a space so that it feels less of the grain and decidedly more unique. Enter Creve, a company whose products help any space come alive with that incredible Parisian architectural flare. Inspired by a range of things from art to fashion, this line of moldings feels steeped in everything that makes these kind of details so historically beautiful, while also adding a giant hit of edgy modernity to it. The end result is nothing short of drool worthy. If moulding could be defined as sexy…which it most definitely should be, Creve would be it.

creve creve creve

The show left me with more inspiration then I can possibly piece into words in one short post. I saw so so much and will definitely be adding to this post with a trends one and perhaps one that just posts as much of what I saw as possible…like just a giant smorgasborg of pretty photos lol.

For now I’ll just say that if you’re a designer, architect or store owner, this is a show you just can’t miss. It’s the best of the best and I’ll be forever grateful for my opportunity to walk its beauty filled corridors!!!


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