[Top7+] Best 2 Burners Gas Cooktop – 2021

best 2 burners gas cooktop

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Coming for a two burners gas cooktops suits the needs of nuclear families when there are not many dishes to prepare every meal. Unlike the full-size cooktops with commonly four to five burners, the two have a very limited choice with fewer additional features, therefore, you have to make a smart decision. 

In this article, we will discuss how to choose the best 2 burners gas cooktop for small families as well as the top selected best two burner gas cooktops in the market. 

Buying Guide

There are several factors the homeowners should keep in mind when coming with two burners gas cooktops. 

The type of Burners

Wok Burner: The wok burner is a burner with a high capacity flame that is suitable for cooking dishes requiring high temperatures such as stir-frying and fast boiling. This burner is also designed with large size to put the extra-large pans and pots.

Large burners: The large burner gas cooking is the burner that works under powerful capacity. This is suitable for cooking dishes which require a quite high temperature such as frying.

Medium burners: the medium burner with medium capacity flame is suitable for cooking food that requires a quick response to temperature change such as cooking rice.

Simmer burners: As the name of this burner can tell you. This type of burner is suitable for simmering food. The simmer burner usually comes with a small capacity flame to avoid the foot getting burned too quickly. It comes very usefully when you melt chocolate or make sauces.


Unlike the other types of cooktops, the gas cooktops are not easy to clean. The smoke and trash from food dropped on the surface of cooktops can not move immediately due to the heat from the flame, sometimes, it even gets burned and stuck into the surface. Therefore, you should choose a gas cooktop made of fiber, glass or stainless steel which is easy to clean. 

Drop-in or freestanding cooktops

The drop-in cooktops are gas cooktops (gas range) which have unfinished sides, therefore, it needs to be fixed into a cabinet or counter. This compact model made your kitchen look tiny and trendy. You should come with drop-in cooktops if your kitchen already has a spacious countertop or cabinet. How about if you do not own a countertop or your countertop is occupied with many objects? In this case, you can come with the freestanding gas range, which is portable and can stand anywhere in your kitchen. 

The gas type support

There are two common types of gas used in gas cooktops: natural gas and LPG gas. Most gas cooktops support natural gas and some specific model work on LPG gas. However, in case you wanna purchase for an initially neutral gas support, a conversion kit will help us. It is just a simple and easy to set up connector which is usually included for free.

What features to look for in a 2 burners gas cooktop?

There are some additional features that are included in gas cooktops for improving the cook’s experience. Below are some outstanding features that you can keep in mind when choosing a good gas range.

Safety protect technology: When it comes to gas using cooktops, this feature should be a priority. 

Power burner: There are many types of burners which have different capacity therefore you should choose one which can fit your common cooking style. When you just have two burners for cooking at the same time, we recommend choosing one wok burner and one simmer burner.

Convection: with convection technology, a fan is put under the burners to improve the heat distribution. Therefore, the lost energy caused by heat transmission is reduced and you will cook more evenly.

Wi-Fi Compatibility: This feature is usually found in models of companies that invent both kitchen appliances and smartphone manufacturers such as GE, Samsung, LG,… This function enables the user to control the gas stove from your smartphone app. 

Top 7 Two Burner Gas Cooktops in 2021

1. Best 2 Burners Gas Cooktop overall: Empava EMPV-12GC010 Gas Cooktop

Empava 2 burners gas cooktop

This two-burner gas cooktop from Empava comes top of our list due to its appealing look with stainless steel and powerful cooking functions.

Two versatile burners included in this Empava EMPV-12GC010 Gas Cooktop are layout reasonably: a large burner with 13.000 BTU and large …for putting large pans for frying and a simmer burner with 4.000 BTU for simmering or melting. These burners are made with material imported from Italy, therefore, it is highly durable and reliable.

Empava applied one of its latest flame failure thermocouples auto shut off technology into this model to ensure safety for users. This technology will prevent gas leakage and shut off the flame in case gas leakage is detected. 


  • Two different versatile burners for multi-purpose cooking
  • Highly durable 
  • Sealed and Italy imported burners
  • Heavy cast-iron grates which is dishwasher friendly
  • Stain and heat discoloration resistant stainless-steel surface
  • Budget friendly


  • Not many finishes to choose

2.Best 2 Burners Gas Cooktop Built-in: Gasland Chef GH30SF Built-in Gas Stove Top

Gasland 2 burners gas cooktop

Taking second place in our list is one 12 inch gas cooktop from Gasland Chef.

Although the gas range brings many benefits compared with other types of cooktops, many users hesitate to come with a gas range due to the worry about gas leakage accidents. However, you can be assured with the Gasland Chef GH30SF Built-in Gas Stove To which is ETL certified means it is safe for use with no gas leakage. Not only that, this model is packed with Gasland’s thermocouple flame-out failure system (FFD) which will shut off the gas when no flame is detected. 

Now, it is, in turn, to talk about its cooking capacity. This model provides the user with two different size burners with the almost same capacity: 5,000 BTU semi-rapid burner & (1) 6,500BTU rapid burner. We do not much like this two number of capacity when there will be less choice for use when cooking. This power seems to only work well for simmering, smelting or cooking soup but when it comes to stir-frying or boiling water, it consumes a lot of waiting time. 

Gasland Chef GH30SF is fully made of stainless steel material and offers the user with high durability and a sleek appearance. 


  • High safety
  • Offer 1-year warranty with 100% money-back guarantee
  • Comprises a convenient LP gas conversion kit
  • ETL safety certification


  • Less powerful burner

3.Ramblewood GC2-37N

Ramblewood 2 burners gas cooktop

Are you looking for a two-burner gas cooktop for saving gas, this Ramblewook calls your name. This product is invented by Ramblewood Green – a Colorado-based kitchen appliance firm with more than 10 years of experience in eco-friendly technology. Therefore, it is not surprising when this model is named as one of the most gas saving devices.

This model is a powerful gas cooktop when the larger one can power up to 12.000 BTU for quick cooking. If you are worried about the size of two burners, the distance between the burner center points is 8 inches, which means you can put two medium pans at the same time without hitting against. 

About the design, this model has a stainless steel surface which ensures durability and is clean-friendly. And, a heavy-duty cast iron pot stand is packed ensuring your pans or pots are stable when you stir. 

With the eco-friendly technology features in this model, it can save up to 20 – 30 percent of gas consumption for reducing the monthly cost of your family. Who does not wanna own a product with less money payment? 


  • Gas saving
  • Use the  thermocouple and flame out failure detection trigger system for ensuring the safe
  • Reliable
  • Budget-friendly


  • It is difficult to install and you need technical support or hire a cooktop technician

4.Deli-Kit DK123-A01S 12″ Gas Cooktop

Deli Kit 2 burners gas cooktop

The Deli-Kit DK123-A01S 12″ Gas Cooktop uses the 3300w/h + 1750w/h input and works with the default natural gas. Or in case, you wanna use LPG gas, you can use the convert nozzle and BS joint. However, this kit is not included in the package, you have to pay extra money for it. This model is efficient and reliable.

The two burners with 11262 BTU and 5972 BTU which are different sizes meet the demand of all users. The cast iron supports are heavy and stable to keep the pans stable in the kitchen even under high movement when stirring. 


  • Powerful burners in different capacity and size for multipurpose
  • Modern and appealing surface design
  • 110V AC pulse Ignition
  • Support the use of LPG gas with connector kit
  • High durability


  • None

5. Best 2 Burners Gas Cooktop Portable: Summit GC22SS Gas Cooktop, Stainless-Steel

Summit 2 burners gas cooktop

Did you hear about the Summit Brand before? It is an Italian Producer that works on the kitchen appliances market with a deluxe line of portable gas cooktops with flawless design. 

The Summit GC22SS Gas Cooktop, Stainless-Steel is naturally listed in our top products which ensure pleasure and meet your needs. This compact but powerful two-burner gas cooktop provides users with 10,000 BTU and 3,500 BTU capacity burner with the control knobs at the front. 

This model works with natural gas but includes a conversion kit for users who wanna use the LP gas with no extra fee. For safety use, the Thermocouple flame failure protection technology used to automatically turn the gas off when not detecting the gas for more than 12 seconds.

Furthermore, this model is also a choice for people who are finding durability. The burners are sealed, the surface is made of stainless steel material, the color-matched push-to-turn knobs. All the above things made these two burners gas cooktop become more reliable than ever.


  • Continuous cast-iron grates to keep the pans stable when cooking
  • Include the conversion kit for free
  • Powerful burners to match all heat requirement


  • None

6.Happybuy 2 Burners Gas Stove Cooktop

Happybuy 2 burners gas cooktop

Happybuy 2 burners gas cooktop

Happybuy Gas Cooktop is a glossy style cooktop that ensures to improve your culinary life. The model itself supports natural gas but can work with LP gas through a conversion kit. This conversion kit is designed simply which the user can set up by himself. 

When it comes to safety, this product uses electric ignition and a flame failure system to shut off the gas automatically. The installation is simple and can be set up by the user at home without any technical support. 


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • High durable thanks to the 
  • Easy to install at home without technical support
  • High safety


  • None

7. HBHOB 12″ Double Burner Gas Cooktop

HBHOB 2 burners gas cooktop

This 12 inch Double Burner Gas Cooktop is invented by HBHOB which is a professional household cooktops manufacturer with rich development experiences. 

HBHOB said that this gas cooktop is designed under the strict standard for ensuring safety and high performance. Two burners work with high power allow the user to cook the food for a short time. When you do not have many burners for using at the same time for cooking, this must be the priority when choosing a gas cooktop.

All the heat-resistant metal knobs, burners and grates are safe when cleaned by the dishwasher machine. Therefore, you can reduce the time in the kitchen and avoid direct contact with a greasy object.


  • Heavy-cast iron stand for keeping the pans stable
  • High safe with Automatic flame out failure detection technology
  • Very reasonable price
  • Stainless stain material for easy cleaning


Frequently Asked Question

What makes the most reliable gas cooktop?

As gas cooktops can occur gas leakage which is extremely dangerous, you should choose the product with a safety standard certificate and safety protected technology.

How to clean a gas cooktop?

You can move the grate out of the gas cooktops and put it into the dishwasher for cleaning and using the soap water for cleaning the surface. Some gas cooktops with special material keep your kitchen clean and easy to clean, then come with these models.

What pans can use on gas cooktops? 

Simply all types of the pan can work on the gas cooktops. But it is recommended to use stainless steel, Aluminum, and Copper for better heat transmission. In the case of two burners pan size, there is a limitation when putting two pans at the same time, the most common two burners gas cooktops support two pans of 6 inch without hitting against.

What should I do if you smell gas?

 First, check the condition of the knobs. Sometimes, you do not fully turn off the knob, therefore, the gas comes out without flame. This situation will not happen in the model with a gas protector (which shuts off the gas for a maximum of time without flame). If you still smell the gas, open the window and call for help from the professor. Remember to put the flame catching material from the gas cooktop.

Which burner is better: Aluminum or brass?

Well, it depends. If you care about the cost, the aluminium burner will be better when it is cheaper. But if you want a more efficient one with long-lasting, comes with the brass burners. The brass burner can distribute the heat better for a quick cook. 

What is a sealed burner?

When a burner is sealed, it is covered with a cap on the centre. Sealed burners are considered easier to clean and protect the gas cooktops from drop food. Most gas cooktop burners in the market are sealed ones.


In conclusion, all seven cooktops listed above have their advantages and disadvantages. Each manufacturer in the market always wants to improve its product to compete, but there is no perfect product. Always think about what is your priority. If you are looking for a budget-friendly model, you can not require a high-end appearance with many additional features. We hope that through this article, you had a perfect choice. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our experts.