Client Work

Client Work

I’ve been working away on some client goodness.
For one, I’m hoping to see this fab home in Norway…

…made even yummier with this stuff…
Because my blogger formatting makes the board look so winsie, here it is in halfzies…

The split sort of reflects my plans for the room division as well…crossing fingers client likes it.

In closer to home design news, #projectwholehouse has had some prettiness arrive in the last couple of weeks.

Our Black Rooster hide came in and we’re trying to decide if we want it in the main entrance or upstairs landing…

…might have to just splurge and pick up another one because I really love it in both spots.
And speaking of love, our Oly mohair bench from Shop 219 also came in…

…and my god she’s pretty.
Designing is fun…I like it.
So…I’d like to do it more….which means, if you’d like a moodboard party of your very own….
… hire me up buttercup.
PS…it’s bugging me that this post looks top heavy in the picture department so I’m adding this useless sentence to make it look better/more balanced…we’ll chalk that up to slight OCD tendancies;)


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