Monday Moods #2 – Good Things


Still feeling all warm and fuzzy after seeing this amazing portrait of Scarlett I had commissioned from the insanely talented Kate Domina and really drawing this week’s inspiration from the soft whimsical palette and playful elements of this piece. A mixture of that, the rain and this short break from the heat, this week’s edition is all about savouring the good things in life like my children, a warm bed and a delectable piece of cake.


1) Prop styling by Linda Lomelino

2) By artist, Kate Domina





Happy Monday lovelies! xx

Christmas, A Launch Party and Work

Yikes…I haven’t posted in way too long. Sorry about that:(

Turns out I’ve been a bit of a headless chicken as of late…reasons being:

1. I’m working on a top secret Christmas related tour of sorts that I’ll tell you all about soon soon. For now, here’s a peek at some business I’ve been pulling together…

christmas christine dovey hand sharpied ornmanents

christmas christine dovey

2. Last week was spent getting ready for the Toronto launch party of Citizen Atelier. As you know, I ADORE this site and was thrilled when the owner asked me to help style all the gorgeous art at another of my favourites, Black Rooster Decor.  Here’s a peek at that…


citizen atelier rebeca cygnus styling christine dovey

citizen atelier styling christine dovey art zena holloway black rooster

citizen atelier art wall black rooster styling christine dovey

Not only did I get to work with some seriously stunning art and decor, but I also got to spend 3 days with some of the most inspiring/gorgeously awesome woman there are…

joanna christine dovey ashley woodson bailey alessandra citizen atelier ashley capp hollie cooper nina black rooster decor

From left…Joanna (my client aka #projectgreenbay…more on that in a minute), moi, Ashley Woodson Bailey (floral photographer extraordinaire), Alessandra Salituri (owner Citizen Atelier), Ashley Capp (photographer), Hollie Cooper (designer/pillow-draper making genius), Nina Ber-Donkor (owner Black Rooster Decor).

Sitting at this table with these woman = beaucoup luckiness.

I was sooooo happy to meet Ashely Bailey who is PS, my sister from another US mister and just in case you didn’t put two and two together from my little bracket mention above re: the pretty lady on the left…Joanna is #projectgreenbay!!!! Yup…she jumped on a jet plane from Chicago and surprised me by showing up in Toronto and when she walked into the party, I squealed like a 5 year old getting her first Cabbage Patch Kid on Christmas morning- BEST SURPRISE EVER!

3. Speaking of Joanna/Greenbay……lots has been happening there…most noteably…curtains (thanks to the amazing Hollie Cooper)…

project greenbay christine dovey style hollie cooper curtains schumacher hollyhock

project greenbay christine dovey style hollie cooper curtains


And along with curtains, we just got these photos of our custom dining chairs…

project greenbay dining chairs carrocel

…and canopies (pair)…

project greenbay canopy chairs carrocel

…that we had made by the amazing people at Carrocel…could not be happier and can’t wait to see them installed.

And also on the work front…I just received this sneak peek of the dining room at #projectbrownstone…

christine dovey style project brownstone

And I’m loving it…here’s a shot of the joining living room, which is mid-install…

project brownstone settee

And…I think that’s all I have for now.

Because of the little secret business I spoke about above, posts here will probably be few and far between for at least the next two weeks…sorry in advance about that and please stay tuned…I promise tons to come after that finishes up.  I’ll be in Chicago early December so some real life action shots of #projectgreenbay will be coming:)


Progress in Project Greenbay, Some New Design Boards, TV and a Series

Good morning friends.

First up, I want to thank everyone for all your words of encouragement re: the One Room Challenge…I’m very happy to report that I was able to find someone very last minute (thanks to my awesome architect Wallace,) and he’s here today working on the tile…though it’s still very un-likely that I’ll be able to finish by Tuesday, I feel so good knowing that at least some progress is being made.

Next, I wanted to share some #projectgreenbay progress, thanks to the very fabulous ladies over at the Find. If you live in Chicago, you’re probably well versed in the amazingness that is this store. If not, let me just say that from my one there, I’m already slightly very obsessed. They have an incredible selection of vintage accessories that have been re-imagined with lucite bases, along with some insanely beautiful sculptural pieces, furniture selections and lighting…

the find crystal chandelier

the find doorknocker

the find sputnik

the find statue

It turns out the that Find also has some pretty damn talented stylists because after selecting a bevie of goodies for #projectgreenbay, they delivered and helped style the crap out of some of our bookcases and shelves.


1. The playroom…

project greenbay playroom christine dovey bookcase

2. The kitchen…

project greenbay  kitchen brass shelves christine dovey bookcase

project greenbay  kitchen brass shelves chr

project greenbay  kitchen brass shelves chr

project greenbay  kitchen brass and marble shelves chr

3. The library…

project greenbay  library chr

project greenbay  library chr

project greenbay  library chr

project greenbay  library chr

project greenbay  library chr

4. The office…and note our newly installed balloon…thanks Hollie Cooper!

project greenbay office chr

I’ll be going to Chicago early December to put some finishing touches on all of the above and can’t wait to get my hands on some more of this amazingness.

Coming along with me, will be a pile of goodies I selected from Elte so stay tuned on that front.

And as for #projectgreenbay today, I also wanted to show you this sneak peek of our master bedroom curtains, featuring drapery by Hollie Cooper and hardware from Lux Holdups

project greenbay christine dovey drapery hollie cooper lux holdups hardware

project greenbay christine dovey drapery hollie cooper lux holdups hardware

Pretty, pretty.

Moving on to some other stuff…as you know, I’ve also been working on some other design projects, including #projectbraecrest…I sent off the design boards, which looked like this…

lores dining room and hall concept one lores kitchen console area concept one

project braecrest mood board living room christine dovey

We’ve made a few adjustments but this is definitely the gist of what you’ll be seeing.

Next up, I just completed the design for a small powder room, called #projectmildred. We considered a few concepts, before landing on these…

project mildred bathroom concepts christine dovey

…that then these got narrowed to this…

project mildred bathroom christine dovey

Next up, I’ve been doing some quick consulting for a client in Washington DC, who is just looking for some fabric, art and coffee table selections…she wanted feminine modern that would work well with her more traditional pieces…so I sent her this…

ammai board

…we made one small adjustment and are going to go with this Chiang-Mai fabric in the smoke colourway…

chiang mai smoke

PS…I had no idea it even came in this colour and holy balls…I LOVE it…I was sort of over this fabric as a whole but am now way back into it, thanks to the black and white.

And finally, on the project front, I sent off this board for a new client who is looking to create a really layered boho/natural vibe in her home…we’re starting off with her foyer and I’m hoping a lot of this will happen…

michael wou citizen atelier

I really want to layer her foyer walls with lots of neutral art, with every natural themes etc…with a few more graphic pieces tied in for balance.

After doing the board, I realized that I’m also definitely going to have to incorporate some of Michael Wou’s beautiful photography…

michael wou citizen atelier

Really perfect for there I think.

And you’ll note I used the same black and white photograph in the last two boards…I just found it on Natural Curiosities and am sooooooo in love. Want it for myself.

This is turning into a really long post so I better wrap it up…just a quick note that if you missed my appearance on Steven and Chris yesterday, and are in Canada, you can watch it here

steven and chris christine dovey art steven and chris christine dovey

In the episode, I talked about my favourite places to buy art online, and gave peeks of my #oneroomchallenge piano room, a client’s foyer and my basement bathroom.

If you’re in the US, you can find the episode on the Livewell Network website…just search for the title.

My next in segment will air Nov. 25th so I hope you’ll tune into that as well:)

And finally, I’m really happy to have been asked to take part in Celine’s ‘Pretty in Pink’ series in honour of breast cancer awareness month…I shared my piano room, because well…it’s my fave pink room to date…

christine dovey pink piano room 1

…2 other bloggers will be sharing their stuff as well today so make sure you check it out.

And with that…I’ll sign off, with thanks again for being awesomely sweet/supportive readers. Your comments and kind words truly mean so so much to me always.


Citizen Atelier and an Art Giveaway!

I’m so excited to tell you all about one of my newest favourite art resources, Citizen Atelier

citizen atelier logo citizen atelier- styling and interiors by christine dovey

Founded by Montreal PR consultant and art dealer Alessandra Salituri, the site represents a collection of carefully curated works from amazingly talented artisans hailing from all corners of the world.

Taking the guesswork out of selecting artwork, this fabulous online shop allows experts and layman alike to bathe their walls in stunningly beautiful paintings, photographs and prints.

Here’s a look at some my favourite pieces, from the 8 artists currently represented on the site…

citizen atelier amanda stone talley

citizen atelier antonio mora 2

citizen atelier amy friend

citizen atelier ashley woodson bailey

citizen atelier eduardo mata icaza


citizen atelier magnus gjoen

citizen atelier vanessa paxton

I was beyond honoured when founder Alessandra asked me to do the styling for her site and was even more excited when she decided to do the location shots in spaces designed by yours truly.

Here’s a sneak peek of some of my styling and design work for the site (spaces can be seen in my portfolio for Pine Residence and Barringham,) as captured by the ridiculously talented Ashley Capp

citizen atelier - styled by christine dovey and photographed by ashley capp

citizen atelier - styling by christine dovey and photographed by ashley capp

citizen atelier - piano room - room designed and styled by christine dovey and photographed by ashley capp

citizen atelier - entryway styled and designed by christine dovey and photographed by ashley capp

citizen atelier - piano room console designed and styled by christine dovey and photographed by ashley capp

citizen atelier - room designed and styled by christine dovey and photographed by ashley capp

citizen atelier - console styled by christine dovey and photographed by ashley capp

citizen atelier - piano room designed and styled by christine dovey and photographed by ashley capp

Please pay extra special attention to the last image above because I have some pretty fabulous news on that front.

To celebrate the launch of the site, Citizen Atelier has decided to offer up a piece from artist Vanessa Paxton’s stunning ‘Ballerina’ collection.

Yes that’s right…you my friends have the chance to win YOUR CHOICE of one of these insanely beautiful pieces…







To enter:

1. Leave a comment below…easy peasy…you will get one official entry just for saying hello:)))

For extra entries:  And remember that the extra entries only count if you leave a separate comment for each one because the winner is chosen my a random number generator…

1. Visit Citizen Atelier and tell me which piece in their current inventory is your favourite

2. Like Citizen Atelier on Facebook

3. Follow Citizen Atelier on Instagram

4. Pin one of the giveaway Vanessa Paxton pieces above with hashtag #giveaway and include the link to your pin in your comment

5. Tweet the giveaway {enter to win a stunning photograph on @bijouandboheme from @vananamoo and #citizenatelier}

6. Post your favourite Vanessa Paxton piece to Instagram {include @bijouandboheme @citizenatelier @vanessapaxton}

So there you have it- 7 chances to win!!!!

I’ll draw for the lucky duck on Saturday May 17th.

In the meantime, be sure to visit Citizen Atelier to get your art buying on…sooooooo  much loveliness to choose from.


The Busiest Five Days of My Life…

It’s the start of a new week and let me tell you, the last one nearly did me in…it was amazing on all possible work fronts but holy Hannah…it was BIZ-EEEEEE.

Let’s rewind to Wednesday…I packed up some new paintings…

christine dovey paintings

…and spent the evening at the new retail location for Black Rooster Decor, merchandising the shizzle out of everything so that all would be ready for the grand opening party on Thursday.

black rooster decor

black rooster decor









black rooster decor

black rooster decor

And then Thursday rolled around…I spent that day working on my One Room Challenge space…

I put together this lamp…

one room challenge christine dovey lamp

…and unpacked some glorious art…including this Elena Kalis materpiece (that I’m PS, am really hoping will eventually be mine)…

elena kalis

…and this Nicole Cohen/Patrick Cline/UPLO goodness…

nicole cohen art


nicole cohen photograph

(there was actually two more pieces in my UPLO delivery and after a small framing mess-up, which I can’t really get into because the mere thought of the crazy that took place on that front might throw this post into way too much of a whine fest, they have  been found s really pretty new home  in the piano room…more on that towards the end of the post.)

I also packed up a whole bunch of styling stuff and hauled it over to the #pianoroom so all would be ready come set up time.

And then Thursday evening rolled around and it was time for the Black Rooster grand opening party.

Because my life is so insane at the moment,  trying to get out the door was a nightmare…husband and I were supposed to go together but little Jasper wasn’t co-operating so I ended up leaving ahead of him and he met me at the party once babes went to sleep.  My dear friend Hollie came along with me and the night was soooooo amazing.

My sweeter than sweet friend Lindsay bought one of my paintings…


I got to chat with so many fabulous peeps…

black rooster opening party

And of course, was able to buy up plenty of Black Rooster fabulous for my #oneroomchallenge space…


But most of all, I got to be really proud of Nina for putting together a stunningly perfect store…

black rooster

I only wish I took more damn photos of the whole thing while I was there…too busy reveling I guess…and speaking of that, I drank about 50 glasses of champagne, which meant that I had to leave my car at the store and take a cab home…and this meant, that I had to drive into the city the next morning at 9 am with a crashing headache, to collect the car and as well, pick up the last few pieces of furniture I had ordered from BR for my #oneroomchallenge room. And because traffic was a total bitch, I sat in a very packed car for 2 hours…and since I literally had a PACKED day of work on the docket, I had to resort to this situation…


…and let me just say, that thing was a freaking god send.

I went straight from BR, to the piano room and helped un-pack the chairs that arrived thanks to the amazing 219, who worked her but off to ensure they arrived on time…

219 jonathan adler chair

…they’re amazing…and SO heavy- hauling just one of them from the garage almost did me in.

After leaving the #oneroomchallenge room, I went home to work on my DIY Lamps Plus benches…first order of business was re-upholstering the tops…

diy benches christine dovey

…the fabric Hollie Cooper painted made that job surprisingly enjoyable (though still hard,)…

hollie cooper fabric

And then I got to work on the bases…because these were for my clients, I took WAY more care with the painting than I would for something for myself…I sanded the bases twice, with a wash in between each round…sprayed with primer and then applied about 10 coats of the black matt top coat…

diy benches hollie cooper fabric christine dovey

And I have to say, the final result made me pretty happy…

christine dovey benches

…especially when I first saw them in the actual room…

christine dovey one room challenge

After the benches were done and delivered, I had the most fun of my day when I got to deliver a giant piece of art to my client…to make a long story short, her husband wanted to surprise her with her favourite photograph as an anniversary gift so we worked in secret to get the piece and have it framed…and when I dropped it off Friday night and he told her it was hers…well, let’s just say that was a beuno movement all around….no pictures of that right now though…you’ll have to wait for Wednesday and the very exciting One Room Challenge reveal:)

After this final delivery and visit to the piano room, it was about 5pm…from there, I raced over to the train station to meet up with an artist named Vanessa Paxton so that I could collect some of her beautiful wares…

vanessa paxton

..and from there, headed to my local flower shop and came home with this sort of business…


…and piled it up with some pretty styling goodness…all of which brings me almost to Saturday.

Before turning in for the night though, I had to clean and style most of my house, which again brings me to the next day and how I spent the rest of my weekend.

I haven’t told you all about this fabulous little project I’ve been working on behind the scenes so here goes that.

A while back I was contacted by someone I now consider such a fabulous friend and inspiration…to make a long story short on that one, I was asked if I’d be interested in doing styling work for a new site in the works…called Citizen Atelier, the shop will be an online destination for a curated collection of amazing art.  Knowing me as you do, I’m sure you can imagine how excited I was by the mere concept of the site…and to be able to be a part of it…well, let’s just say I was just a tad thrilled.

After many discussions, we decided that a few spaces in my house and the piano room I’ve been working on for the One Room Challenge, would be the perfect backdrops to showcase some of Citizen Atelier’s art in actual rooms…so, again, long story short, I spent the entire weekend with the site’s creator and the amazingly talented photographer Ashley Capp and her assistant (who is an amazing photographer in her own right) Claire Foster, styling, propping and shooting beautiful artwork in beautiful spaces.

christine dovey design citizen atelier art

christine dovey design citizen atelier art

christine dovey design citizen atelier art

ashley capp christine dovey claire foster citizen atelier

The shoot was at my house on Saturday and the piano room on Sunday…and yes, this meant that my ORC space actually had a deadline of 4 days earlier than the actual reveal…and because painting and final construction was just completed on Saturday, I arrived at my client’s house at 7:30am to finish off the space before the cameras arrived.  It was hectic to say the least but I have to tell you, walking into the piano room early morning on Sunday and seeing the foundation of the space all done…it literally made me cry.

And after a few hours of final zhuzhing and some art placing of many pieces, including those two other Nicole Cohen masterpieces I was telling you about…

nicole cohen art christine dovey one room challenge

nicole cohen art christine dovey one room challenge

…the room was done just in time for it to be taken all apart again for the Citizen Atelier shoot:)

It was so amazing to see so much beautiful art change the room with each piece…and at the end of the day, my client’s decided on a final piece from CA to complete there room and I can now say, that with the exception of one thing we’re waiting on delivery wise, the room is officially done!  My only regret is that I didn’t have the foresight to have the actual room professionally photographed as well…I was so focussed on the CA site shoot, that I sort of forgot about my own photos…so, come tomorrow, I’ll be at the piano room again shooting away and hoping I can capture at least some of what has happened in there.

In the meantime, check back tomorrow for the Friedasophie giveaway winner…I was supposed to draw on Saturday but as you can probably tell form this post, there just wasn’t time and though I thought about doing it today, this post is already ridiculously long…so tomorrow it is on that front.  That’s good news for you because you still have another day to enter;)

And then, that will bring us to Wednesday…I’m  SOOOO happy to tell that when I reveal my less than professional ORC shots, the amazing Citizen Atelier will also be launching! I know you are going to fall madly in love with this site…so much  art that’s been so carefully chosen and so beautifully photographed!  So Wednesday = a big day all around…art site and  my One Room Challenge REVEAL!!!! Me = excited on all fronts.


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