Project Brownstone: Full Reveal!

I’m so happy to be able to share with you today, one of my most favourite reveals of all time…#projectbrownstone.

This one started a few years back, when my client first approached me about helping with her brand new old brownstone. At the start of the project, her and her husband had just bought and begun renovation on a stunning row house and were looking for someone to consult with on design/architectural questions and then later on, to help with decorating/furnishing/space planning etc.

Just to give you an idea of where this home started, this is a shot of the before…

project brownstone christine dovey

…clearly a space with amazing bones but in need of a little love.

With a canvas like that, I really couldn’t wait to get started and together with an amazing client, we began the process of bringing this beauty back to life.

Along the way Natalie Kraiem, a NYC designer, was also brought on board to assist with local sourcing and oversight.  It was great collaborating with another designer and in the end, I think the space evolved into something that really represents the client and both of our viewpoints.

And when all was complete, I was so lucky to be able to fly down to NY and put finishing touches on the space and get it totally camera ready for its close up in Style at Home Magazine. Shot by my friend and amazing talent, Nicole Cohen, the feature tells the whole story of this beautiful home and how it all came together…

jan-2017-nyc-1 jan-2017-nyc-2 jan-2017-nyc-3 jan-2017-nyc-5 jan-2017-nyc-6 jan-2017-nyc-7 jan-2017-nyc-8 jan-2017-nyc-9

I’m so honoured that Style at Home wanted to publish this beautiful home and am truly so proud of how everyone involved with the project, worked together to create something special…

foyer livingroom kitchen

Brownstones are officially my favourite.

Style at Home – My Master Bedroom and Living Room

I’m so so excited to share my latest #getpublished news!

On stands now is the ‘Makeovers with Style’ special edition of Style at Home

SAH Makeovers 2014

And guess what?!?! I’m inside it!!!

First up is my living room re-vamp…

Christine Dovey Living room Makeovers 2014 style at home

Christine Dovey Living room Makeovers 2014 style at home

And then, a full reveal of my newly renovated master bedroom…

Christine Dovey master bedroom room Makeovers 2014 style at home

Christine Dovey master bedroom room Mak


To say I’m honoured/excited/thrilled would be a MASSIVE understatement.

Over the years, Style at Home (thank you Erin, Catherine, Morgan, Mary, Ann Marie) has been ridiculously supportive of my work and has published much of my design portfolio. Knowing that they like what I do and want to share it with their readers, is all the ‘icing on the designer cake’ I could hope for.

I also want to send a huge thank you shout out to Ashley Capp, the amazing photographer who ALWAYS captures my work in the best possible way.  And for writing these two pieces, high fives to Christy and Rosemary:)))

I’ll be doing a full reveal post of the bedroom with sources in the next coming weeks, but for now, wanted to share this with you.

Copies of the magazine are on stands now both here in Canada!


Style at Home- My Basement Reveal

I’m so excited to share with you my latest feature in Style at Home magazine.

As many of you know, we renovated our basement last year, just in time for the birth of our little Jasper.  The space was gutted and re-built in hopes of creating: some much needed new space for a TV/family/play room; a new bedroom for our eldest daughter Natasha; a full bathroom since we don’t have a powder room on the mainfloor; a functioning laundry area; and most importantly, STORAGE.

With the help of my amazing team (wjb designs, Allen Dawson, Peter Fejzaj,) I was able to create a space that has truly transformed the functionality of our home.  And to see the whole thing featured so beautifully in Style at Home ‘s October 2014 issue…

style at home october cover

…is more than just a little icing on the cake…it’s a total unicorns are real moment for yours truly.

Here she is…

OCt 14 Dovey Basement_2

OCt 14 Dovey Basement_1

OCt 14 Dovey Basement_3

OCt 14 Dovey Basement_4

OCt 14 Dovey Basement_5

OCt 14 Dovey Basement_6

OCt 14 Dovey Basement_7

OCt 14 Dovey Basement_8

A huge thanks to the whole team at Style at Home…I always feel SO lucky to work with you all.



Get Published

I’ve had a pretty fabulous few weeks in the #getpublished department.

First off, the September issue of Style at Home just hit newsstands…

style at home September christine dovey style

…with a glorious little story about my Scarlett’s bedroom…

style at home christine dovey style tickled pink

style at home christine dovey style tickled pink settee

style at home christine dovey style tickled pink scarletts room

Such an honour to see my work on the pages of this fabulous magazine:)))

And then on the weekend, I opened the Style section of the Globe and Mail to see this…

globe and mail christine dovey style

( Apologies for the crappy photos…my phone is being dumb lately and can’t take a clear photo for its life)

…and proceeded to literally jump up and down…this is the first time I’ve seen my designs in a national newspaper so it’s pretty dang exciting to say the least.

A HUGE thanks to Alessandra at Citizen Atelier for putting me in touch with the paper (and for being my fave online art shop for that matter) and as well to Ashley Capp for always managing to capture the rooms I design in the best possible way; she did the photos for both of these shoots.  And as always, a ginormous thanks to the entire team at Style at Home for always being so so supportive on my work…I heart you all greatly.  And of course, a ginormous thanks to all of you a hundred times for liking what I’m dishing out…I’m feeling so blessed these days in the work department and it’s all because of you readers really- couldn’t have found what I love to do without you.


Jasper’s Nursery Reveal in Style at Home Magazine!!!!!

Today’s an exciting day around here because I get to reveal Jasper’s nursery!!!
I feel incredibly honoured that the fabulous folks over at Style at Home thought his room magazine worthy and am beyond thrilled with how the spread turned out…
Even more exciting, the actual story itself was written by yours truly…such a dream come true to be given the opportunity to write a feature article…couldn’t be more tickled about the whole thing.
I’ll be sharing  more photos of Jasper’s actual room in the weeks to come but for now, here’s a peak at the magazine images…

 A GINORMOUS thank you to all the incredible editors/writers/photographers at Style at Home…so delighted to be even a small part of your amazing team!
And to everyone who as already left such sweet comments on FB, Twitter and Instagram…giant, giant kisses and love- means the world to me.


Style at Home and #projectgetroomsreadyforkids

It’s a new week folks…first full one in February no less.
The date is actually freaking me out large.
My big kid comes home for spring break in two weeks…and bambino is due in about a month- all of this means that our basement needs an overhaul…like yesterday.
So…we’ve started a bit of a project…we’ll call it #projectgetroomsreadyforkids
The work has started with the rental of a giant PODS container for the front yard…
Lots of junk/furniture/odds and sods will be placed in it today.
As well, a dumpster is coming…and YES, my front yard is going to look mighty fine for the next month or so- ha!
By the end of day, I hope to have an empty playroom/bedroom and hallway.
The next step will be flooring.
We’re thinking of running something fun carpet wise down the stairs and then doing a grey oak laminate for the basement.
Something like this…
Example of Dove Grey Oak Flooring used by Cox Workshop
I also have plans for many many built ins, doors for the laundry room and perhaps a little furniture here and there.
Much will be happening in a VERY short time…I’ve got two weeks to make most of it happen.
Stay tuned.
Before shots coming in the next couple of days.
In the meantime, I’ve got two things:
1. The Kanetix giveaway is being drawn TODAY!!!!
Check back later this evening for the $500 winner…and PS, you still have until then to enter so get to it;)
I’ve got 4 things re: my favourite magazine to share.
a) I did this little 20 questions interview not so long ago…have a readski HERE
b) I took part in a little New Year’s Resolution series and along with a bunch of other fab bloggers, came up with my LONG list of things to do HERE
You’ll note the size of my list…also see basement discussion…aren’t you proud…I’m totes sticking to my resolutions;)
c) The web piece that corresponds to my the big #projectkitchen gorgeous/house reveal in the February issue is now up…
You can see the rest of the article and all of the other photos (taken by the stunningly talented Donna Griffith) HERE.
d) The ladies over at 219 and I were thrilled when Style at Home asked to feature our B&B tiger velvet pillow in their newest issue…
How exciting is that?
Um…that would be VERY!!!!
Make sure you:
2.  pick up the newest issue of Style at Home when it hits shelves today…of course, my monthly article will also be in there so I do so hope you enjoy.