One Room Challenge {Basement} – Week Three

Welcome back to my #bijoubasementblitz One Room Challenge.

christine dovey one room challenge

If you’re new here, thanks so much for dropping by and to catch up, here is what I got up to during week one and week two.

For this week’s update, I wanted to focus on all the texture…all those pretty bits that are going to layer together to form warmth and coziness in what was before, a very unloved and cold space.

First up, let’s talk about the foundation of any room…paint and wallpaper.

For the basement, I decided early on that I really wanted a bright and airy space but that I wanted it to be warm and not too bright white. And I was of course super thrilled to discover that Farrow and Ball was a sponsor this round. After previewing their colours, I settled on Slipper Satin for the walls that aren’t being wallpapered…

one room challenge farrow and ball slipper satin

And the slightly lighter Wimborne White for the ceilings…

farrow and ball wimborn white christine dovey one room challenge

So basically, lots of warm white…with the exception of some furniture and textile pops of colour…starting with a little hit of St Giles Blue in the playroom on my old geometric credenza.


one room challenge basement christine dovey

…will be getting a little of this action…

drop it modern wallpaper christine dovey one room challenge

farrow and ball st giles blue christine dovey one room challenge

Excited about that.

The whole palate in the playroom is sort of fun I think:)

one room challenge christine dovey farrow and ball

…and will repeat in the other rooms, in a more muted way.

Back to the ‘regular colours’…after choosing the two FB taupey whites, I colour matched just about everything else that’s going up on the walls to these colours…which leads me to the wallpaper…oh man the wallpaper.

As I mentioned, last week, I’m so lucky to have partnered with three amazing paper companies on this renovation.

Farrow and Ball sent over this amazing brown and cream stripe, which will go in the playroom…

farrow and ball wallpaper stripe christine dovey one room challenge

I loveeee the brown…

So fun stripes for kids, check.

I also showed off this super fun print ( Animal House by Abnormals Anonymous) from NewWall last week, that will go in the nook behind the stairs…

one room challenge christine dovey basement newall

The pattern will bring a little bit of brighter white to this space, which I’m good with because it’s the very dark part of the basement…two tinsy little windows brighten the whole 23′ span so any light I can fake is good. I’ll warm it up in this zone with wood and whicker.

Moving on.

Wallpaper. The big story.

Aside from these two areas, I also have wallpaper going on on the walls in the main room and all the walls in the bedroom/office. And all this paper is coming from the incredibly talented, amazing Drop it Modern. I’ve been a huge fan of this company since forever and have partnered with them on great projects like the Elle Canada Closet and Best Buy Smart Home…along with a ton of client projects. What I love about Drop it Mod is that every print is customizable in terms of scale and colour…the patterns are fresh and current, without being trendy…they beat to their own amazing drum and I love that. Plus the owner Bree is just about the nicest most supportive person ever and goes SO out of her way to help with things like time crunches, design ideas, colour palates etc. I honestly can’t imagine being a designer and not having this beautiful shop as a resource.

So with that, when I started this round of the ORC, I knew I wanted something special from DIM…to start, I decided that I wanted something subtle but interesting and dynamic on the main walls…modern but also warm. Their Parisian Mural was a perfect fit…

FBY_parisan_mural_white_1024x1024 drop it modern christine dovey one room challenge wallpaper

FBY_parisan_mural_white_1024x1024 drop it modern christine dovey one room challenge

…and when we spent a little time on the colour so it blended seamlessly with the FB Slipper Satin, this is where it ended up…

drop it modern parisian mural christine dovey one room challenge

drop it modern wallpaper christine dovey one room challenge

drop it modern wallpaper christine dovey one room challenge

i.e. chalky old plaster wall heaven.

In L to the love.

Next up, the bedroom and here’s where things get really interesting.

Right off the bat, I decided I wanted granny ugly pretty chic in this space and knew that a chintz of sorts was in order. Playing with my palate of cream, green, yellow and brown, I went through a zillion colours and sent the brief over to Drop it Mod and what then ensued was a whole lot of graphic design. Floral pretty times a whole bunch of editions…

We started here…

drop it modern christine dovey floral wallpaper one room challenge

…and then went to these places…

drop it modern wallpaper Christine dovey one room challenge

drop it modern christine dovey floral wallpaper one room challenge

drop it modern wallpaper one room challenge

drop it modern wallpaper one room challenge

drop it modern wallpaper one room challenge

drop it modern christine dovey floral wallpaper one room challenge

drop it modern christine dovey floral wallpaper one room challenge

drop it modern wallpaper christine dovey one room challenge

And are now very close to finalizing this in either the lighter or the darker option…

drop it modern christine dovey floral wallpaper one room challenge

drop it modern christine dovey floral wallpaper one room challenge
drop it modern wallpaper one room challenge

drop it modern wallpaper one room challenge

Designing wallpaper is hard lol…so many things to consider and so many little things that you can change over and over and over again.

Two things are for sure though…1. I love, love doing it and coming up with something brand new and your own is the most exciting thing in the universe. Stay tuned for more on that front;) 2. Drop it Modern is THE BEST and sooooo incredibly awesome to work with…the talent there is off the charts…feeling lucky to know/work with that place.

Next week, I will show you the official pattern and then the week after that, this prettiness will be up the walls…oh and ps, were printing fabric to match so that will be up re: curtains in the same room…like I said, old lady chic is going to happen up in here.

So thats the paint and wallpaper.

In terms of other textiles, the big story on that front is upholstery.

Thanks to fabulous sponsor Fabricut, I was able to piece together this sum of the prettiest of fabrics…

fabricut fabric christine dovey one room challenge

And with it, I plan on doing a whole lot of things.

Thankfully, I have the best upholsterer J and J Made, who is taking some older pieces of mine and breathing a lot of new life into them.

For example, these old French chairs…

christine dovey foyer style at home french chairs one room challenge

…got stripped…

j and j made christine dovey one room challenge

…and now look like this!

j and j made christine dovey one room challenge

fabricut christine dovey j and j made

The Olea fabric by Nate Berkus is all the things.

Next, my wee little mini Louis chair, which I sadly dont have a picture of because the orange was just so not my favourite and I never apparently took a photo of it. The important thing is the after anyways…here she is, all newly covered in Fabricut Box Fur, with About You on the back…

fabricut christine dovey j and j made

fabricut christine dovey j and j made

fabricut fabric christine dovey one room challenge j and j made

So much happy.

And finally on the upholstery front, my alky chairs and platner…

christine dovey alky chairs j and j made

christine dovey platner chairs j and j made

…are in process…the afters of those will be coming next week. For now, the hint is cobalt blue and floral:)

To wrap things up with all the texture goodness for today, I’ll leave you with some of the carpet fabulous that will be coming my way.

First, I selected Karastan’s Savannah Scenes Antelope for the playroom…

antelope carpet karastan christine dovey one room challenge

And their plush, delicious Exquisite Affair in warm Starlet to cover the nook behind the stairs…

karastan carpet one room challenge christine dovey

My friends at Alexanian will be doing the install of both:)

On the area rug side of things, the most beautiful piece of plush wool fabulous arrived last week from Annie Selke and I had to put it down immediately…it’s waiting in my living room right now to find it’s home in the basement space but I’m honestly, going to have a hard time moving it…the colour is perfection with my living room walls…

annie selke rug christine dovey one room challenge

annie selke rug christine dovey one room challenge

Called the Hugo, this is the nicest rug I’ve ever owned…hands down. I’m obsessed with it.

I also have a few smaller area ones coming in…a pair of these Jute runners and a black Zentique hide from Candelabra

jute bleach candelabra christine dovey one room challenge

annie selke rug christine dovey one room challenge

A natural weave smaller rug for the bedroom from Bouclair

bouclair leather rug christine dovey one room challenge

And this pretty larger one (called the Francesca) from Mohawk (which ps, in real life, has the most beautiful texture,) that will go in the mainroom, along with the Selke prettiness above…

mohawk rug christine dovey one room challenge

And that my friends is the start of the texture goodness foundation that’s going in the basement reno. I’ll show you the smaller pieces that in more layers in the weeks to come.

In the meantime, make sure you check out all the incredible things my friends are up to this week…

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Wednesday Whoa – Elte Market

I think I’ve maybe mentioned Elte a thousand times or more on this blog…it’s my go to resource here in Toronto for all things fabulous in the world of decor, furniture, rugs and lighting.  So imagine my excitement upon hearing about Elte’s newest venture, Elte Market.

elte market

Conceptualized as a one stop marketplace for trend-driven furniture and decor at an affordable price point…

elte market facade

Elte Market promises to give customers access to products from over 20 countries with an eclectic mix of styles from modern to traditional. With a constant flow of new product and a completely in-stock model, EM most definitely caters to a youthful/contemporary and style driven market.

elte market pillows and accessories

elte market rugs and mural

elte market rugs and tables

elte market rugs

elte market tables chairs art

elte market sofa and coffee table

elte market beds

elte market table accessories and pillows

And just so you can get a better sense of Elte Market’s offerings, here are some of my love affair items from their current inventory…

elte market olson sofa

Olson Sofa

elte market cylinder lanter

Cylinder lantern

elte market avery chair boulevard cafe

Avery Chair

elte market cooper end table

Cooper end table

elte market theory side chair

Theory side chair

elte market martin sideboard

Martin sideboard

elte market jackson bed

Jackson bed

elte market kenzo dresser

Kenzo dresser

elte market swoop bar stool

Swoop bar stool

elte market vasquez nightstand

Vasquez nightstand

elte market wright bowl

Wright bowl

elte market bobs my uncle swivel chair

Bob’s My Uncle swivel chair

elte market rex


elte market magnolia rug

Magnolia rug

elte market kagua rug

Kagua rug

Oh and PS…re: pricepoint on this goodness…sofas start at $595 with many 6×9 rugs coming in at the $600 mark.

I kid you not.

If you’re in Toronto/GTA, I highly recommend a trip to see this all for youself and if not, don’t fret…Elte Market has a fabo e-commerce site that makes online sourcing/purchasing a breeze.

Happy shopping times.


A Painting and a Rug

You know those days when you have the kids all ready for school just in the nick of time and then right before you walk out the door, you remember its picture day and have to completely re-dress/re-style kids and fill out pose forms to be sent with them…ya…I had one of those:)
And since I’m still a day behind because of the holiday, I’m going to keep this post short and sweet.
I spent a good chunk of the day yesterday painting- when the mood strikes as it were…I finished off a piece I’ve been working on for a while entitled ‘Millicent’…and though I didn’t plan anything about how she’d look and where she’d go…

…the minute I hung her in the teenager’s room (aka #projectgetroomsreadyforkids) alongside my new INCREDIBLE e-carpet gallery (aka an AH-MAAZING online rug store that ships stunning luxury rugs anywhere in the US and Canada….with PS, no duty/brokerage for us Canucks thanks to a Canadian home base:))))))….
ecarpetgallery, Headquartered in Montreal, Canada- (514)-272-8000
 …silk rug…

…the stars aligned as it were…
Sooooooo happy.
Now I just need a mattress, some bedding and a few pillows.
A final reveal is coming soon:)))

#projectbaby, Steven and Chris and Rugs USA

Welcome to the new week.
I’ve got a lot to share so let’s get down to buznus.
1. Big personal news…my husband has officially landed his dream job…
I don’t mean to simplify things but let’s just say that said new job means that this lady can resume buying some good shit up.
And by that, I mean that #projectbaby can officially get underway.
Wallpaper can happen…and so will giant sheep…

…pretty bedding…
…curtain panels…
…and hopefully, some furry mushrooms…
…oh and some great art too…

As you can probably tell from these peeks, my plan for #projectbaby has taken a radical turn towards the more neutral and serene…it seems as though my desire for white and creamy neutrals has officially taken hold.
Happily, the amazing folks at Rugs USA
…helped my new ‘mood’ out and elevated it to new ecstatic levels when they sent me the INCREDIBLE Flokati rug you had peeks of above…

It really is SO gorgeous…fluffy, HUGE (8×10), so so soft and perfect for a baby’s room- little knees and tummies are going to luuuurv it.
A ginormous/mushy wet kiss to Rugs USA for gifting this beauty to me.
If you aren’t yet obsessed with their website and amazing rugs, then you’re very silly.
Rugs USA has a ridiculously good selection and their prices, CRAZY TOWN good…I think there’s literally ALWAYS a sale happening.
I’ve already used their rugs for #projectlitttlemiss and #projectvicarious and totes plan on more.
Oh and they ship to Canada, which right there means I heart them greatly.
Check out their fabboats selection of rugalia on their website.
Oh and ::whipsers:: my Flokati fabulous will be making a little TV appearance soon.
Without giving all my secrets away,  I can tell you that a version of #projectbaby will be airing on the Steven and Chris Show very soon – I’ll be taping my idea of a dream ‘high/low’ nursery this Thursday and it will include much of the goodness you see above.
I’ll keep you posted on air time.
And because I seriously am busier than I’ve perhaps ever been in my life…in a sort of a ridiculous 8 months pregnant sort of way…I actually missed my last
 Steven and Chris segment that aired this past Friday
 (Jan. 11th)…
Thankfully, modern technology means I was able to watch it online, which also dictates that you can too…if you want…and if you live in Canada.
So, if you’re dying to hear all about my thoughts on where and how to use wallpaper, you can:

1. watch the segment on the CBC website….episode 55.

A glimpse of what transpired…

It was fun like rain dancing.

2. Read my tips on how to incorporate wallpaper in your home…

For the Love of Wallpaper

…on the Steven and Chris website.

And with that, I’ll say toodles for now.
Check back tomorrow for #projectvicarious and #projectalreadyfabulous updates.
Some changes be happenin.


Rug and a Lion

I’ve got two seconds to rub together before I jetison out to the One of a Kind Show media breakfast…today’s the day I get to pick all my goodies for my little seminar that’s coming up on Sunday…not much I love more than shopping without having to pay for anything!
In the meantime, I thought I’d show you my latest rug choice…though be forewarned, she’s not staying…just not perfect I don’t think…
I adore her colour…trying to find a Persian that isn’t ruby red/dark blue…tres difficult…this one is the perfect burnt red and pink…with a little blue, orange and cream.
And what’s more, she’s exactly the right size- to make finding a pink Persian even more tricky, I need something close to 9×6- for cheapies…HARD!
This one is sooooo close to being it…

but I dare say it’s just too busy for the space.
It actually has me re-thinking the whole Persian idea – my mind is now drifting to something a little more solid and subtle…in a shade of pink of course;)
All’s not lost though- while at rug warehouse fantastica, I did spy this handsome devil peaking out of a box…
…my ceramic/porcelain animal obsession continues…Mr. Chia Pet Lion will be mine.


Announcement, a Mini- Giveaway and Some Rugs

Good morning party people.
I’ve got a little personal excitement to share…which…if truth be told…is kind of scaring me to death.
It seems as though yours truly will be taking part in the…

Yuppers…I’ll be holding a seminar on the main stage…head set and all…on April the 1st and 1pm.

About what pray tell?

Well…I’m basically going to run around the show a few days before and snap photos of all the decor stuff I like…make my own little OOAK collection if you will…then, I’m going to bring in some furniture pieces on the day of the show, get the actual goods, and style the crap out of them….all the while praying to the gods that  it somehow all comes together on stage.

Yes…I’ll be curating the One of a Kind….and attempting to show you how to do the same.

I kind of want you all to come…but then I also am hoping there’s only one lonely deaf/blind person in the audience.

My teenager is threatening to make ‘Team Christine’ t-shirts…and she’s the kind of kid who would actually make such things happen.


Anyhoo…I actually would really love you all to visit the show…and not just to see me embarrass the crap out of myself.

It’s a fabulous event.

So many amazing vendors, artisans etc…beuno shopping to be had- I never leave without at least a few delish purchases.

As an extra bit of incentive, I’m just delighted to be offering up 3 pairs of tickets for freezies…that’s right…6 tickets are up for grabs…so, if you want to save yourself the $14 bones for a ticket ($12 online)….

Simply leave a comment below.

It’s THAT easy:)

If you’d like an extra few entries:

1. Tweet the giveaway and use the following…
{enter to win tickets to the #OOAKS12 @ooak_toronto from @bijouandboheme}
2. Follow the OOAKS on twitter

So there you go…3 chances to win.

I’ll draw for the lucky duck on Sunday;)

Now in other news…
I spent the day yesterday with the fabulous Vanessa, perusing the warehouse of my new rug guy…PS, I love that I now have a rug guy…have been courting a few for a while and this chap is the winner…he’s sweet as pumpkin pie, seems to want to always give me the rugs for waaaaaay cheaper than he should, and has a vast collection of pretty…yup…#winner
I found him at the antique market last Sunday and picked up this beaut for my foyer…
And thankfully, he gave me the top secret address of his actual store…where I found more gorgeous than one can really handle.
Some of my favourites:
 1. This incredible Afghan war blanket…
…tanks and guns in pink…just my kind of quirky pretty;)
2. This number that Vanessa scored HUGE with…
…and whispers…she’s thinking it might not be working in her space after all and if not, I’m scooping that fabulous up faster than you can say donuts.
3. This antique Chinese plush pink pretty…
I was VERY close to taking this large one home to try it out under my kitchen table but…I think it’s a little too pretty and a little too plush…gorge though.
4. A gorgeous floral Persian….

As you can see, I took that shit home but…

…as much as I LOVE it, the darn thing is too small:(
Me. So. Sad.
I have been trying to find a place for it somewhere in my house to absolutely no avail.
Me. So. Sad x 10.
Anyhoo…you win some you loose some.
The good news again is that I have a rug guy!!!!!!
Happy days.
Now don’t forget to enter the giveaway….and if you want your comment to be entered in the draw, make sure you say so…that way I can sort through which comments are entries and which are just regular ones…and sorry for the very long post…fingers got away from me;)