Style Me Pretty Living!!!!!

I’ve got some pretty exciting news my friends, thanks to the very fabulous….
…one of my all time favourite design projects…
[photo by Yazy Jo]
…is about to be showcased.
And along with the rooms that I helped sort out, there’s also going to be full reveal of the entire house and let me tell you my friends, it’s spectacular…the owner really should be a designer…so, so good.
The first (::whispers:: there might be more than one today) feature is live right now so hop on over to Style Me Pretty Living to see the goodness.
It’s a happy day my friends!

Holiday Reveals- Sunshine and Roses and Seattle

First off, a very huge thank you to everyone who emailed me or left comments after yesterday’s post…the feedback was ridiculously appreciated…so nice to know you’re not alone out there as it were.
And on that note, here’s some sunshine…
[in the form of a glowing orb of a light sculpture that is P.S., not going anywhere…so happy that it gets to stay and so grateful to Patina for literally being the only store that husband and I adore equally…it makes for a much easier ‘we must own this’ sell;]
…and roses…
[I’m officially obsessed with pink fluffy roses after buying this lot…thinking I’ll need to allocate some weekly dineors for a steady supply of these beauties…though flowers aren’t free, the certainly do add something special to a room]
…to start the day.
And to continue things, I thought I’d give you another dose of…
…in the form of #projectalreadyfabulous…which you may recall, started off with some pretty great ‘before’s….
As for the ‘after’s, here are those…coming all the way to you from Seattle, by way of Toronto…

 There are plans to add a mirror in between that pair of the most fabulous lamps I’ve perhaps ever seen, but aside from that, she’s done and I couldn’t be happier with the result…a bit traditional with a modern flare…and a dash of pretty glamour of course.
And with that, I’ll sign off for now with another big thank you for being my unicorn lovers…as I said before… love you mucho for it.


Holiday Reveals…The Reality Behind the Photgraphed Pretty in My House

I’ve been posting photos of new stuff for a while now on Insta and the like…all of this because as you know, I’ve been crazily trying to get ready for some photos shoots and TV segments.
All of this happening during what I can only say is not my family’s best economic times.
So today, I thought why not tell you/show you how I’m doing this…and no, it doesn’t involve winning the lottery or spilling head first into debt.
As with everything you see in magazines or on the tube, things are often a little different than what’s there on the glossy pages etc…so I thought why not give you a little behind the scenes reality check as it were…and why not make it part of my…
…series…because really, this is very much a reveal:)))
Let’s start with the basement.
To be honest, it was pretty much done in better moula times so there’s not real trickology there…what you see is what’s there and what’s staying there.
I did get some fabulous deals on some pieces like the custom cabinet that Allen made for me, but it still definitely wasn’t free…
Same goes for everything in this picture…the anewall art, daybed, striped side table and chairs…all bought at a reduced price (from the amazing Black Rooster) but still purchased as it were.
I could go on with the basement but let’s just sum it up by saying that everything down there is mine, bought (aside from the RugsUSA beni and eCarpet Gallery rug in the bedroom which were both gifted in exchange for blogging/PR, same goes for the flooring and tile from Home Depot) at either a reduced price or for trade discount etc.
The space hasn’t been manipulated for photos or staged or anything…it is what it is.
Moving on.
The living room.
As you know, I’ve been working on a rather big change in this room’s shtick.
I wanted to move it a little away from it’s previous super frilly feminine installation.
To do this, I had to get rid of a lot and add some more.
I’ve got stuff stored away for either the new house or sale and have added the alky chairs…
…a pedestal (made by Allen) with this glorious JA vase…
..the later of which is very much thanks to Christine (whose shop 219 now carries Jonathan Adler!!!) …aka, the best online friend a girl could ever have.
And then there’s the art…this Jen Mann gorgeousity…
…and my Stephanie Vovas masterpiece…
The former is being rented from the fabulous folks at Neubacher Shor Contemporary…I arranged this last month, with the intent to purchase.
Because I’m trying to reign in spending as of late, this is very up in the air…it makes me very, very sad to think that I might have to give this back because it’s literally one of my most beloved things in the house…by a landslide actually.
Please cross your fingers that prior to Christmas, husband lands another job so that this can be my gift…praying to the gods every single day on that front.
On a happier note, I do own the photograph on the fireplace…and this makes me incredibly grateful…I’m a little sad that I had framing issues, which meant the image had to be cropped smaller than intended with a thinner frame and plexi rather than glass, but such is what sometimes happens with shoot deadlines and the like.
Now the chairs.
These are a catastrophic pain in my ass to get.
I had arranged to borrow them on approval, again with the intent to purchase.
Though I was supposed to pick them up on Tuesday, and had sent my husband to retrieve, they weren’t ready until yesterday morning on the actual day of the shoot so as the photographer was working, in comes husband with a u-haul in between shots trying to place the chairs.
The thing is with these guys that I LOVE them greatly to look at, I can’t afford them so they’ll be going back today on the same u-haul they came on, with a huge thanks to Julien Armand for letting me try them on for size…very much hoping I’ll be able to add these bad boys back in soonly.
I mean just look at the backs of them alone for goodness sakes…
Moving on…
My new lamp…
…came to me thanks to the amazing peeps at Patina.
Again, this has not been purchased but after long discussions with the other half, we’ve decided that this has to stay…it just has to.
So…peanut butter sammies and lots of painting/designing for me to be able to afford.
Sometimes, true love/one of a kind stuff just can’t be passed up on and no I’m not advocating spending on things you can’t afford…I’m just saying that there are times when ‘making it happen’ as it were is worth it.  We’ll forgo some other stuff so that we can keep this piece because though it happens pretty rarely, this guy is something we both absolutely adore.
So that’s the living room…the truth and the fiction as it were.
Now the kitchen.
You’ve seen this space a thousand times so there’s nothing ‘propped’ in here that isn’t mine so to speak.
I thought it might be funny to show you the reality of ‘staging’ for a shoot though and how that often plays out.
On Tuesday night, I sent husband out to find me a loaf of French bread, some macaroons and a small white iced cake for styling.
He aced the bread but came home with this stuff as his version of the other two…
Men…god love them.
And then there’s the flowers…
…it’s really too bad that they cost a lot and last for all of a couple of days.
I’m really hoping the roses stay put for a bit longer- they’re so pretty in real life.
Hydrangeas, though I love them, are so finicky…half of the ones I bought wilted on day one- they definitely have a mind of their own.
*edit…thanks for the soak in water tip from a few readers…going down to try this asap*
I also wanted to show you the reality of my bar area…
The photo shoot ended at 5 pm yesterday and this is how it looks at 8 am today…
Note the Red Label (for husband) and wine (for me) and Tylenol (for both of us)….and trust me, this space usually looks a whole heck of a lot more cluttered than this…so when you see the published photo of this nook, know that it’s really looking more like this;)))
And finally, I thought I’d save the best for last as it were.
And by best, I mean literally the all encompassing reality of our lives that is the master bedroom.
As the only room in the house not to be photographed, it has become the dumping ground/catch all for all the shite that has nowhere else to go.
And because I can shut the door on it whenever anything is going on, the walls are still not painted apres moulding application…there’s mounds of laundry on the floor pretty much all the time…the kids dump every toy that ever migrates from downstairs in here…and well, I’m not so good at putting clothes away.
So, may I present how this little cranny of my house looked last night, after the mad dash to get every piece of crap that was anywhere else in the house, hidden away…
So there you have it…the what’s what for realz behind the fantasy.
Life as it were.

Holiday Reveals – Ava’s Room / #projectlittlemiss

Because I’m putting together a totally new site, I’ve had to get my act together and take some photos of completed projects, which means…

I’ve got some exciting stuff to share, and since the holidays are upon us, I’ve decided to give you lovelies the gift of reveals every week until the big day arrives…

Untitled #78
And to kick the fun off, I thought I’d show you one of my all time favourite projects…a little girl’s room I designed for a friend of mine and her daughter Ava…I called this one #projectlittlemiss

The pictures…

And some of the details…
Wallpaper – Nina Campbell Perroquet
Bed- Homeowners 
Desk- Custom painted in FB Pink Ground and Pitch Black – Petits et Jolis
Birdcage- Custom painted in FB Pink Ground – Black Rooster Decor
Curtains- Custom made by client’s mom (amazing seamstress)- Fabric is Schumacher’s Lace- purchased from the Designer’s Attic
Ceramic Dog- Circa Who
Moroccan Wedding Blanket- Beyond Marrakech
Bedding – sheets/Kate Spade, pink solid pillows/IKEA, gold floral pillow/Pillotopia, ruffle pillow/HomeSense
rug- RugsUSA
Chandelier- Custom painted – Etsy
End Table- purchased from me (used to be in Scarlett’s room)
Dresser in closet- Petits et Jolis
Mirror- Horchow
Settee pillow- Pillotopia
Artwork- heart/Kol Kid, antique girl/Petits et Jolis, girl by desk/ The Black Apple

Gold chair- Pillotopia
Closet Carpentry- Allen Dawson
Custom Painting- Tim Welsby

You can read some more about how this project started, a few herehere and here, and some Instagram reveals here and here.

I’m pretty in love with the whole thing- it’s totally a little jewel box of a room for a little jewel of a girl.
And the most important part, she loves it too so happy kid, happy designer.
And with that, I’m off to get ready for a little TV shoot action…heading down to CBC today to film a little Steven and Chris…let the nervous excitement commence.
More reveals coming soonly!

Project Vicarious – Living Room REVEAL!

I’m sooooooo excited for today.
I just received photos of #projectvicarious and am DYING over it…the kind of death that makes you very, very happy.
I threw this sneak peek out on Instagram last night…
…and was so excited about the response my first big reveal garnered…thank you, thank you for the support…I also have to thank my amazing client, who was open to mixing things up and stepping outside of the box a little…her vision for the space made it such an incredibly fun project to work on…and the house itself…the architectural detail of the space is incredible and made decorating it, such a dream.
As you may recall, the original design board went through a many iterations, which came together and melded to make this guy…
From here, we switched out some pillows, one of the art pieces and the floor lamp…and well, I couldn’t be happier with the finished room…

{creamy white silk curtain panels are being added to those windows and will be hung on that scrumptious brass rod}
Highlights for me/things I want officially must repeat in other projects/my dream house…
1. Black windows and doors 
2. Built-ins
3. Coffered ceiling
4. Les Touches look-a-like fabric (source…Domesticate on Spoonflower)
5. Marble fireplace surround with herringbone insert
6. Black doors with circular paneling detail
7. And I wish I could own every single piece of that furniture goodness (most especially those mirrored side tables and Made Goods coffee table…and the arch lamp)…as with every space I put together, a fabulous settee is a MUST and Black Rooster is where I always go to find them…and since a few people have asked already, the x-benches are custom and are pink linen with black piping…go to Liven Up Design on Etsy if you want some of your own.
If you’d like any other source info, or some e-design help from yours truly, please email me for the goods.


Project Kitchen Gorgeous – THE REVEAL

After a this post declaring the beginning of….
…on March 21, 2011, along with months and months of follow up #projectkitchengorgeous and #pkg updates, it’s FINALLY time to reveal the after shots.
As you know, the inspiration for my kitchen was absolutely a space that didn’t really look like one…instead, Meredith and I envisioned creating something that felt like a Parisian boutique, mixed with a little London/New York edge…in kitchen form.
I wanted a room that could showcase some of my collections (I’m sure you’ve read Meredith’s mentions of my slight hoarding tendancies), still function as a working kitchen and really set the tone for the rest of the house.
I wanted it to be feminine, but still approachable to the dudes in the house…of which there will soon be 3:)
But most of all, I just wanted it to be pretty…and unique…full of special things that felt collected over time…like modern and old got married and shot out one glorious kitchen love child.
And without any further ado, here are the results of our labour…

I couldn’t love it more, truth be told.
My favourite elements are:
1. The pantry and display cases that flank the one wall are my favourite aesthetic element in the space…the former is faced in antique mirror and is holds a bevie of pull out drawers that store all of our food…the later is backed in the same antique mirror and houses all much of my china, glass and antique collection.
2. My brand spanking new set of Electrolux Icon appliances- they are seriously the  BEST ones I’ve ever owned- the set of fridge drawers to the left of the big/main one are beyond…so happy I picked them over a wine fridge (and yes, this choice likely surprises you as much as it did me) – the bottom one is designated as the kid’s fridge and I load it everyday with drinks, fruit and snacks…no more little voices constantly asking me to get them something…did I mention I love the drawers?  All of the appliances are a dream- so happy.
3.  My Brizo Solna faucet and pot holder…they’re in a brushed gold finish and I lurv them- never thought about really owning a pot filler before but now I couldn’t live without it.
4. The lighting…some of you remember my epic lighting search, appropriately called Lighting Gate– I think I probably sent Meredith over 500 emails on the subject…thankfully, the endless search paid off.  The two fixtures above the table are vintage pink veninis that I found at my favourite local lighting haunt, Sam the Chandelier Man- he actually had one large one and created the matched pair for me by taking the glass pieces off of the big one and adding them to two smaller frames- adore…the one over the island is an antique basket chandy from a local antique store- Meredith spotted it, we ran over and picked it up just mere seconds before someone else was about to purchase- sooooo lucky.  I love how it works against the more modern island…and speaking of…
5. THE ISLAND- the whole waterfall edge/campaign deal makes me sort of dizzily happy and what’s more, it’s just do damn functional- holds all of my pots, the microwave, 3 drawers of toys, cooking/baking dishes and more…so much storage.
6. The Griffin and Wong chinoiserie panels in combo with the hand painted curtains a la Meredith.  The panels went in first and my original thought was that though extremely beautiful, they were a wee bit peachy…in came the perfectly pink  abstract curtains and well, I almost fainted- COULD NOT LOVE THEM MORE.
7. The marble…oh the marble…it’s proved itself as not only pretty to look at but gosh darn, it’s durable too- yes…’tis true.  The backsplash shelf was dreamt up once I saw some photos of vintage vanities and I love that it adds another place to display some pretty…and speaking of that, the open shelves are working out exactly as I had hoped- I will grant that there is a dusting issue but the trade off is that I get to constantly rotate my little treasures and give the kitchen a whole new look whenever it floats my boat- I’m thinking of adding a little more edgy black in the new year:)
All in all, I can sum the whole thing up by saying it’s absolutely/positively the kitchen of my dreams…with one tinsy/winsy exception…the hood…it’s going to be swapped out for this whenever I can so budget…
Brass- must have this hood!
…and with that, it will solidify itself as my perfect Cinderella kitchen story.
The fact that it ended up in the pages of Style at Home
…well, that doesn’t hurt either…totally added the cherry to the top of the kitchen ice cream cake…and speaking of that…if you’re in the US and just want access to a single copy, you can order the digital version of the January issue HERE…and if you missed the magazine reveal post, check that out HERE.
A huge mwah to all of the people who made my kitchen happen- of course, my biggest thanks goes to Meredith…she absolutely helped pull the dreams out of my head and turn them into reality- very thankful.
And of course, a giant thanks to you my dear readers for following along this process for the past year and a half…I know it was a long haul on the waiting for photos front…VERY grateful that you stuck around to see it all come together.
Hugs and juicy kisses,