#projectscarlett, #projectsecret and #winkofpink

Morning blogeristas.
First off, thank you so so much for the very sweet comments on yesterday’s
The room really evolved into something I’m pretty proud of so to read your darling words…well…it meant alot.
I actually realized that I left out a few Instagram/regular shots, so here’s just a little more…

Again, thank you all for your very kind comments on this little “Laduree boudoir” (thanks Alison for that one).  Oh and to the reader who suggested a ruffly bedskirt to finish the whole thing off, I totally agree…that will happen:)
Moving on.
Because this room is now finito, my brain is moving on to some other projects.
I don’t want to give all the details on this one away because I’m trying to keep it a semi-secret from someone who I know reads B&B but I can tell you that I’ve dreamt up this inspiration board…
…for a bedroom/office combo…let’s call it #projectsecret from now on;)
Key elements are going to be:
1. wall to wall pink carpet
2. Erika Wakerly Angels wallpaper…
…though I’m sort of tempted to try something free-hand so we’ll see.
3. Blue day bed 
4. Jessica Rae Sommer artwork that I’ve been lusting over FOREVER
5. Hand painted abstract pillows & some KW action
6. Vintage oil paintings
7. Chinoiserie desk
8. Brass stuff
So…stay tuned…this is happening before Christmas.
And finally, I thought I might update you on some new artwork that’s up in the shop.
I’ve been playing with some neons lately…

…that you can see/hopefully BUY up đź™‚
And with that, I wish you all a blissball almost weekend.


#projectscarlett – The REVEAL

As promised, it’s time to reveal Scarlett’s room.
In my mind, the finished space is very much her and does fit in my original grande scheme of a Marie Antoinette inspired dressing room…though the wallpaper does add in a heavy dose of jewelry box glamour;)
She loves it, which is the most important part and I’m quite pleased with it too…sort of want to relocate there myself- ha!
Anyhoo…here’s the pics…
christine dovey pine girls room 1 ikea bed valance venini chandelier statue lamp beni rug mirrored side table hygge and west wallpaper gold
christine dovey pine girls room 2 painted ikea desk vintage french chair clothes racks beni rug pom pom curtains
christine dovey pine girls room 3 clothes racks gold floral wallpaper hygge and west
christine dovey pine girls room 4 french chair pom pom curtains pink desk
christine dovey pine girls room 5 handmade doll porcelain lamp gold hygge and west floral wallpaper
christine dovey pine girls room 6 vintage wardrobe gold hygge and west wallpaper stuffed animals dolls
christine dovey pine girls room 7 clothes racks pom pom curtains antique chair gold hygge and west floral wallpaper
christine dovey pine girls room 8 tissue paper bouquet tiffany pratt
christine dovey pine girls room 9 pom pom curtains gold hygge and west floral wallpaper
christine dovey pine girls room 10 pink settee beni rug pom pom curtains pillotopia pillow
christine dovey pine girls room 11 antique wardrobe gold hygge and west wallpaper
Photos by Ashley Capp
* I would lick the wallpaper if I felt it appropriate…very, very good.
Dresser, lamps and wardrobe
**PS, if you are looking for French inspired antiques in the GTA, this is a must stop…absolutely my favourite spot to find one of a kind treasures!
** A large and in charge thank you to Flik and Company for helping me find the PERFECT settee…adore it!
Antique Chair
*Trust me when I tell you that this store is going to be HUGE…I absolutely can’t wait for the official opening.  A giant/massive mwah to Christine and Sarah for helping make #projectscarlett infinitely better with my favourite antique pink chair of all time!!! xoxoxo
Duvet cover and shams- Bouclair Home (Akira in white)
* A large thank you to Bouclair for generously providing the Akira duvet cover set…I absolutely love how it finishes off the bed.
Sheeting- IKEA
* God I love that rug…it’s heaven in person- soooo fluffy good.
IKEA – Merete (put together/modified with the amazing help the amazing
* PS, I LOVE good friends and Ms Hollie is one of the best!
Settee Pillows
* You know you all want some intertwine pillows of your own…go get ’em boys and girls!
* Tim is my hero…that is all.
Side tables
Clothing racks
* Again, my house would be a mere shell of a home without Tim’s expertise painting/finishing help.
Moveline Liquidation (painted by me)
So there you have it…a little girl’s room a la Bijou.
Here’s hoping my red head loves it for years to come because god knows, it’s staying that way for as long as we own this house.
Also…the wardrobe is never coming out of that room so if we ever do sell, I hope the prospective owners like pink;)
Oh and if you’re interested in a little Bijou action of your own, my e-design services are available…check out the button on the right for services and rates.