If You Want It, Black Rooster It #22…and Some Finds

It’s this time…
And since I’m feeling in the mood for some serenity action, here’s what I came up with for this week…Black Rooster styles…
Black Rooster Decor

[Black Rooster Decor by bijouandboheme]

Here’s the buy it up links so you can get your weekend shopping on…

In other news, I spent part of the day yesterday searching for fabric.

My channel chairs are turning into the largest pain in my ass- I just literally can not decide what to do with them.

I was pretty set on the black croc but I need these dudes re-upholstered asap and I  just don’t have time to get the black hides here.


I went on a local search and found these…

…but I’m just not able to commit to either.

I have to admit though, the burgundy is tempting- it seems like the perfect sort of love child between my earlier rouge like velvet and the black croc.


I don’t know.

I’m a waffle maker on this one.

In other less frustrating shopping news, I hit up Klaus Nienkamper as well…

 …which is PS, sooooo inspiring to be in.

Their walls are currently covered in these amazing resin covered paintings…

..and I’m obsessed.

So So want to try a similar treatment on my ‘Wink of Pink‘ numbers.

I also spotted these crystal pendant lovelies…

…and I think they might be pretty pefect merfect for #projectbistrochic.

Also, they have these sex bombs…

…that I’ve lusted after for yonks.

#projectdreamhouse WILL have these lining the foyer…you heard it here boys and girls.

Happy Friday love fritters.


If You Want It, Black Rooster It #20, Some New Basement Shots and a Dreamhouse Rendering!

Friday means…
And since I’m a little tardy with post hour, let’s get right to it.
For today, a little girly glam, Black Rooster styles…

Leather daybed

I DIE over those sconces.

Also, the NZ rug…killer jones.

Go here to see more BR good shit.


In other news…some more goodness got did in my basement.

For one, my two soho sconces from 219 were installed and I lurv them…

Also, Allen extraordinaire proved once again why he’s the carpenter to beat them all when he made some pretty doors for my under stairs storage area…

…you wouldn’t believe how much stuff is held at bay behind those pretties;)

I have to admit, getting everything finally done in my basement is making me sort of crush on the old house girl again…so much so that I’ve been second guessing the move just a little.

Thankfully, aces architect W came through and saved the day by coming up with this rendition of #projectdreamhouse during our regular Thursday meeting…PS…it took him less than 10 minutes to draw- don’t you hate people who can actually make their brain synapses talk to their hands in such a way that they make daydreams in their head come to life on paper?  I do…they induce insane jealousy in me…I didn’t death glare Wallace on this occasion though…he was doing me quite a solid rendering this beauty up…

Pretty sure I looked like a 3 year old spotting Santa at the mall for the first time when he first revealed this little diddy yesterday…though I had this house sorted in dream land, seeing it brought to life on paper…well let’s just say I was/am a tad bit excited.

More to come…for now though, I’ve got shizz to do…husband is driving to pick me up some furniture over the border tonight so watch for some weekend reveals on Instagram…my anewall artwork is also going up today so things are happening.

What’s not happening, however is any semblance of $$ conservation.

Bank account = not at all happy with these newest developments.

E-design services/painting commissions…anyone…Bueller????




Ink and Reverie- Take One

After some looooong deliberations as to what we (i.e. me and the architect) were going to call this thing, I’m pleased as punch to welcome you to a new co-blogging series called…

And what’s this all about?
Well my friends, I invite you to join me here every week (Tuesdays thank you please) as I uncover the ins and outs of designing a new house…all from my blogger/perspective.
Now I know you’ve already had the chance to follow the progress of #projectdreamhouse via
‘The Dream House Diaries’ (don’t fret…it will continue as the place where I share my ever expanding boatload of project inspiration)…this new one though is going to be the real nuts and bolts of the thing…layouts, elevations, materials, finishes, processes, demolition, before/afters etc. etc.
And…to further amp up the fun, my brill architect Wallace is going to running the series over on his blog as well…only when you skip over there, you’ll be reading about the project from his perspective…and lord knows, when you contrast my mucho ‘reverie’ take on things…aka ‘building my dream house is going to be one giant unicorn and rainbow party where the ugliness of budgets, lot restrictions, building codes etc. doesn’t matter’…


…and then flip over to see how the more logical, process orientated ‘ink’ sees it all….i.e. ‘we have to make all this fantasy shit make sense and function and PS, fit on your 50’ lot!’…

…we’re in for some good yin and yang business.

What I can tell you about the weekly planning banter Wallace and I have enjoyed so far is though we are definitely coming at this project from different angles, working together has already pushed both of us to think outside our respective ‘dreamboat’ and ‘practical’  boxes.

In the end, I know it’s precisely this divergent ideology that will create the dream house my family and I are after…and hopefully the kind of entertaining blog series you boys and girls enjoy.

So stay tuned…it’s going to be a fun ride;)



A Mini Make-Over

As I mentioned yesterday, the family and I spent the weekend at our ‘new’ house completing a mini-makoever of the old lady.
The plan was always to rent the existing house out, while we complete the design and permit process on the dream home.
To do that though, the place needed more than a little work.
But, since the rental period will only be 6 months, we obviously didn’t want to pour a lot of money into the thing…we decided to focus our efforts on the the main floor and upstairs bathroom.
So…with this to work with (and PS the pictures actually make the befores look waaaaay better than it actually was)…

….and a budget of $2000, we:
1. Had it cleaned from top to bottom (including upstairs carpet) – this took almost 1/2 the budget.
2. Painted all the walls and trim on the mainfloor…including the stair banister and risers.
3. Put in a stove.
4. Staged the mainfloor with stuff from my basement/garage.
5. Put in a new vanity, mirror and light in the bathroom, sanded the wallpaper down and painted the walls…I’ll do a bathroom reveal at the end of the week once that is done- we’re also planning on making over the tub area in some way.
And though I still have a little accessorizing to do, this is how it looks after 2 days of work…

…and I think it’s pretty OK.
Just goes to show that with a coat of paint (preferably white when the house is dark and dreary to start) and a little ‘shop your own house’, you can make any place look its best.
And for everyone who wants to know what white paint that is up on the walls, I have none other than the fabulous PARA Paints to thanks for that (and Jen for helping organize it all)…you might remember that when completing our basement reno Para sent me all the paint needed to complete the project…we ended up using the colour Snowfall (P5223-14D) for all of the basement and indeed, carried it up to our main floor hallway and staircase…it’s a wonderful warm white that works so well with the creamy base of the Ostrich wallpaper I have on one wall in the foyer.  When we were selecting the paint (again, a huge thank you to Jen for helping with the colour suggestions) for this basement project, we also chose a more ‘white white’ called Chrysler Hall White…though I had planned to put this in the hallway, it was just too ‘clean’ a white against the wallpaper so we ended up with some leftover gallons…thankfully, because Chrysler Hall is literally just white (no grey, yellow, cream undertones) it was the PERFECT choice for this mini-reno.  We hauled the paint 4 doors down to the new old house and voila…gorgeous clean white walls.  I couldn’t be happier with how the paint instantly and miraculously transformed this house.  If you are looking for a white that’s really just that, I HIGHLY recommend Para’s P2118-00 Chrysler Hall White.
You better believe I’ll be souping #projectdreamhouse with a whole bunch of Para Paints goodness.
Oh and PS/before I go…don’t forget to enter my current giveaway from…
…a gorgeous print of your choice could be yours and all you have to do to enter is leave a comment…easy peasy lemon squeezy, as my soon to be 5 year old (big boy’s b-day is tomorrow…insert mommy sad face- he’s growing up WAY too fast).


Thinking About 7 – #11

It’s mid-day, which means I’m totally behind schedule with this post so a quick and to the point 7.
1. My daughter it taking part in Shinerama 2013 to benefit Cystic Fibrosis Canada.
You can read all about it HERE.
I would SOOOOOOOO appreciate you helping her raise some moula but clicking on her fundraising page and donating anything you can.
2. Consider mind blown re: Kelly Weartler’s hand in Cameron Diaz’s amazing apartment…
Kelly Wearstler Interior Design Living Room - Cameron Diaz Manhattan Apartment - ELLE DECOR
…blush grasscloth- be still my heart.
…everything about this = nirvana.  I’m thinking that Ann Sacks tile and I should make out in my new house.
…no words for the brass backsplash and counter action…or the green for that matter.
…I’ve put that fireplace in the new house files…love x many.
3. Speaking of #projecdreamhouse…this image has also gone in the inspiration banks…
PARISIAN MOD Design Classics in a Classic
…it represents the exact kind of frilly architecture mixed with modern furniture and art style that I’m going for up in the new pad.
4. New house ideas again….
bar + door detail | christina murphy
…I’m obsessed with those doors.
5. I came across these two photos this week…
.leaning art
Juju Hat
…and decided two things officially:
a. I love art on the floor
b. juju hats might be trendy but god I love a white one that’s mixed with some good old fashioned bust action
6. I know I’ve been spewing on endlessly about my daughter’s new show ‘This is Scarlett and Isaiah‘ but I just can’t help myself.
The show’s new website just launched, along with video games that have her appearing as a real life pop-up…
…seeing your kid in a video game, such a trip;)))
If you live in Canada and have little kids that like to play on the computer, click over to the website for some fun:)
You can also watch video of the opening and a clip from an episode HERE
7.  And last but totally not least, we have the first official draft of the mainfloor layout of #projectdreamhouse…
Though we still have lots of work to do and likely many revisions to make, this plan is most definitely moving in the right direction.
Thanks to my architect wjb designs, my ‘London Townhouse meets Ontario suburbs’ dreams are totally coming to life.
Tres beans excited.


The Dream House Diaries #11 – A Piano???

Good morning friends.
My vacation is continuing with lots of beach time, a little drinkie poo time, and LOTS of kid/family time.
And of course, being in heaven is making me dream even more about the little piece of it we’re hoping to start building when I get home…aka #projectdreamhouse.
And since I’m thinking about it, let’s do this week’s edition of…
For today, I’m dreaming of a little something I never really considered before…
And it has to do with the ‘feel’ I’m trying to create with this house…though I definitely want a comfortable home that functions for my family, I also want a space that feels slightly formal…especially the living room.
And right now, I’m thinking that one way to make this happen is with a…
…piano action…
Love a room where there's a piano.
Beautifully designed #home foyer with #marble floors & a black grand #piano.
Living room or #home #library with beautiful grand #piano and comfortable seating. Really liking that #chair #design
fireplace...black/white/gold accents
Grand piano.... Sigh!
Prefabricated Passive House by ecoDESIGNfinca
pretty palette, love the grand piano
Ligne Roset Togo fireside chair, and baby grand piano.
Grand piano to finish off a room
Problem is, none of us really play the piano…and I really can’t afford one…but my they’re pretty.