Project Brownstone: Full Reveal!

I’m so happy to be able to share with you today, one of my most favourite reveals of all time…#projectbrownstone.

This one started a few years back, when my client first approached me about helping with her brand new old brownstone. At the start of the project, her and her husband had just bought and begun renovation on a stunning row house and were looking for someone to consult with on design/architectural questions and then later on, to help with decorating/furnishing/space planning etc.

Just to give you an idea of where this home started, this is a shot of the before…

project brownstone christine dovey

…clearly a space with amazing bones but in need of a little love.

With a canvas like that, I really couldn’t wait to get started and together with an amazing client, we began the process of bringing this beauty back to life.

Along the way Natalie Kraiem, a NYC designer, was also brought on board to assist with local sourcing and oversight.  It was great collaborating with another designer and in the end, I think the space evolved into something that really represents the client and both of our viewpoints.

And when all was complete, I was so lucky to be able to fly down to NY and put finishing touches on the space and get it totally camera ready for its close up in Style at Home Magazine. Shot by my friend and amazing talent, Nicole Cohen, the feature tells the whole story of this beautiful home and how it all came together…

jan-2017-nyc-1 jan-2017-nyc-2 jan-2017-nyc-3 jan-2017-nyc-5 jan-2017-nyc-6 jan-2017-nyc-7 jan-2017-nyc-8 jan-2017-nyc-9

I’m so honoured that Style at Home wanted to publish this beautiful home and am truly so proud of how everyone involved with the project, worked together to create something special…

foyer livingroom kitchen

Brownstones are officially my favourite.

Christmas, A Launch Party and Work

Yikes…I haven’t posted in way too long. Sorry about that:(

Turns out I’ve been a bit of a headless chicken as of late…reasons being:

1. I’m working on a top secret Christmas related tour of sorts that I’ll tell you all about soon soon. For now, here’s a peek at some business I’ve been pulling together…

christmas christine dovey hand sharpied ornmanents

christmas christine dovey

2. Last week was spent getting ready for the Toronto launch party of Citizen Atelier. As you know, I ADORE this site and was thrilled when the owner asked me to help style all the gorgeous art at another of my favourites, Black Rooster Decor.  Here’s a peek at that…


citizen atelier rebeca cygnus styling christine dovey

citizen atelier styling christine dovey art zena holloway black rooster

citizen atelier art wall black rooster styling christine dovey

Not only did I get to work with some seriously stunning art and decor, but I also got to spend 3 days with some of the most inspiring/gorgeously awesome woman there are…

joanna christine dovey ashley woodson bailey alessandra citizen atelier ashley capp hollie cooper nina black rooster decor

From left…Joanna (my client aka #projectgreenbay…more on that in a minute), moi, Ashley Woodson Bailey (floral photographer extraordinaire), Alessandra Salituri (owner Citizen Atelier), Ashley Capp (photographer), Hollie Cooper (designer/pillow-draper making genius), Nina Ber-Donkor (owner Black Rooster Decor).

Sitting at this table with these woman = beaucoup luckiness.

I was sooooo happy to meet Ashely Bailey who is PS, my sister from another US mister and just in case you didn’t put two and two together from my little bracket mention above re: the pretty lady on the left…Joanna is #projectgreenbay!!!! Yup…she jumped on a jet plane from Chicago and surprised me by showing up in Toronto and when she walked into the party, I squealed like a 5 year old getting her first Cabbage Patch Kid on Christmas morning- BEST SURPRISE EVER!

3. Speaking of Joanna/Greenbay……lots has been happening there…most noteably…curtains (thanks to the amazing Hollie Cooper)…

project greenbay christine dovey style hollie cooper curtains schumacher hollyhock

project greenbay christine dovey style hollie cooper curtains


And along with curtains, we just got these photos of our custom dining chairs…

project greenbay dining chairs carrocel

…and canopies (pair)…

project greenbay canopy chairs carrocel

…that we had made by the amazing people at Carrocel…could not be happier and can’t wait to see them installed.

And also on the work front…I just received this sneak peek of the dining room at #projectbrownstone…

christine dovey style project brownstone

And I’m loving it…here’s a shot of the joining living room, which is mid-install…

project brownstone settee

And…I think that’s all I have for now.

Because of the little secret business I spoke about above, posts here will probably be few and far between for at least the next two weeks…sorry in advance about that and please stay tuned…I promise tons to come after that finishes up.  I’ll be in Chicago early December so some real life action shots of #projectgreenbay will be coming:)


Weekend Work #projectwowzers #projectbrownstone

I spent the working catching up on some projects.

1. #projectwowzers

Much got done with finalizing lighting plans and starting on the super fun stuff…furniture boards!

To start, my client and I were crushed to find out that the matching pair of crystal antiques fixtures we have selected for the foyer and stair room were actually sold even though they weren’t listed as such:((((


A mad search for a suitable replacement meant that the idea of a matched pair was out the window so instead, we’re going with one of my favourite lights of all time, the VC Trillion in the stair room and library hall…and then the foyer will get it’s very own very special antique number that works sooooo well with the Trillions…


And if we look at the whole first floor (with the exception of living room, which is getting the antique silver Dutch numbers and the playroom with is getting  a Mouille like ceiling guy,) this is what’s going to happen…

mainfloor lights

It’s just so crazy good.

That chandelier on the bottom right…I spied it first on Jessica’s blog and pretty much knew it would be perfect for what my client’s after look wise in the dining room…it’s not an expensive option though so we’ll see when pricing comes in but for now, I’ve used it to direct our first official furniture scheme…



Chairs will be square back Louis in that pink faux leather…walls in spots…trim in black…curtains in striped pink stripes…abstract art from Jenny…antique commodes…pink oriental like rug.

This was actually my second go at the board…my first one was this, which was based around an insanely fabulous antique chandy, my new favourite art OFF ALL TIME, and an amazing graphic palm fabric…


But…attempt #2 is the one client loves most so that’s what we’re going with.

What else on this front…oh yes…the library in FB Pigeon gloss is getting it’s windows decked in this fabulousity…


…which is just too delightful for me to adequately express.

Aside from that, we did some last minute swaps on kid lighting and figured out everything for the kitchen…the later deserves a post of it’s own though so that will come later on this week.

2. #projectbrownstone

I put together the plan for the living room and it looks like this..

christine dovey style

I’m very very excited about seeing this one come to life…and I need that rug/coffee table/light fixture in my house somewhere.

And on that note, I’ll sign off and let you know that you’re very lucky because I came down with a migraine last night and couldn’t draw for the winner of the Zoe Pawlak giveaway…so…you have an extra day…I’ll be drawing tonight so get your entries in!!!!


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