An Assortment of Randomness…Etsy, #projectbistrochic, Artwork

I’ve got a pile of different things to share so…
1. I had one of the most satisfying days as a parent ever yesterday…I have a whole post planned to tell you all about it so make sure you check back on Monday.
2. Progress is being made in #projectbistrochic.
My carpenter favouite put the moulding up beside the new built ins last night and it’s already looking pretty swell…I literally can’t wait to see those walls all Hague Blue like.
As for our fabric debate from the other day, would you believe that this lady…
…is literally twice the price of this one…
China Seas Macao II Lilac Pillow Cover
Surprising for some reason- to my brain anyways.
So…as far as what’s going to go on those chairs, I hate to say it but we’re sort of back to not knowing.
My client really prefers the first so we’re considering something like a simple stripe and the $$ fabric as pillows…samples are on their way though so we shall see.
And just to add to the fun, I also threw this all time favourite in the mix…
…since I now she loves Japanese style prints.
It would be bold for sure…but she does love pink and we are working with red so it could work…especially if we made a fairly radical change in the plan…
…though I know she’s very in love with the blue walls so….there’s also this guy…
{all pillows via}
So…as you can see…this room is still not official…depending on what we decide re: chairs, the feel/colour/entire scheme can really still change.
More than any space I’ve worked on to date, this project/design has definitely been a very evolving/organic one…though the overall feel has always stayed the same, we’ve definitely gone back and forth on the particulars…its definitely keeping me on my toes as it were, which is awesome…a challenge is always a good thing.
I am very excited to watch this one unfold and morph into the space I know it wants to be…good stuff.
3. I made a recent Etsy shop discovery…
…and well, just look at what they do…
Pink "plait" pillowcase with red spots - dyed, decorative, handmade cushions.
Bedspread "plait" gray.
Dark denim "plait" pillowcase - dyed, decorative, handmade cushions.
… sculptural art pieces for your bed or sofa…absolutely IN LOVE with these.
4. I’ve been working on some paintings as of late…
a) Some new paper goodies for the shop
Abstract Painting - 'On the Outside Looking In'
Abstract Paiting - 'Chasing Daydreams'
b) A commission x 3 for one fabulous client who already purchased 2 paintings from my shop…which PS, means I LOVE HER!
…the first, this little number…
…and the second, a pair of tone on tone grey lovelies..
…that aren’t yet quite done but in progress as it were.
c) A commission for a different client…
…that’s looking like this at the moment but is about to get a few more layers of shiny gold and peach added on.
And with that, I think that’s all my brain can muster up for today.
Stay tuned for some very exciting things in the coming weeks…I have some #getpublished reveals and most fantastically, a very new look for B&B that’s going to be launching soon, soon, soon!

IKEA Nails it at IDS14 and #projectbistrochic Almost Stumped Me…an Update

Hello my friends.
I’m sorry for the short supply of posts last week.
I had a crazy busy end of week…mostly because of workload…I’m currently in the middle of 10 projects and 4 painting commissions…it’s a little insane…in the best possible way though:)
Also, I was out Thursday at this year’s Interior Design Show, which because I’m old, meant Friday was a right off/recovery day…PS, being old sucks horse nuts.
What doesn’t suck though is this…but let’s back up a minute first…
As you know, we’re re-doing the kitchen in #projectbistrochic and using IKEA Lidingo cabinets to do it.
And in case you had any doubts as to the magic that can be created from using IKEA cabinets in a kitchen renovation, behold their IDS14 booth, featuring our friend the Lidingo…
Is it just me or did IKEA go and create my dream home right before my eyes?
I mean holy hell…it’s perfect.
And while I’m on them, look at the dressing room/bathroom areas they also whipped up…
SO freaking good.
Remind me come #projectdreamhouse time that a wall to wall glossy PAX built into the wall, is a must…also, not that I had any doubt, but slab marble as a backsplash…and large factory like windows…which brings me to those gold muttons…so next level pretty.
Inspiring to say the least.
After seeing this, I’m even more excited to see #projectbistrochic come to life.
And on that front, I’ve got a family room update of sorts.
To be honest, this room has been a real challenge…there were moments when I actually felt stumped…which is a craptastic feeling by the way.
The reason is that there are pieces my client really loves and wants to use, and though all stunningly beautiful in their own right, they’re not necessarily easy things to make a cohesive scheme out of…mostly because of colour…basically, the palate is a gent I like to call, Tricky McTrickersons.
A quick summary…cobalt blue, black, orange and green in the artwork; a deep almost blood red Persian rug with accents or dark (almost black) blue; walls in F&B Hague Blue, sofa in grey, chairs  and coffee table in black.
The conundrum has been how the heck to tie it all together…and by that I mean, what to upholster these bad boys in…
…along with what to put on the sofa in terms of pillows.
My client also wants to ensure that whatever we decide on, lightens the whole space up…so no dark blue backgrounds etc…oh and like me, she loves pink/lilac so wants that pulled in too.
You see my dilemma I suppose…a lot of colours that magically need to mold together….while still maintaining brightness…and prettiness.
No easy task my friends.
Without changing out the red rug, I was beginning to feel like I might not find the answer…and let me tell you, that felt VERY wrong…so the hunt continued.
You know how that goes…you just keep looking and looking knowing that somewhere out there, the perfect fabric or piece of furniture (that by the grace of the gods, makes everything gel together) is out there and by Holy Mother Mary, it’s your place on this green earth of ours to find it.
Well, the good news my friends is that late last night, I finally found what I think is the answer by way of too divinely pretty Quadrille fabrics…
Exhibit A:
Le Notre Toile in Blue Rose…
{Bengal Bazaar and Riad pillows via}
Exhibit B:
Quadrille Macao 11…
China Seas Macao II Lilac Pillow Cover
{showing this one as pillows because the cropped version of the pattern on the chairs just didn’t reflect the pattern very well…imagine it as upholstery)
…which as evidenced by this room…
…also makes all of our colours work so beautifully.
So…to sum things up, I’m elated.
Like jumping up and down happy.
We now have two options that I think do just what I wanted them too…pull all the prettiness together into one chic and cohesive space.
Happy days my friends, happy days.
Now before I leave you…I’m curious…which one would you choose????


Weekend Sourcing and Updates for #projectpianoroom #projectbistrochic and #projectmuraledmaster…and a New One #projectfamily

As you can probably summize from this post’s title, I’ve been working a lot…pretty much all I did on the weekend but thankfully, I utterly LOVE my  job so though it was techinally business, I had tons of fun doing it.
1. #projectpiano room got nailed down after we officially decided that this situation needs to happen…
Dark grey walls wrapped everywhere (ceiling, trim, windows etc.)…and the two very key pieces from Black Rooster…aka the sofa of my dreams and those insanely good almost 4′ tall (yup…you read that right) sconces.  Hallelujah.
Sometimes it’s just SO fun to play with scale and do things that on paper totally don’t follow the rules…makes for much  more interesting spaces if you ask me.
And speaking of interesting…we’re ripping up the carpet to do something like this…
[via my new fave Insta feed belonging to designer Jenny Dames]
Have I mentioned how much I ADORE these clients?
Holy fark…SO excited.
And speaking of how thankful I am to these people who are not afraid of embracing the ‘not necessarily loved en mass’ I was out sourcing on the weekend and spied this loveliness at  HomeSense…
As you can tell by the red clearance sticker, that’s where it was…in the clearance section.
WTF people?
How has everyone and their great aunt Ruby not already purchased this masterpiece?
It looks like amazing stone salvage, weighs just as much but is PS, new and PS, CHEAP AS BORSCT.
Anyhoo…it’s mine now…and by mine I mean, destined for #projectpianroom ‘s fireplace mantle…though honestly, I sort of really want to keep it but I’m going to try and stay strong…thinking ‘we’ before ‘me’ as it were;)
And again, VERY thankful to be working with clients who love the sort of things that make my heart go all pitter patter.
And speaking of that sort of business…
{please excuse crappy photos}
…this lucite beauty from my all time favourite local store Patina, is also under consideration.
One piece I spied here that isn’t going in #projectpianoroom, however, is this…
…i.e. the prettiest damn example of ugly pretty I ever did see.
I’m secretly praying #projectdreamhouse plans resume tout suite so I can buy it for myself and put it in the new dining room.
Stay tuned.
2. #projectbistrochic god a lot of attention this weekend as me and my client went back and forth on decisions for chairs and fabric.
A few things were definitely sorted.
For one, thanks once again to Black Rooster, chair nirvana has been found.
Let me demonstrate with this exhibit:
a. Kelly Wearster Souffle Chair, otherwise known as my favourite chair of ALL TIME…
b. Black Rooster Glove Leather Seat…
Pictures of Black Glove Leather Seat
…for PS, pretty much 1/4 the price.
Sweet Jesus.
And very happily, my fab #projectbistrochic client (PS, I have the BEST clients) loves them too so a pair will be making an appearance in her family room.
And opposite them, we’re taking these antique pretties…
…and re-upholstering them in this…
Peaceful Temple, Porcelain
Oh la la la la.
It’s going to be good y’all.
Oh and one more thing on that note…on our original board for this room, I had sourced this screen goodie…
Pictures of Gilded Geometric Screen
…which is gorgeous but well…not free.
HomeSense might have just come through for me again on this front.
Hello DIY gold leaf possibility…
…for ::whispers: $129.
God I love a good deal.
Again, more to come.
3. On the #projectmuraledmaster front…
You may have remembered our original plan…
…well it sort of fell apart when I made the mistake of posting a link to the rug and it went and got sold before the seller had a chance to reserve it for us.
After a long search for a suitable replacement, a new plan was hatched thanks to this antique beauty…
…and we are all VERY excited about what’s going to transpire come install time.
How thankful am I to have clients who love vintage…love the hunt…love taking chances on things?
The fact that this one is ready to slap gold moulding on mint green walls…well that tells you something right there…a designer’s dream!
4. And finally, I did a little work for my sister.
I’m one of those lucky people who has the best/most incredible sisters in the universe so to do this for her was/is happiness.
Also, I flat out owe her.
She surprised me last weekend by telling me that for my ‘big/not to spoken about’ birthday that’s coming up, she’s planning on taking me to Miami for the weekend!!!
And we’re staying HERE…
Yup…fancy resort…hot weather…trip…time with my sister…THE BEST!
Anyhoo…she does everything for me and is my girl best friend and is awesome so yes…I want to help her sort out her family room situation…sooooooo the least I can do.
So, with a few pieces already in place (sectional, trellis rug, side tables) and a mandate to have a neutral tone on tone sort of room, I put this together…
…and I can’t wait to see it all happen.
And on that note, I hope you all had a fabulous weekend doing what it is that you love…time spent doing that sort of thing is just the bees knees.


A Plan and an Update on the Kitchen for #projectbistrochic

I thought you might like a little update on the kitchen I’ve been working on.
As the name #projectbistrochic suggests, that’s what we’re going for…a little Parisian patina mixed with a dose of refined glamour…this was the inspiration dossier…

And the design board I came up with…

Design Work- Glam Bistro

With all of this ‘planning’ in place…

…we’ve gone ahead and purchased two of these guys for over the island…

 Oversized Cone Paper Shade Pendant

…one of something like this…

Loading image ...

 …for over this table…



…6 of these bad boys to go around said table…

Louis XVI Square Back Side Chair

…along with this etagere (that already belongs to my client) that we’ll add some brass caps to…

And as for the kitchen itself, we’re ripping out all of this stuff…

…and installing  IKEA Lidingo cabinets…

…only in white that we’ll then customizing with a nice thick freeze and crown so they appear built in.

On top of that, we’ll be putting in a black sink and this gorgeous granite…

…and a backsplash of this sort of white subway tile/dark grout variety…

…hardware and faucet will of course be brass, starting with these bin pulls for the drawers…
{second one down on the left}
…and for the most exciting part, we’ll take the giant pantry that sits opposite to all of these cabinets,  rip it out, and replace it with a custom piece of furniture, thanks to master carpenter Allen…that business is going to look a little something like this…
…and I can’t wait!
So there you have it…a kitchen in the works.
More updates coming as they come.

Inspiration, Thankfulness and INCREDIBLE Home and TV

I’ve been admittedly feeling a little un-inspired lately.
Not really sure why.
Maybe it’s the whole #projectdreamhouse on hold situation.
Maybe its the changing landscape of blogging…less blog commenting/more Instagramming etc. etc.
Who knows.
The thing is though, tides can change.
And with a few recent events, this sort of blech train I’ve been on has decided to leave the station.
For one, I’ve got a ton going on in the design work department.
I’m currently working on 6 projects, which feels SO awesome.
Two of those are local guys and 4 are of the e-design sort…and all, immensely good.
On the full service end of things, my two neighbourhood clients have been making my brain sing with inspiration lately.
I’ll give you some more detailed updates on these projects soon but for now, I want to focus on a few things we’ve sourced for their spaces that are just making my heart sing.
For #projectbistrochic, we’ve been on the hunt for the perfect coffee table.
My fabulous client forwarded me a selection from one of my favourite Toronto design stores and just lookie what I found…
Inline image 1
If I didn’t have a baby who might kill himself on those corners and had extra money growing on trees, that beauty would so be mine.
In the meantime, I’m hoping she’ll give it the OK for her family room…if you remember, it’s the one I detailed here….think Hague Blue moody glam with a twist.
And if not, I’m going to show it to my other local client, whose known around here is #projectwholehouse…we’ve just begin work on her piano room and I can’t wait…it’s not often that you get to decorate a room entirely around a piano.  And the best part is that the space is completely closed off from the rest of the house so we can really do anything we want in there.
I put together a preliminary board…
Piano Room

…that looked like this and centered around a few key things:

1. black walls
2. that table
3. a large piano
4. one of the most stunning pieces of furniture I’ve come across in a while:

I mean have you ever?

It’s a recent addition to Black Rooster’s inventory and I’m DYING over it.


Thing is though, as you can tell from this post (aka #projectbistrochic,) I’m already doing a room with dark paneled walls and as much as I LOVE them to the moon and back, I of course want each of my clients to get something that’s new and fresh and not already in my portfolio as it were.

Which leads me to a discovery from yesterday.

Let me take a step back for a second.

Remember this post and this one from last week, where I was on a little soapbox about the importance of bloggers supporting each other etc. etc.?

Well, because good ALWAYS wins over bad, I came home yesterday after picking up my kids from school, to an email from a brand spanking new client who found me solely because of this amazingly sweet post from my friend Bailey over at Peppermint Bliss.

To have such kind words written about me, from someone I consider so incredibly talented, well, that just so made my day…to say the least.

And to add to the good day as a result of someone’s post fun, I was perusing the comment section and found one left by someone named Sam, who directed Bailey to a spread that she thought was very much her style.

And when I linked over out of curiosity, holy hell…I just about lost. my. mind…

First there’s the exterior that’s making me seriously consider grey over white…

And then there’s these 3 spaces in particular, had my mind racing with ideas…

1. Living Room- just when I thought I was maybe slightly tired of pink (and by slightly, I mean very slightly,) this room goes and makes me fall in love alllllll over again…


If #projectdreamhouse does indeed happen (which I’m meditating into being daily by the way) I will have a pink room that has this perfect hue covering all the trim, all the walls and the ceiling- absolutely nutzoid over this.

2. The kitchen- I’ve been wanting to use that DG wallpaper since the beginning of time and seeing it on the ceiling in this kitchen blew my mind in a very crazy way…

I’m also insanely in love with the pantries that are just solid large pieces of mirror…one of my absolute favourite things about my kitchen is the mirrored cabinets and if I do get to create a new one, some variation or love child of these ones and mine will happen…also the wallpaper again…thinking dining room…somewhere…anywhere…this photo has convinced me that I have to have it…for suresies.

3. The family/sitting room- again with the pastels…this time a gorgeous lavender….crazy about the colour palate…crazy about the vintage lighting…crazy about the rug…crazy about all of it.


It’s all just a little Wearstleresque but with some real life livability thrown in…daring but a little restrained…edgy and cool but not over the top.

All this to say that I LOVE EVERY SINGLE INCH OF IT…and PS, there’s more to this place that I didn’t show you…link HERE to see the whole tour.

After really letting this goodness soak in, I felt my brain shift a little….for the last little while, I’ve really been feeling white walls…everywhere.

But the colour in this place…holy shit…so beautiful and if when #projectdreamhouse does happen (the power of positive thinking;) I just might just might throw some colourly goodness up on those walls.

And in the meantime, and back to project stuff, I’m going to promote all kinds of pretty paint, starting with #projectwholehouse and the piano room I just showed you…thinking I just might try to convince my lovely clients to try something a little daring…aka, walls covered in pastel.

Also…a cement tile floor…

Cement Tile Shop - Encaustic Cement Tile Harlequin Big

…just saying:)

And finally, since we’re on the topic of #projectwholehouse and my design work, my most recent episode of Steven and Chris will be on today…I’ll be doing a full tour of Jasper’s nursery and #projectlittlemiss so if you’re in Canada, you can see that by tuning into to CBC at 2pm.  I’ll post the link for my US friends when it’s up on the Livewell site in a few weeks.

Oh and one more thing…a little ::whispers:: good news…come back tomorrow for a #getpublished reveal of a project I worked on last year…soooooo excited to share!

Happy day friends.


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Design Work…A Family Room for #projectbistrochic…and Another Little Speech…and I’m an Expert!

First things first…thank you to everyone who weighed in on what I was dishing out yesterday.
I received quite a few emails checking in to make sure I wasn’t the recipient of some nasty interweb negativity.
In fact, the post wasn’t about me or any one person at all…it had more to do with how I see this little SM universe we are all connected with shaping up at times.
Though most often a source of such great support and encouragement, it can also be one that seems not unlike a high school cafeteria, with those that feel they are somehow better than everyone else, thinking it OK to take aim and demean others seemingly just for sport, or under the guise of good intention.
From now on, I sincerely hope all of us can take a step back and really, truly work to support each other in a way that makes us all better.
I’m pretty convinced that we all feel success so much more sweetly when its created from a place of kindness and positivity.
I’m going to quote my very inspirational friend Lisa Ferguson, who said this to me on FB this morning…
 “Magic happens when we marry our talents/strengths with those that complement. My wish is that peeps move away from comparing, embrace and grow in their unique power pack of strengths and change the world by collaborating with others in their GENIUS!”

So, with that off my chest, I’m ready to return to pretty stuff.
As I mentioned as part of my ‘trends report’ yesterday, I’m so in love with dark paneled walls these days.
I’ve been working on a local project for the past month or so and am thrilled that my client has agreed to take her living room and fancy it up with some fabulous moulding detail and a few coats of this goodness…
…aka, Farrow and Ball Hague Blue.
It’s the stuff that makes walls look like this..
Navy blue walls
It’s the most deeply rich, chameleon like colour…hard to believe that all these spaces are done with the same paint!
The last shot is in fact, not dissimilar from what we’ll be doing in this space.
Dark, paneled walls…hits of brass…Persian rug…long sofa…built ins…great art.
The room we’re working with is so suited to this sort of vibe because it’s separated from the rest of the house with a few steps down…it’s a cozy space that can so handle get even cozier…

The wall of paneling on the right actually conceals duct work and pipes that can’t be removed so
we’ve taken down the panels and are applying drywall so that my fabulous carpenter Allen can work his moulding magic.
Once that’s all squared away, we’ll take the original design board as inspiration…
…and the pieces actually sourced/purchased:
1. These vintage Bergere’s with some new upholstery.
Kijiji: pair of french vintage bergere chairs
2. A pair of incredible art pieces that my client’s mother is very generously passing along…

3. A long tufted rolled-arm sofa…
4. Some gold-leaf sconce fabulosity…
Pictures of Gold Leaf Cuff Wall Sconce
5. A JA coffee table…
6. A pair of some very fabulous velvet chairs (or similar)…
25% Off Sale, Navy Velvet and Brass Lounge Chairs
…and make some moody/dark walled magic happen.
All is in motion and will be revealed the moment it’s complete.
In other VERY EXCITING news…
I’ve officially made it on to the Steven and Chris ‘Experts Page‘….
[photo by Ashley Capp]
Imagine that…me an expert;)))
You can read my little bio blurb HERE…to say I’m exciting/honoured/thrilled would be insufficient…delighted beyond measure.
PS…if you are in the US and want to see the tour of #projectgetroomsreadyforkids aka, the basement reno, you can watch that episdode HERE.
Happy Friday friends.