My New KitchenAid Black Stainless Steel Appliances

I think most people would agree that one of the most exciting things about a house build and/or a kitchen renovation, is the possibility of brand spanking new appliances. We’ve been working on our place for over a year so to now live in the space, with the best suite of appliances we have ever had the fortune of owning, is well…pure bliss.

The road to this point has been long but so so worth it…in big part because of our new kitchen.  When deciding on the design for the space, I went back and forth on a few elements but the one constant I knew was that I wanted was black flat panel cabinets. I also knew that I didn’t want the appliances to really jump out in the banks of cupboards…instead, I envisioned appliances that integrated seamlessly with what was going on around them.

Que, KitchenAid‘s new line of Black Stainless Steel appliances.

First off, they are visually STUNNING. I absolutely love their sleek design and modern aesthetic. And then on top of that, they’re incredibly well made and are loaded with so many features that make function as high a priority as looks. I’m a form over function sort of girl so having appliances that are packed full of both, is a pretty amazing thing.

In terms of what I love specifically about each piece, there’s a lot.

Let’s start with the oven.

Though I’m not the full time cook of the family, having a great range is just something I think everyone wants and though, we haven’t actually cooked anything in this beaut yet (having only moved in a few weeks ago,) I know she’ll be amaze.

For now, her looks are enough to make me happy like Christmas morning…


ktichenaid black stainless wall oven christine dovey

kitchenaid black stainless christine dovey

kitchenaid christine dovey black stainless

I can’t imagine not having a gas top and though I was a little nervous about not doing a freestanding model, I have to say, I’m a total convert. The KitchenAid gas cooktop is just so sleek.  The large grills lift up super easily, which makes cleaning a breeze and having five large burners is business…

kitchenaid gas cooktop christine dovey

kitchenaid christine dovey black stainless

And though I was slightly worried that the stainless top might not blend in with all the black stainless steel, it so does because of the heavy black iron grills…

kitchenaid christine dovey

kitchenaid black stainless christine dovey

Our 5 door fridge is probably my favourite of the bunch…it just has SO much storage. I love the double wide main compartment and am finding this configuration so much more accessible than a side by side. On top of that, the middle two drawers can be set to function in so many different ways…from defrost, to produce etc. Amazing.  And then there’s the freezer…it’s ginormous and has pull out trays that make for double the storage…

kitchenaid black stainless fridge christine dovey

Also, it’s grey inside and that’s well, awesome…

kitchenaid black stainless fridge interior christine dovey


kitcheniad black stainless close up fingerprint resistent christine dovey

Though dishwashers aren’t the most glamorous of the appliance family, this one is…it’s so sturdy and whoever designed the layout of the trays is some sort of dish washing genius. My plates, bowls, cups, kids plastic stuff, wine glasses and pots all seem to fit perfectly without bending the little dividers…

kitchenaid black stainless dishwasher professional christine dovey

kitchenaid black stainless dishwasher christine dovey

And the streamlined hidden top tray is all sorts of good…

kitchenaid black stainless dishwasher open professional christine dovey

Most importantly for me though, as with the other black stainless steel goodies, she’s just real purdy…




And here’s a little peak that includes my KitchenAid counter microwave. We really only use micros for one things…re-heating coffee and the odd leftover so I really wanted something small. This one works like a charm and is concealed with a cupboard door when not in use.


I’m super excited to share more about both the kitchen and my love affair with my new KitchenAid Black Stainless Steel appliances as we live with them even more. So far, I can confidently say that these black beauties are exceeding all my expectations, not the least of which is because my kids can’t seem to mark them up with fingerprints…which leads me to a quick sidenote…when KitchenAid called their black stainless steel line ‘fingerprint resistant’ in their ad campaign, I was a little doubtful…but holy bananas, they really are and if you’ve every owned stainless appliances before, you know this feature is a really big deal.

Anyhoo…I’m feeling super duper lucky in the kitchen/appliances category and can’t wait to share a full reveal of the space with you very soon.


One Room Challenge – Week Seven

And so it continues…


banner chrisitine dovey one room challenge art maude arsenault

..that has turned into my One Room roller coaster of stress / elation / stress / optimism / stress / hope / stress…you get the idea;)

I wish that I had really much of anything to show you that was different from the last actual construction update, but sadly, I don’t.

The wait for the elusive roof membrane continues with assurances that all will be happening tomorrow, though honestly, I’d be more surprised if it does than if it doesn’t.  There’s rain in the forecast and from my relatively new experience with such things, if it rains, work halts…then it gets pushed a week…then it halts again.

Can you tell I’m over it?

If you can’t….I am.

I’m a person who likes to know when and how things are going to happen and having absolutely zero control over this whole thing has really been sort of like a giant, painful root canal…I actually have never had one of those but I imagine it sucks and well, watching that room sit and not change in a month, has sucked as well.

So…here we sit.

I know I’ve said it before but I’m very much hoping that by next week’s update, I actually might have something different to show you in terms of the room itself.

But for now, I’ll I’ve got again is some updates on the stuff that will one day go in there.

Firstly, my Minted artwork has done a great job at ‘boying’ up my house for sale. I had a look around the other day and sort of realized that my place was reading a bit too frilly for the masses so I spent the weekend taking down any artwork that showcased boobs, flowers, girl faces, and/or copious amounts of pink…there was a lot of it lol.

In the kitchen, I removed the chinoiserie panels that were there before and put up two of my Minted ORC pieces…

christine dovey kitchen minted artwork

christine dovey kitchen minted artwork

And then in our master, I replaced some blooms with my ORC car…

one room challenge minted artwork christine dovey

one room challenge minted artwork christine dovey

What else?

The white cottony goodness 400 thread count sheets set I ordered from sponsor Mark & Graham arrived…

mark and graham

And I’m looking forward to one day sleeping on those:)

I got the bedside tables on order…my builder has a new company called Druthers & Hammond that specializes in custom furniture for designers…they’ll be whipping something like these up for me in a soft lacquered grey…

lawson fenning stacked nightstand

And on the topic of custom furniture…I’m thinking about having them make me up a sofa for the foot of the bed. I’d love something along the lines of the gorgeous Turn Sofa by Ferm Living

ferm living turn sofa modern shop

It’s sort of perfect for my room. I’m imagining it in this steel waxed linen from Tonic Living

I have a sample of this fabric and it is all sorts of heaven with everything else that is going on.

If a custom piece isn’t in the cards though (hello budget that is dwindling faster than a melting ice cream cone on a hot summer’s day,) I might go for this CB2 dude…


I’ve liked the shape of it forever and the colour/price-tag are also on point. If I go down that road, the Tonic Living steel linen will be brought in with a single pretty pillow:)

OR…I could re-upholster the pink settee that currently resides in Scarlett’s room…


The shape and colour of the wood are perfect and honestly, I have nowhere to put a bright pink in the new house…so logically, this option works super well and it would look amaze in the blue waxed linen…BUT…it seems sort of nuts to take off fabric that’s so damn pretty and in perfect condition. I think doing it would make me feel yucky. But then again, it makes a whole lot of sense to use what I already have and truthfully, again, I have no idea where this piece could go in it’s current state in the new place aka #projectflip.


Aside for the sofa debate, I did make a decision on another piece of furniture for the room. Instead of putting my dresser (that matches the bed- insert, what the hell was I thinking there,) against the one long open wall, I’m thinking of using the vintage console that’s currently in my foyer…

christine dovey foyer vern and vera console table

Again, the new house won’t allow for it in the hallway and it’s one of my favourite pieces in general so makes sense to find a place for it where it can shine. I think it will be perfect in the bedroom.

As for the dresser, I’ll stick that in the walk-in-closet perhaps.

And well, I think that sums it all up for this week.

Please check back again next Wednesday, when I very much hope, I’ll have some real progress to show you…praying to all the gods.

In the meantime, if you haven’t had a chance to check out all these amazing reveals…

…do so!

And check here for the linking participants…so many projects absolutely blew my mind!


One Room Challenge – Week Four

Hi and welcome to week 4 of my kick at the…

one room challenge christine dovey maude arsenault photograph


PS…so far said can has not been hit.  I’ve been swinging a lot but no direct contact has been made lol.

If you’ve been following my ORC game through weeks one, two and three, you know I probably bit off a little more than I can chew by deciding to make over a room in my #projectflip renovation that didn’t even really exist at the start of the 6 week challenge.

You’ve probably also come to the conclusion that making this decision renders me a tad nuts but to be fair, when I signed up for this challenge round a few months back, I really did believe construction would be farther along.  If things like permit delays and asbestos hadn’t gotten in the way, I’d sooooo be in a better spot.

As it stands though, I’ve been dealt a bit of a shizzly hand and started a few Wednesdays back with nothing more than some framed walls and a sheeted floor.

And after 3 tumultuous roller coaster weeks, here is where I now stand.

My incredible contractor (my favourite person on earth right now) installed a fake roof so that we could move forward on getting the room’s electrical and HVAC done…it also meant that drywall could go up this week…

christine dovey one room challenge construction

christine dovey one room challenge construction

christine dovey one room challenge construction

christine dovey one room challenge construction

christine dovey one room challenge construction

christine dovey one room challenge construction

Now because it’s October in Canada, a tarp was laid on top of the temporary roof so that we could keep the bedroom looking like this….

christine dovey one room challenge construction

…rather than like this…

christine dovey one room challenge construction

…on the ensuite side of things. Oy.

The drywall/rain/temporary roof situation was pretty aces in terms of letting us move things along but of course, not a permanent solution so when the most beautiful trusses of all time finally showed up this past Friday…

christine dovey one room challenge construction

…there was much rejoicing.

And then, as if the heavens actually opened up as if to reveal a giant warm hug, a real roof magically started to appear…

christine dovey one room challenge construction

christine dovey one room challenge construction

christine dovey one room challenge construction

christine dovey one room challenge construction

christine dovey one room challenge construction

christine dovey one room challenge construction

Which after two days of massive effort from the construction crew, brought us to last night at around 8pm and a completely trussed and sheeted roof.

All good news.

Except a giant monsoon like storm is scheduled for today (Wednesday if you’re reading later in the week) and plywood planks won’t keep that business out of dodge so once again, tarps are going up and nailed down.

So…hopefully as you read this, the tarps are holding strong and water is being kept out of my nicely drywalled room because you know…floors, moulding, wallpaper and the like is all supposed to start happening like yesterday…no biggie.

Deep breaths.

Of course, aside from construction adrenaline party, this week had other perks.

To start, Nuart Framing did a killer job on my Maude Aresenualt piece from the Print Atelier and alongside my Maja Cunningham car photo from Minted , it’s a nice little his and hers moment…

christine dovey one room challenge maude arsenault and minted photographs

Also, Hollie Cooper (my dear friend and the bestest pillow maker around) dropped off my Kelly Weartler Mineral Velvet/Robert Allen black leather pillows…

christine dovey one room challenge decoratorsbest pillows kelly wearstler velvet leather trim hollie cooper interiors

christine dovey one room challenge decoratorsbest pillows kelly wearstler velvet leather trim hollie cooper interiors

…and I’m obsessed with them…a huge thank you to DecoratorsBest on the fabric/trim front.

And while still on the topic of textiles, my Arianna Belle Pierre Frey Kubus lumbar pillow also arrived…and well, it’s delicious…

one room challenge christine dovey pierre frey kubus pillow arianna belle

Next up on the good textile news front…I made a little visit to Tonic Living headquarters to pick up my pink linen drapes.

1. The curtains are all kinds of awesome…

christine dovey one room challenge tonic living drapery

christine dovey one room challenge tonic living drapery

2. So is the store…

christine dovey one room challenge tonic living

And finally, on the gianormous plus side of ORC life, Trumeau Stones installed my hearth…

christine dovey one room challenge trumeau stones hearth

…and sent me these progress pics of my fireplace nirvana…

christine dovey one room challenge trumeau stones fireplace

christine dovey one room challenge trumeau stones fireplace

christine dovey one room challenge trumeau stones

And that alone, easily makes up for the stress of everything else.

So. In. Love.

PSA…if you’re in the market for a custom fireplace surround and live anywhere remotely close to Toronto, Trumeau Stones my friends…Trumeau Stones.

So…to summerize this week:

1. Construction continued to be a roller coaster ride of joy/terror.

2. My contractor continued to shock and amaze by pulling out every possible stop to try and make this happen for me…as of Tuesday at 8pm, he was texting me from a window store trying to find something temporary to put up so that we could seal the room and really push forward on interior stuff.  I call that DEDICATION.

3. More pretty arrived from fabulous ORC sponsors and I feel super duper grateful.

4. I still have a crapload to get done…and it’s more than just a little overwhelming…once again, the ORC has made me exceedingly happy wine exists.

Here’s the schedule of what still has to happen before reveal…if the construction photos weren’t clue enough lol…

Wednesday- inspections and install of a temporary window until the real one is delivered early December

Thursday- more inspections and installation of temperature control measures so that we can lay our wood floor; ceiling drywall

Friday- wood floor goes in…as does the fireplace; more inspections and hopefully the all clear to soldier on

Saturday- Monday- wall moulding install a la #superallen

Tuesday- painting

Wednesday-Thursday- wallpaper install

Friday- lighting and drapery install and the furniture moving from my house 3 doors down to this one

Saturday- more furniture install and styling

Sunday- photo shoot

Are you laughing yet? I am…it’s all I can do so as to not completely loose my mind. 10 days my friends…10 days. Glug, Glug, Glug.

Oh and my husband just left on a 9 day business trip…cue whatever song screams woe is me please.

Here’s hoping this talented lot is fairing slightly better…

One Room Challenge Fall 2015 Participants

…with all kinds of pretty non-construction photos to share with you this week:)
Oh…speaking of pictures..check back later if you feel up to it…because work finished after dark last night, I wasn’t able to take some snaps of the sheeted roof in place…I’ll do that after I drop the kidlets off at school and upload them to this post…I might even get super fancy and do a little Periscope action…we shall see.

One Room Challenge – Week One

And so it begins…the wild ride we all have come to know and love, called the One Room Challenge.

one room challenge christine dovey maude arsenault photograph

You know the one…it’s that crazy roller coaster of fun that gives those who dare jump on, a mere 6 weeks to completely transform a room from start to finish.  I’m not sure what it is about me that makes me always want to jump on the biggest, scariest version of this adventure, but this year is no different my friends.  As of today, I have 6 weeks to complete a room that doesn’t even really exist yet. You see, this year, I’ve chosen my master bedroom…but not the master in the house I actually live in…instead, I’ve decided to go thundering down a crazy path that’s going to see me tackle a room that as of today, has basic framing, no roof, no floors, no wiring,  no plumbing, and no insulation.  Gods help me.

If you’re new to my blog, thanks so much for stopping in!!! To help catch you up on the house I’m working on, called Project Flip, it was built around 1910 and resides just down the street from our current home. Originally, the plan was to renovate and sell.  As of today though, we’ve decided it makes more sense to sell our current home and move into this one…for tax purposes etc. Also, I’m just ready for a  change to be honest. In any event, the house was/is a wreck. We basically gutted to to the rafters because there was quite honestly, nothing to save. We found the entire exterior coated in asbestos, so that was good times. Permits took forever…so many things seemed to delay everything.  And as it stands now, we’re about a month into actual construction.  As part of the plans, we’re completely re-working the existing 1600 square footprint, and then adding on an 600 square foot addition, which will contain the kitchen, family, mudroom and garage on the first floor and the master bedroom, enusite and closet on the second.  This new bit, is of course, where the bedroom that I’ve committed to do for the ORC resides. And yes, if you haven’t figured it out already, I am a total glutton for punishment.  I guess I just love a real challenge.  There won’t be any smoke and mirrors here my friends. What you’ll see about the space in the coming weeks, is what’s happening real time. There is a very distinct possibility here that I won’t finish…there are just so many variables I can’t control. BUT…I promise to throw everything but the kitchen sink at it and try my damn best to get this all done by Nov. 11th.  Thankfully, I have an amazing builder, who is very aware of the nature of this game and is on board.  I’m also relying on my experience in my past two ORC spaces, to help me along. In those, I tackled quite major construction on both (mind you nothing compared to this one but I’m trying to convince myself they’re all totally of the same scope lol,) and things did come down to the skinny, skinny wire on both.

For my first, I completed a client’s piano room


And then for my second, I did a complete overhaul of my master bathroom

one room challenge bathroom christine dovey style at home

As I said, the 6 weeks was a super quick ride on both and photographs might have been happening the night before reveal, but, they got done and I’m praying/hoping/planning/willing the same here.

So, with all of that background business, here’s the plan.

Let’s start with the pretty stuff…my inspiration for our bedroom is pretty much comprised of an Amanda Nisbet and Hotel Henriette sandwich.

So the lovechild of this…


amanda nisbet bedroom inspiration christine dovey one room challenge

+ this…

hotel henriette paris inspiration christine dovey one room challenge bedroom

hotel henriette inspiration christine dovey one room challenge

…which will hopefully land somewhere = this…

one room challenge design board christine dovey style master bedroom

Try to imagine the blue being a take on the Nisbet moulding/penling etc. and the grey marble wallpaper being well…the wallpaper lol.

Here’s a close of up the left to right…

christine dovey master bedroom design plan one room challenge

one room challenge christine dovey moodboard

As you can see from the board(s), my palate is pretty much made of grey, navy, lilac and leopard…with tons of art mixed in and a bit of good old fashioned pattern play.

And now, the not so happy news.

It turns out my room doesn’t actually really exist yet so when we consider the whole 6 week deadline situation, things get a little messy.

The master bedroom I’m working on is part of the addition we’re doing on a house we bought to flip, that we’re now considering moving into ourselves.  It involves extensive renovation of an old 1910 home, along with a pretty extensive addition.  The bedroom is part of the later. Here’s the floorplan for reference…

one room challenge upstairs floorplan christine dovey

As of today, this is where everything stands on the construction front.

First, here’s the addition from the backyard…the bedroom is the second floor..

one room challenge back elevation christine dovey

And as we move inside, here’s a view looking into what will be our master ensuite from the old section of the house…

one room challenge christine dovey

And then the bedroom itself in a sort of 360 circle, starting from inside the ensuite…

ne room challenge christine dovey construction

one room challenge christine dovey construction

christine dovey one room challenge master bedroom construction

one room challenge christine dovey

one room challenge master bedroom christine dovey

one room challenge master bedroom  christine dovey

one room challenge master bedroom christine dovey

ne room challenge christine dovey construction

ne room challenge christine dovey construction


As you can see, at this point, there’s no roof…or floor…or insulation…or drywall lol…nothing to panic about though right?!?! This is totally doable…in my head anyways…my contractor on the other hand, totally not feeling my magical unicorn positivity at this stage;)

So…instead of stressing about it, I’m going to choose to focus on the happy parts of this little undertaking…and by that, I mean the pretty stuff that will very hopefully end up in that room before Nov. 11th.

Here’s a glimpse of that business…all close up like…

karastan leopard carpet christine dovey one room challenge

project flip tonic living alt pink linen

time stood still one room challenge christine dovey art minted

one room challenge kelly wearstler mineral

christine dovey one room challenge drop it modern wedding blanket master bedroom


drop it modern crystalline wallpaper christine dovey one room challenge

that morning by maude arsenault christine dovey one room challenge

pierre frey kubus one room challenge christine dovey

And with that, I’ll sign off on week one with a prayer to the ORC gods that this one will not be my un-doing.

In the meantime, make sure you link over and spy on what my fabulously talented fellow masochists are up to…

One Room Challenge Fall 2015 Participants

… because duh…their transformations are going to be pure gravy train styles.

And speaking of great before and afters, there are also YOURS to look forward to if, if you’re bravely taking part in the ORC linking event…that fun starts tomorrow and I’ll so be following!!

PS…don’t you just love this whole blogging/ ORC thing?!?! It totes the revitalizes blogging like in the good old days…you know… the hayday, circa 2010ish…I just love spending the time visiting everyone and seeing updates etc. So fun.  Thank you Linda for dreaming it all up and making this happen!

As for me, stay tuned…I’ll very hopefully have a roof on the place by this time next Wednesday so wish me god speed on that front.


Project Flip – More Framing…More Windows…and an Attic..and Some Tile

Plenty continues to happen over at our favourite Project Flip…

project flip banner christine dovey

…with the majority of this week’s efforts going towards framing…and a BIG window decision…and some attic discussions.

At the start of where we left off last week, here’s how things have progressed…

First, the addition got a floor on the main level…

project flip christine dovey framing

project flip christine dovey framing

…then walls started to go up…


project flip christine dovey framing

project flip christine dovey framing

project flip christine dovey framing

project flip christine dovey framing

project flip christine dovey framing

project flip christine dovey framing

project flip christine dovey framing

project flip christine dovey framing

project flip christine dovey framing

…and with all that work, the startings of a family room, kitchen and laundry/mudroom started to appear.

Of course, the existing structure, continued to look pretty terrifying as a whole…

project flip christine dovey framing

…but that was OK, because in the new part, stuff basically seemed to fy up…

project flip christine dovey framing

project flip christine dovey framing

project flip christine dovey framing

…and a garage appeared out of the ashes…

project flip christine dovey framing

…which was such happy days.

And then, a roof got fixed on the mainfloor…

project flip christine dovey framing

project flip christine dovey framing

project flip christine dovey framing

……so that the fun could move upwards…hello master bedroom!

project flip christine dovey framing

So all in all, a very productive week, thanks to my favourite builder RMS and fantabulous his team.

Aside from the on-site stuff, I also firmed up some decisions.

For one, the great window debate has been solved with the decision to switch gears and do wood windows. Because I was doing so many add-ons to the vinyl option, the price upswing for the wood option was really not a huge deal and with this option, I can customize every window and what that means is that in some rooms, I can have black interiors and in some, I can paint everything out to match the walls. It also means that the upgraded hardware comes included in the deal. Happy, happy, happy and so grateful to Fieldstone Windows for helping me navigate this whole window maze…it’s not one for the faint of heart to be sure.

As for other decisions, I also firmed up some tile business…

I’m super excited about this new brick tile product…we’re going to run it up the entire exterior/interior wall along the foyer/upstairs hall and staircase. If there’s any budget left, I might clad the basement hall in it as well…

project flip tile

This pink business is being saved for a surprise…it’s not going where one might expect to see tile is all I’ll say for now on that front…

project flip tile

Thanks to some inspiration from my client at #projectbrownstone, we’ll be doing classic penny tile on all the walls in the powder room…with some dark grout of course…

project flip tile

And this loveliness is going to be appearing somewhere…not sure where yet but definitely somewhere….

project flip tile

In the master, I’ll be covering all the walls in this porcelain marble look a-like. You know how I love my natural stones but for this project, budget is allowing for this and I actually quite love the way it looks…


And finally, in the kitchen, we’ll be doing hand-forged subway on all the walls…with white grout this time…


What else…oh yes…the attic and conservatory…both of these aren’t in the plan…or the budget BUT, they very much might make up what we’re now considering as phase two of this project.  Now that we have walls up in the kitchen/family combo, it is pretty apparent that the family room in tinsy…there’s tons of room outback so our thought is to stick on some sort of addition on a block foundation, that is pretty much completely covered in glass…either a modernist glass box…



…though chances of this ever being in budget are slim.

…or something more traditional…in black…

project flip back box inspiration marcus design

As for the attic, it makes money sense to get the framework ready while we’re building, so that’s being done. We’ve also adjusted the second floor plan to make room for one of these guys…

project flip spiral staircase

…which I’m prettys super excited about.

So that’s this week.

More to come.


Project Flip – The Window Saga Continues…and Some Framing Happened…and Wallpaper/Paint Got Decided.

This has been another sort of batty week for #projectflip…

project flip logo

…with lots happening on the construction side of things and even more going on in the decision making game.

As far as the actual build goes, the foundation for the addition was completed and framing has begun, which means I’ll actually be able to see what this house is going to end up looking like very soon..happy days.

Aside from that good news though, the place is still looking VERY scary and all I can really think is ‘wouldn’t it have been WAY easier to just knock the mother fudger down?!?!?!’ Anyhoo…I digress lol.

Here she is as of now…with some notes:)


1. Lumber = big progess and a 2 story addition are about to happen.


2. So happy to see those cheap windows coming out…


3. Will be super dupes exited to see that weird stick chimney come down and look…framing….and a basement…







4. From this, I can almost imagine what the kitchen and living room are going to be…almost…


5. And then there’s this…a door to what was going to be a crawlspace…BUT…




…there’s a chance that the ceiling height in there is going to be high enough to make it an actual room, which would be so handy because we’re short on bedrooms in this place so…meetings are happning today on that front, so I’ll fill you in there when I know.

So that’s the good news.

The bad news is that the existing house still looks like a horror show and whenever I see it, I honestly wonder how or if this place is ever going to feel like I’m hoping it will…









That cut beam is terrifying to me but I’ve been assured all is OK lol.

And speaking of things that make you go boo in the night…there’s also the backyard…when I look at it, all I can see is $$$$$$$….


All good though right;)

Aside from contruction stuff, this week was filled with more sourcing and waffling on windows.

Thankfully, I have nailed down a few things.

After seeing a few images like this,



I’ve come to the conclusion that I love the look of the white seperation between the black window sashes. I really don’t like when black windows feels chunky or heavy so this avoids that problem completely.  So, thansk to Fieldstone Windows (who have been SO patient with me and can make anything happen in therms of combos/selections,) my windows will all have black sashes on both the exterior and interior, with white frames and white mullions seperating them. Happy, happy.

I also confirmed that I’m doing double hungs for sure.

Now, the issue here is that there are a few rooms (living, master and sons’ room) that I wanted to paint out entirely, meaning walls, built ins, trim, and windows. With this scenario, that will be really tough. I could order white windows in those rooms with the intent of painting them, but painting vinyl double hung windows is not for the faint of heart. So now I’m reconsidering my painting plans entirely and trying to figure out if I’d be happy with painted walls with white trim…not something I usually love so it’s weighing on me. The other option is that I leave the walls white in those spaces but in the living room, for example, that just doesn’t get me as excited because well, the plan in there is dramatic and full of not white things. More on that later.

For now, I want to stick on the window game.

So, double hungs- check. White mullions- check. White frames- check. Black sashes- check.  The questions that remain are whether or not I want/can shell out $200/window on upgraded hardware…which would mean this…

fieldstone windows

…instead of this…

fieldstone windows double hung latch

(in black)

And also, the big kahuna, whether or not I want a dormer on the roof just in case one day down the road, we finish off the attic.

I played around with powerpoint and got these mock-ups on the ready…



So what do you think? Yay? Nay?

I like it to be honest. I’ve always LOVED dormer windows. My architect hates them though and that worries me.  Also, I’m not sure with the off center windows, if it looks quite right.

So to re-cap, I need votes on.

1. Should I order white interiors on the 3 or 4 rooms I had hoped to paint and risk the shitty paint job on the double hungs or order all black and change up my paint plan a bit?

2. Upgraded hardware? I’m thinking maybe just on the first floor to save some monies.

3. Dormer?

And I think with those three decisions to be made, windows are squared away and will be ordered!!!! Woot to the woot.

Moving on to the next thing…paint and paper.

I’m ECSTATIC to be partnering with my favourite wallpaper company, Drop It Modern on my project and together, we’ve come up with some custom colourways of patterns that I love love love.


And on the same vein, I’m also working with my favourite paint supplier, PARA Paints so I have plans to throw some bold colour into this place.

para paints project flip christine dovey

As for combos and locations of all this goodness, the Playground in the blue, pink and black will be going on all walls of the study…and I probably will have to pair it with this rug I have because well, they are sex together…


The Cyrstalline in a custom cool grey will be going in the master. I can’t spill the beans on that room plan as of yet for a reason I can’t tell you as of yet but for now, I’ll just say marble and navy blue…



The boys’ bedroom will be getting built ins in a perriwinkle blue, with Drop it Modern’s Dot to Dot pattern going on the ceiling…


And then there’s the living room. Remember re: windows, I’m a bit stuck on the interior window colour and well, it’s mostly because of this room. The original plan was to paint the entire thing pink…like this…

pink room inspiration d magazine

…and then do a super bold ceiling with Drop it Modern’s Prism in a custom blush, black and silver colourway…


I played around with paint a bit and ended up on the pink for the walls, though the oxblood idea is hurting me I love it so…thinking I’ll translate that furniture wise with the addition of some Gretchen Bellinger burgundy velvet…



So, I either stick with this plan and have the white frames and mullions, black windows, order a white window so I can maybe paint it or scrap the pink walls and leave them white and then still do the paper on the ceiling.


Oh and just because it might help the thinking on this one, there’s going to be a large statement item in the room in black…more on that on next week’s post:)

As far as the rest of the rooms and paint, this is where I am on that.

The family room and kitchen will be white…with plenty of black accents.

The mudrom is going to be a pale grey with a black and white stiped floor.

Scarlett’s room is getting this anewall mural that I’ve been loving for over all over the place…

anewall ballroom mural

…with a pink ceiling.

The foyer will be white with a pretty incredible patterned floor and the big surprise will be the wall that will run top to bottom…I’ll fill you in on that next week, when we talk tile.

What else?  The kids’ bath is also going to be white but with some surprises and same goes for the ensuite…again, more on those when we talk tile.

And last but not least for today, the roof…in a very happy turn of events, we’ve decided to nix re-stuccoing the original portion of the house and instead, wrapping all in white siding. This is going to save us quite a bit of moula and with the extra cash, we’re getting a pale grey STEEEEEELLLLLL ROOOOOOOOFFFFFFF…..

steel roof home crush

…and maybe a porch with a swing to boot lol.

Basically, I want this situation…

modern farmhouse

…on the outside with a little Kelly Wearstler crazy on the inside:)

So there you have it…project flip progress for this week.

I’ll be back to update next Wednesday with tile selections and hopefully photos of two stories of framed addition…hopefully.