Monday Moods: Getting Cozy

Sadly the cold weather has arrived and as such, I am trying my best to think of my favourite things about winter rather than being sad that summer has come to an end.  In the hopes of getting cozy and comfortable with fall, I have pulled shades of sepia and warm metals paired with big sweaters and tall boots for this week’s inspo. Happy Monday (Tuesday) lovelies, I hope wherever you are, you are warm!! xx



Trying My Hat at Pottery Design and Blog Podium

You know when they say that blogging really opens up doors you didn’t even really know existed before? Well…that’s happened to me a few times.  Most recently, I got the chance to do something I really never thought would be in the wheelhouse as it were.  As part as an initiative for this fall’s Blog Podium, I was asked to put my big girl panties on and try my hand at pottery design of all things…me…drawing and dreaming up vases and such.

Let me explain.

This fall’s Blog Podium will be featuring a local organization called Sistering whose mandate it is to serve the marginalized, homeless and low income woman of Toronto.  “Sistering  is an organization that offers practical and emotional support to women through programs which enable them to take greater control over their lives. Guided by the principles of anti-racism and anti-oppression, Sistering works to change social conditions, which endanger women’s welfare.”  

One of Sistering’s initiatives is Inspirations Studio

inspirations studio

…an amazing place that helps  provide woman develop potting and ceramic skills…

inspriations pottery

And it was with them, that I took my first spin at designing pottery.

Let me explain.

Earlier this spring Jordana of White Cabana and I were asked to design some pottery pieces that Inspriations Studio could produce and then auction off at Blog Podium, with all proceeds going back to Sistering.  After meeting at the studio and discussing possibilities/ideas, I came up with a pottery moodboard…

inspirations studio mood board

…drew them up and fired them off to the studio…

inspiraitons studio christine dovey style

And then shortly thereafter, I got a sneak peeks of my designs…

inspriations studio christine dovey sneak peek


The finished pieces will be available for purchase tomorrow at Blog Podium and I’m soooo excited.

And speaking of BP, I’ll be there and along with seeing my creations in person for the first time, will be sitting down with my very talented friend Sarah Gunn to do a little round-table discussion

blog podium christine dovey and sarah gunn

…on the ‘Entrepreneurship of Blogging’ so if you want to know how the two of us ladies turned this blogging gig into a business, we’d love to have you at our table:)

Hope to see many of you lovelies tomorrow!!!!