When You Discover that a Shed is Your Most Favourite Thing in the Universe

This is ridiculously embarrassing to admit but up until very recently, we’ve been been paying 200ish dollars/month for a POD storage container. We first rented the thing when we began renovating this house and trying to sell our other…we needed it then. Once our house was sold, and we moved into this one, we brought the POD out of storage and parked it in our driveway…and it sat there for a year. At one point, we emptied everything and got ready to finally cart the thing away but then the One Room Challenge rolled around and I decided I needed to renovate the basement. So then, all that we had literally just unpacked, got loaded back into the POD.


I’m sure my neighbours legit hated us. POD’s are not pretty. Not at all.

I’m not sure why a permanent storage solution hadn’t occurred to use earlier but when the lightbulb finally went off, when went an bought ourselves a backyard shed and…we finally got to say goodbye to Mr POD…

At 10×10, the shed comfortably holds all of our extra stuff. The furniture that I like but that doesn’t fit in this house, the extra backyard toys, the boxes we’ll probably never unpack, lawn equipment etc. etc.

We purchased the shed in a raw unfinished form and selected the model we thought best matched our house in terms of shape and roofline etc.

And then went about painting the little pretty to match our house. We went to our local Canadian Tire and picked out the perfect crisp white from their Premier Infinity Exterior line…in a shade called Polar Bear.

And after a two coats, this was our little shed…

We’re still playing with the flower situation to see what colour we prefer…

But regardless, she’s a pretty little shed that fits in so well with our house…and holds EVERYTHING!

After finishing off the shed, we also decided to build a pergola over our dining area. Our contractor Andrew Burke put the baby up in a couple of hours and then painted it in the same Premier Infinity colour…

We couldn’t be happier with how it’s all come together. Having this storage shed to hold all the stuff that doesn’t fit in the house is pure and total Bliss. And the paint has made it all so perfectly blend with the house. Happy days!


Canadian Tire – The Worlds Largest Paint Swatch

Last week, I got a once in a lifetime opportunity…

…along some other super lucky peeps, and the most ridiculously charming Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan….

…..I got whisked away by helicopter…

…on an exclusive ride to witness the World’s Premier Paint Experience. From 1000ft in the air, we were able to see the World’s Largest Paint Swatch, a stunning representation of 185 of the most impactful and vibrant colours from Canadian Tire’s PREMIER paint collection…

From this vantage point, I was able to select the most perfect warm white, (Cirrus Clouds PR16Y14) to use for a DIY project I’ve been dreaming up for my One Room Challenge makeover. I’ll be outlining the full DIY in a post later this month, but for now, here’s a little peak at what that business is about…

Stay tuned on that front and for now, I’ll leave you with this amazing video that captures just a little of the magic of what I got to experience…

The whole chopper/incredible view combo thing, is definitely something I could get used to!

* this post was sponsored by Canadian Tire but all opinions are my own

One Room Challenge {Basement} – Week Three

Welcome back to my #bijoubasementblitz One Room Challenge.

christine dovey one room challenge

If you’re new here, thanks so much for dropping by and to catch up, here is what I got up to during week one and week two.

For this week’s update, I wanted to focus on all the texture…all those pretty bits that are going to layer together to form warmth and coziness in what was before, a very unloved and cold space.

First up, let’s talk about the foundation of any room…paint and wallpaper.

For the basement, I decided early on that I really wanted a bright and airy space but that I wanted it to be warm and not too bright white. And I was of course super thrilled to discover that Farrow and Ball was a sponsor this round. After previewing their colours, I settled on Slipper Satin for the walls that aren’t being wallpapered…

one room challenge farrow and ball slipper satin

And the slightly lighter Wimborne White for the ceilings…

farrow and ball wimborn white christine dovey one room challenge

So basically, lots of warm white…with the exception of some furniture and textile pops of colour…starting with a little hit of St Giles Blue in the playroom on my old geometric credenza.


one room challenge basement christine dovey

…will be getting a little of this action…

drop it modern wallpaper christine dovey one room challenge

farrow and ball st giles blue christine dovey one room challenge

Excited about that.

The whole palate in the playroom is sort of fun I think:)

one room challenge christine dovey farrow and ball

…and will repeat in the other rooms, in a more muted way.

Back to the ‘regular colours’…after choosing the two FB taupey whites, I colour matched just about everything else that’s going up on the walls to these colours…which leads me to the wallpaper…oh man the wallpaper.

As I mentioned, last week, I’m so lucky to have partnered with three amazing paper companies on this renovation.

Farrow and Ball sent over this amazing brown and cream stripe, which will go in the playroom…

farrow and ball wallpaper stripe christine dovey one room challenge

I loveeee the brown…

So fun stripes for kids, check.

I also showed off this super fun print ( Animal House by Abnormals Anonymous) from NewWall last week, that will go in the nook behind the stairs…

one room challenge christine dovey basement newall

The pattern will bring a little bit of brighter white to this space, which I’m good with because it’s the very dark part of the basement…two tinsy little windows brighten the whole 23′ span so any light I can fake is good. I’ll warm it up in this zone with wood and whicker.

Moving on.

Wallpaper. The big story.

Aside from these two areas, I also have wallpaper going on on the walls in the main room and all the walls in the bedroom/office. And all this paper is coming from the incredibly talented, amazing Drop it Modern. I’ve been a huge fan of this company since forever and have partnered with them on great projects like the Elle Canada Closet and Best Buy Smart Home…along with a ton of client projects. What I love about Drop it Mod is that every print is customizable in terms of scale and colour…the patterns are fresh and current, without being trendy…they beat to their own amazing drum and I love that. Plus the owner Bree is just about the nicest most supportive person ever and goes SO out of her way to help with things like time crunches, design ideas, colour palates etc. I honestly can’t imagine being a designer and not having this beautiful shop as a resource.

So with that, when I started this round of the ORC, I knew I wanted something special from DIM…to start, I decided that I wanted something subtle but interesting and dynamic on the main walls…modern but also warm. Their Parisian Mural was a perfect fit…

FBY_parisan_mural_white_1024x1024 drop it modern christine dovey one room challenge wallpaper

FBY_parisan_mural_white_1024x1024 drop it modern christine dovey one room challenge

…and when we spent a little time on the colour so it blended seamlessly with the FB Slipper Satin, this is where it ended up…

drop it modern parisian mural christine dovey one room challenge

drop it modern wallpaper christine dovey one room challenge

drop it modern wallpaper christine dovey one room challenge

i.e. chalky old plaster wall heaven.

In L to the love.

Next up, the bedroom and here’s where things get really interesting.

Right off the bat, I decided I wanted granny ugly pretty chic in this space and knew that a chintz of sorts was in order. Playing with my palate of cream, green, yellow and brown, I went through a zillion colours and sent the brief over to Drop it Mod and what then ensued was a whole lot of graphic design. Floral pretty times a whole bunch of editions…

We started here…

drop it modern christine dovey floral wallpaper one room challenge

…and then went to these places…

drop it modern wallpaper Christine dovey one room challenge

drop it modern christine dovey floral wallpaper one room challenge

drop it modern wallpaper one room challenge

drop it modern wallpaper one room challenge

drop it modern wallpaper one room challenge

drop it modern christine dovey floral wallpaper one room challenge

drop it modern christine dovey floral wallpaper one room challenge

drop it modern wallpaper christine dovey one room challenge

And are now very close to finalizing this in either the lighter or the darker option…

drop it modern christine dovey floral wallpaper one room challenge

drop it modern christine dovey floral wallpaper one room challenge
drop it modern wallpaper one room challenge

drop it modern wallpaper one room challenge

Designing wallpaper is hard lol…so many things to consider and so many little things that you can change over and over and over again.

Two things are for sure though…1. I love, love doing it and coming up with something brand new and your own is the most exciting thing in the universe. Stay tuned for more on that front;) 2. Drop it Modern is THE BEST and sooooo incredibly awesome to work with…the talent there is off the charts…feeling lucky to know/work with that place.

Next week, I will show you the official pattern and then the week after that, this prettiness will be up the walls…oh and ps, were printing fabric to match so that will be up re: curtains in the same room…like I said, old lady chic is going to happen up in here.

So thats the paint and wallpaper.

In terms of other textiles, the big story on that front is upholstery.

Thanks to fabulous sponsor Fabricut, I was able to piece together this sum of the prettiest of fabrics…

fabricut fabric christine dovey one room challenge

And with it, I plan on doing a whole lot of things.

Thankfully, I have the best upholsterer J and J Made, who is taking some older pieces of mine and breathing a lot of new life into them.

For example, these old French chairs…

christine dovey foyer style at home french chairs one room challenge

…got stripped…

j and j made christine dovey one room challenge

…and now look like this!

j and j made christine dovey one room challenge

fabricut christine dovey j and j made

The Olea fabric by Nate Berkus is all the things.

Next, my wee little mini Louis chair, which I sadly dont have a picture of because the orange was just so not my favourite and I never apparently took a photo of it. The important thing is the after anyways…here she is, all newly covered in Fabricut Box Fur, with About You on the back…

fabricut christine dovey j and j made

fabricut christine dovey j and j made

fabricut fabric christine dovey one room challenge j and j made

So much happy.

And finally on the upholstery front, my alky chairs and platner…

christine dovey alky chairs j and j made

christine dovey platner chairs j and j made

…are in process…the afters of those will be coming next week. For now, the hint is cobalt blue and floral:)

To wrap things up with all the texture goodness for today, I’ll leave you with some of the carpet fabulous that will be coming my way.

First, I selected Karastan’s Savannah Scenes Antelope for the playroom…

antelope carpet karastan christine dovey one room challenge

And their plush, delicious Exquisite Affair in warm Starlet to cover the nook behind the stairs…

karastan carpet one room challenge christine dovey

My friends at Alexanian will be doing the install of both:)

On the area rug side of things, the most beautiful piece of plush wool fabulous arrived last week from Annie Selke and I had to put it down immediately…it’s waiting in my living room right now to find it’s home in the basement space but I’m honestly, going to have a hard time moving it…the colour is perfection with my living room walls…

annie selke rug christine dovey one room challenge

annie selke rug christine dovey one room challenge

Called the Hugo, this is the nicest rug I’ve ever owned…hands down. I’m obsessed with it.

I also have a few smaller area ones coming in…a pair of these Jute runners and a black Zentique hide from Candelabra

jute bleach candelabra christine dovey one room challenge

annie selke rug christine dovey one room challenge

A natural weave smaller rug for the bedroom from Bouclair

bouclair leather rug christine dovey one room challenge

And this pretty larger one (called the Francesca) from Mohawk (which ps, in real life, has the most beautiful texture,) that will go in the mainroom, along with the Selke prettiness above…

mohawk rug christine dovey one room challenge

And that my friends is the start of the texture goodness foundation that’s going in the basement reno. I’ll show you the smaller pieces that in more layers in the weeks to come.

In the meantime, make sure you check out all the incredible things my friends are up to this week…

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Project Flip – T- 8 days to Move In!

I haven’t updated progress on project flip…


…because well, it’s been a HARD month. We’re scheduled to move in on the 29th of March, which is PS, in 8 days and honestly, I’m pretty sure the house won’t be ready. We’re hoping it will be livable with some things to finish but as it stands now, we’re without a kitchen or plumbing so it’s definitely dicey.

Here’s what’s been happening.

For one, the siding went up and after many meetings and deliberations on the subject, it’s become quite clear that it wasn’t installed properly.



As such, most of it is going to come down and be re-done. Watching all of that happen has been insanely stressful and I just want it done at this point.  Same goes for the roof. As you might remember, we put a deposit down on a standing seam roof back in September…after months and months of waiting, my builder was forced to get the money back and we were back to square one. After gathering new quotes, it looked like we were going to be out of pocket by $20,000 as the new pricing was substantially higher then originally quoted. Total balls. Thankfully, after a lot of research, I landed on a local company that will be installing my pretty new roof in three weeks, and will be making sure it’s done properly.  I selected a pale grey and though I got a lot of resistance from the company owner, worried that it wouldn’t provide the contrast people would normally want with white siding, I’m pretty confident it will be perfect.  Fingers crossed that when it’s done, it looks something like my original inspo…

bethalee photography modern famrhouse

via Belathee Photography

As for the inside of the house, lots has happened since my last update, but there is still a ton to get finished.

The past month has been mostly about the millwork. Thanks to an amazing partnership with Metrie and my #superallen/his teammate #superjeremy sooooooo much has happened on that front…



chrisitne dovey project flip

chrisitne dovey project flip

chrisitne dovey project flip

chrisitne dovey project flip

chrisitne dovey project flip

chrisitne dovey project flip

chrisitne dovey project flip

chrisitne dovey project flip

chrisitne dovey project flip metrie millwork

chrisitne dovey project flip

chrisitne dovey project flip metrie millwork

chrisitne dovey project flip fieldstone window



chrisitne dovey project flip metrie



chrisitne dovey project flip metrie

chrisitne dovey project flip metrie

chrisitne dovey project flip

chrisitne dovey project flip metrie

chrisitne dovey project flip

chrisitne dovey project flip metrie

chrisitne dovey project flip metrie trumeau fireplace


chrisitne dovey project flip metrie

chrisitne dovey project flip metrie

chrisitne dovey project flip metrie

chrisitne dovey project flip metrie

chrisitne dovey project flip metrie

chrisitne dovey project flip metrie

chrisitne dovey project flip metrie

chrisitne dovey project flip metrie

chrisitne dovey project flip metrie

chrisitne dovey project flip metrie

chrisitne dovey project flip metrie

chrisitne dovey project flip metrie

chrisitne dovey project flip metrie

chrisitne dovey project flip metrie

chrisitne dovey project flip metrie

chrisitne dovey project flip alexanian floor


chrisitne dovey project flip alexanian floor

PS…ask me how excited I am that all the floor coverings are coming off THIS WEEK?!?!? I can’t wait for my beautiful  light oak floors from Alexanian to be revealed!


chrisitne dovey project flip metrie

chrisitne dovey project flip metrie

chrisitne dovey project flip metrie

The paint deliberations were serious…I tried out many before I landed on the final plan.

Thankfully, PARA paints has been amazing and supplied some of the prettiest colours ever.

The grey shown below (Mennonite Grey Tint 1) will line all baseboards, casings and stairs (other then the treads) in the foyer and upstairs hall…


chrisitne dovey project flip para paint

chrisitne dovey project flip para paint metrie moulding

I had considered doing the walls in the TV room in it as well but settled on white…


chrisitne dovey project flip para paint


The master bedroom was the hardest for me to decide because I needed it to work with the Drop it Mod paper, which is a very warm grey…

chrisitne dovey project flip para paint

chrisitne dovey project flip para paint drop it mod paper

chrisitne dovey project flip para paint drop it mod paper

chrisitne dovey project flip para paint


As you can see, I tried out A LOT of paint before settling on a warm dark grey called Loucks Farm…

chrisitne dovey project flip para paint

chrisitne dovey project flip para paint

It’s the darker of the two shown above.

In the kids’ bathroom, I’m doing a bright green…


 chrisitne dovey project flip para paint


The family room and kitchen will be white and the living room is getting my favourite colour ever, Heavenly Aromas, which is a super pretty grey violet…

chrisitne dovey project flip para paint

chrisitne dovey project flip metrie trumeau para paints

Also, just a quick sidenote here…my fireplaces!!!!! Trumeau Stones finished them off this past week and I’m obsessed!

Back to paint…

The boys’ is a periwinkle like blue called Crusin and Scarlett’s room will have some colour blocking in black, white and the pink shown below….here are all the chips together…


And in addition to all of that, there will of course be wallpaper a plenty. I’m using Wall and Deco Stucco in the powder room…

wall and deco stucco

A mural from Anewall will be going on a long wall that runs between the kitchen/dining and the mudroom…

anewall shaded landscape

The boys will be getting some Drop it Modern fun on their ceiling…

drop it modern dot to dot

And of course, this will be going on all the white wall sections in the master…wherever there isn’t grey paint, there will be this…


As for tile etc., the long wall up the stairwell will be bricked and painted white…I’m using this cool veneer product called Century Brick…

century brick

The kitchen will be totally subway tiled, including the wall into the mudroom.

And for the bathrooms, the kids have porcelain from Ornamenta in a diagonal stripe and a 4×6 subway tile on the bath walls…

chrisitne dovey project flip ornamenta tile


chrisitne dovey project flip oramenta tile

And in the master, I used a porcelain marble for walls and the floor…

chrisitne dovey project flip tile

chrisitne dovey project flip tile

We’re making it a total wet room so there will be a single piece of glass on the floor where that fancy drain is for the shower area but other then that, it’s all open.

What else?

My Door Store gates are in place and will be painted white before getting hung on a track to divide the kitchen/dining from the rest of the house…

chrisitne dovey project flip

chrisitne dovey project flip

chrisitne dovey project flip

And speaking of my favourite vintage store…our old door was fixed up by #superallen and got some new beaded glass…

chrisitne dovey project flip door store upper canada specialty hardware

chrisitne dovey project flip door store upper canada specialty hardware

I’m leaving it natural on the inside but going to paint the exterior…thinking either bright yellow or grey.

And in terms of the door hardware, the Emtek brass and black goodness from Upper Canada Specialty Hardware is making me soooo happy…





Every door in the house will have a backplate like above…in the black.

In terms of design decisions still to be made…I have a few.

Originally, this little space between the living and kitchen was going to be the dining room…

chrisitne dovey project flip metrie

chrisitne dovey project flip metrie

chrisitne dovey project flip metrie

And the area beside the kitchen was going to be the family…

chrisitne dovey project flip metrie

chrisitne dovey project flip metrie

But…we had to extend the peninsula and it’s just super tight in there in terms of trying to get sofa in etc. So…I’m thinking of flipping them and doing a huge harvest table in front of the patio doors (which btw, came WAY smaller then we had hoped so they’re being switched out asap for taller doors).  In front of that peninsula, I’m doing a glass wall for a portion of it…sort of like this…

eenig woman

via Enig Wonen

And I like the idea of having a large table for us all to gather at. Our table is where we live together and I’d rather have more space for it, then a couch to be honest.

So, the little room will be a TV lounge I’m thinking…one sofa built into the space, with a credenza and TV across…I’m thinking of a velvet channeled like thing in pale blue.

The only problem with this little plan is it means no chandelier over the dining table since there are already pot lights in there. This of course KILLS me but I think the trade-off is worth it.

In terms of the domino effect this has on other things…I had originally planned a long harvest like island to run perpendicular to the stove…now that the table will be doing that, I’m going to flip the island and make a smaller parallel one. I’d like to do something special here…I’m thinking unlaquered brass with a black soapstone top…this stunning space by Nate Berkus is the insp there…

nate berkus kitchen

I bought two globe pendants months ago for here so I’m happy with that whole bag.

The soapstone will be this loveliness from Greensville Soapstone..

soapstone greensville soapstone

…in a leather finish. Obsessed with it.

The rest of my counters are being done in Silestone from Cosentino…we’re waiting on the integrated sink to arrive and then voila…this business will be installed in a suede finish…


Cabinets are flat panel black and being made by my builder RMS.

After that, it’s all about furniture choices…I’m dreaming up a few ideas on that front so stay tuned.

Oh and landscaping, the attic, basement and porches…that’s phase two lol.

So to recap…in the next 9 days, we need:

– kitchen installed

* just wait to you see my Kitchenaid Black Stainless appliances!!!! So excited to see these go in…


– all painting done

– plumbing installed

– garage door put on

– siding re-done

– tiling completed

* including kitchen wall/hood…which will look like this I hope…

style me pretty kitchen

via Style Me Pretty

– a lot of cleaning

And then…just maybe, we’ll be able to move in:))))

It’s going to be tight my friends but I’m trying to dwell on positive thoughts all day everyday.

I’ll try to update as much as possible the next few weeks…with so much happening, I can avoid giant posts like this one if I keep on it a bit more lol.

More to come.


One Room Challenge – Week ‘Whose Still Counting’ and Moulding for Dayz

It’s been a very busy month for my One Room Challenge bedroom at Project Flip…mostly thanks to a massive delivery of trim and millwork from my favourite Metrie, and our master carpenter Super Allen

one room challenge banner christine dovey photograph maude arsenault

To begin, we decided on use a mix flat stock paneling, Pretty Simple Scene II picture mould and Fashion Forward Scene III crown and baseboard to create a lot of architectural interest…








I’ve never done panelling before so super excited to see how it’s coming together with the addition of the inset detail moulding.





The fashion forward doors also make me super, super happy!



Everything that you see that’s wood or panelled will be painted out and the flat wall that remains will be wallpapered.  My original Amanda Nisbet inspo gives the basic idea on that front…

amanda nisbet bedroom inspiration christine dovey one room challenge

As for the design plan itself, I’ve made a few small changes to the overall scheme. Because our adjoining ensuite is being done in a porcelain marble (white, grey, beige) and because of many of the neutral accents already chosen for the room, I just started to feel like I wanted something more neutral in the bedroom in terms of colour. If you remember, I’d originally planned on painting all the millwork dark navy but have made a last minute change to something more tone on tone.

Inspired by this beautiful room…

project flip inspiraition


…the millwork, trim, windows and doors will all be painted in PARA Loucks Farm. It looks like this with the Drop it Modern Wallpaper


Though truth be told…as I’m writing this, I’m still slightly second-guessing the colour again…wondering if I should move down one shade in terms to something just a titch lighter. Stay tuned on that front and PS, picking paint for an entire house in one fail swoop is not for the faint of heart lol. Stressful!

And then re: fabric, I’ve opted out of using the blush pink drapes in here (they’ll be moving over to Scarlett’s room) and will be doing a simple white linen from Tonic Living instead.  I also plan on re-upholstering my fuschia settee in their waxed gold linen…

christine dovey one room challenge master bedroom papa paint drop it modern wallpaper

Pretty Ridiculously excited to see this all come together soon. I’m hoping for a paint update by this time next week:)




Project Flip – The Window Saga Continues…and Some Framing Happened…and Wallpaper/Paint Got Decided.

This has been another sort of batty week for #projectflip…

project flip logo

…with lots happening on the construction side of things and even more going on in the decision making game.

As far as the actual build goes, the foundation for the addition was completed and framing has begun, which means I’ll actually be able to see what this house is going to end up looking like very soon..happy days.

Aside from that good news though, the place is still looking VERY scary and all I can really think is ‘wouldn’t it have been WAY easier to just knock the mother fudger down?!?!?!’ Anyhoo…I digress lol.

Here she is as of now…with some notes:)


1. Lumber = big progess and a 2 story addition are about to happen.


2. So happy to see those cheap windows coming out…


3. Will be super dupes exited to see that weird stick chimney come down and look…framing….and a basement…







4. From this, I can almost imagine what the kitchen and living room are going to be…almost…


5. And then there’s this…a door to what was going to be a crawlspace…BUT…




…there’s a chance that the ceiling height in there is going to be high enough to make it an actual room, which would be so handy because we’re short on bedrooms in this place so…meetings are happning today on that front, so I’ll fill you in there when I know.

So that’s the good news.

The bad news is that the existing house still looks like a horror show and whenever I see it, I honestly wonder how or if this place is ever going to feel like I’m hoping it will…









That cut beam is terrifying to me but I’ve been assured all is OK lol.

And speaking of things that make you go boo in the night…there’s also the backyard…when I look at it, all I can see is $$$$$$$….


All good though right;)

Aside from contruction stuff, this week was filled with more sourcing and waffling on windows.

Thankfully, I have nailed down a few things.

After seeing a few images like this,



I’ve come to the conclusion that I love the look of the white seperation between the black window sashes. I really don’t like when black windows feels chunky or heavy so this avoids that problem completely.  So, thansk to Fieldstone Windows (who have been SO patient with me and can make anything happen in therms of combos/selections,) my windows will all have black sashes on both the exterior and interior, with white frames and white mullions seperating them. Happy, happy.

I also confirmed that I’m doing double hungs for sure.

Now, the issue here is that there are a few rooms (living, master and sons’ room) that I wanted to paint out entirely, meaning walls, built ins, trim, and windows. With this scenario, that will be really tough. I could order white windows in those rooms with the intent of painting them, but painting vinyl double hung windows is not for the faint of heart. So now I’m reconsidering my painting plans entirely and trying to figure out if I’d be happy with painted walls with white trim…not something I usually love so it’s weighing on me. The other option is that I leave the walls white in those spaces but in the living room, for example, that just doesn’t get me as excited because well, the plan in there is dramatic and full of not white things. More on that later.

For now, I want to stick on the window game.

So, double hungs- check. White mullions- check. White frames- check. Black sashes- check.  The questions that remain are whether or not I want/can shell out $200/window on upgraded hardware…which would mean this…

fieldstone windows

…instead of this…

fieldstone windows double hung latch

(in black)

And also, the big kahuna, whether or not I want a dormer on the roof just in case one day down the road, we finish off the attic.

I played around with powerpoint and got these mock-ups on the ready…



So what do you think? Yay? Nay?

I like it to be honest. I’ve always LOVED dormer windows. My architect hates them though and that worries me.  Also, I’m not sure with the off center windows, if it looks quite right.

So to re-cap, I need votes on.

1. Should I order white interiors on the 3 or 4 rooms I had hoped to paint and risk the shitty paint job on the double hungs or order all black and change up my paint plan a bit?

2. Upgraded hardware? I’m thinking maybe just on the first floor to save some monies.

3. Dormer?

And I think with those three decisions to be made, windows are squared away and will be ordered!!!! Woot to the woot.

Moving on to the next thing…paint and paper.

I’m ECSTATIC to be partnering with my favourite wallpaper company, Drop It Modern on my project and together, we’ve come up with some custom colourways of patterns that I love love love.


And on the same vein, I’m also working with my favourite paint supplier, PARA Paints so I have plans to throw some bold colour into this place.

para paints project flip christine dovey

As for combos and locations of all this goodness, the Playground in the blue, pink and black will be going on all walls of the study…and I probably will have to pair it with this rug I have because well, they are sex together…


The Cyrstalline in a custom cool grey will be going in the master. I can’t spill the beans on that room plan as of yet for a reason I can’t tell you as of yet but for now, I’ll just say marble and navy blue…



The boys’ bedroom will be getting built ins in a perriwinkle blue, with Drop it Modern’s Dot to Dot pattern going on the ceiling…


And then there’s the living room. Remember re: windows, I’m a bit stuck on the interior window colour and well, it’s mostly because of this room. The original plan was to paint the entire thing pink…like this…

pink room inspiration d magazine

…and then do a super bold ceiling with Drop it Modern’s Prism in a custom blush, black and silver colourway…


I played around with paint a bit and ended up on the pink for the walls, though the oxblood idea is hurting me I love it so…thinking I’ll translate that furniture wise with the addition of some Gretchen Bellinger burgundy velvet…



So, I either stick with this plan and have the white frames and mullions, black windows, order a white window so I can maybe paint it or scrap the pink walls and leave them white and then still do the paper on the ceiling.


Oh and just because it might help the thinking on this one, there’s going to be a large statement item in the room in black…more on that on next week’s post:)

As far as the rest of the rooms and paint, this is where I am on that.

The family room and kitchen will be white…with plenty of black accents.

The mudrom is going to be a pale grey with a black and white stiped floor.

Scarlett’s room is getting this anewall mural that I’ve been loving for over all over the place…

anewall ballroom mural

…with a pink ceiling.

The foyer will be white with a pretty incredible patterned floor and the big surprise will be the wall that will run top to bottom…I’ll fill you in on that next week, when we talk tile.

What else?  The kids’ bath is also going to be white but with some surprises and same goes for the ensuite…again, more on those when we talk tile.

And last but not least for today, the roof…in a very happy turn of events, we’ve decided to nix re-stuccoing the original portion of the house and instead, wrapping all in white siding. This is going to save us quite a bit of moula and with the extra cash, we’re getting a pale grey STEEEEEELLLLLL ROOOOOOOOFFFFFFF…..

steel roof home crush

…and maybe a porch with a swing to boot lol.

Basically, I want this situation…

modern farmhouse

…on the outside with a little Kelly Wearstler crazy on the inside:)

So there you have it…project flip progress for this week.

I’ll be back to update next Wednesday with tile selections and hopefully photos of two stories of framed addition…hopefully.