Monday Moods-Happy New Year!

Happy 2017! With all the craziness that went on in 2016, I am more than looking forward to moving onto a new year. Along with the usual resolution to get more sleep and family time, I’m also hoping to do a little rebrand magic and expand upon things so that I can connect with all of you more often! Wishing you a very Happy New Year and new week! xx





Monday Moods-It’s December!

I know there is always that someone who says, ‘I can’t believe it’s December!’ and I must admit, I am that someone- I swear it was just July! Although I am not looking forward to the snow, I am pretty excited to dress in sequins and eat lots of holiday goodies. I am also looking forward to the new year, as it always feels nice to have a fresh start. For this week, I have pulled some of my favorite December things to get you into the holiday spirit and hopefully start your week with some sparkle!
Print Sage Ginger Prosecco Recipe:

Peppermint Truffle Recipe:

Happy Monday, lovelies! xx

Monday Moods – Fresh Energy

This morning I woke up in sheer disbelief that it is August 1st! As I wondered where the summer has gone, I started to think of all the upcoming projects looming at the end of the summer and began to feel that back to school excitement that is so ingrained in all of us. Though I am not trying to bum anyone out with the thought of the approaching fall weather, this week’s post is inspired by the fresh energy that a new month brings as well as a reminder to make the most of the rest of our summer.


3. Vogue UK
Happy Monday lovelies!

Monday Moods – 1st Edition

Now that #pineavehouse is finally shaping up, I am looking forward to getting back to the blogs and as such, I wanted to introduce my new series, #MondayMoods.  In this series I give a little taste taster of what has been inspiring me lately from shoes I’ve been lusting after, songs I have had on repeat, or swoon-worthy photographs that I can’t get enough of. Since we are about to get another major heat wave, I felt a beachy palette of powder pink and glass greens would set the perfect tone for the rest of the week.

Monday moods

4. Sakura-Sheer Pink Tulle Cami with Petal Trim from Miss Crofton:
5. Grace Kelly by Howell Conant 1955
Happy Monday lovelies! x

The Business of Design- Project Deloraine

You know those times when you walk in a prospective client’s home and you get all giddy because what they already have is so freaking good that you sort of just walk around with your jaw open thinking, ‘wow…why the F isn’t this my house?!?!?’  And then after that happy wave passes, it’s very quickly replaced with a giant tsunami of ‘holy crap, how on earth is little old me supposed to improve on this excellence?’

Well um…meet my newest clients, Project Deloraine…and by meet, I mean have a glimpse at the ‘before shots’ of their ridiculously awesome home…that they PS, designed and built from scratchies…

project deloraine living room

project deloraine dining room

project deloraine kitchen light

project deloraine rotunda

project deloraine stair bench

project deloraine stairway

project deloraine eating nook

project deloraine office

So you see my dilemma no?  It’s going to be mighty Tricky McTrickersons improving on this business.

Thankfully, the direction my clients want to go is sort of exactly my favourite thing to do.

My mandate is to edge the place up some great art and special/momorable pieces.  So…with that in mind, here was my first crack at an overall design board…

christine dovey project deloraine side one concept board

christine dovey project deloraine concept board two

And to explain…

1. Wallpapering hallway in Porter Teleo Fluidity with some great art pieces to compliment…

porter teleo fluidity kelly wearstler

2. Wallpapering ceiling of Rotunda in Porter Teleo Refracted…

porter teleo refracted

…and I’m now also hoping to do the one rounded wall in Calico Petal…

calico petal wallpaper

3. In the living room, we’ll put a custom Commute Design mirror over the fireplace, with a pair of graphic black and white photographs from These Fine Walls on either side…

project deloraine fireplace these fine walls art commute home mirror

…I mean the the mirror…gah….

commute design mirror project deloraine

4. We’ll also hopefully replace the sofa with something with some real impact…I’m loving the black one I specked from Klaus…so delish.  And a floor lamp of course…something architectural.

5. In the dining room, we’re going to do a mural to fill the three moulding boxes behind the dining table…though I had originally sourced this goodie…

mural project deloraine

…my clients are looking for something more graphic so we’re thinking Area Enviornments to the rescue with a custom version of this…

DJ+Embedded+Indigo+Art project deloraine

We’ll also add a rug and sideboard to this space.  And…a huge custom neon sign from Endeavour…

endevour neon project deloraine

…like shown only in pink perhaps.

6. For the kitchen nook, we’ll be doing Pierre Frey Kubus on the upholstered bench with lots of punchy pillows in neon pink and blues…the burgundy on the original board has been nixed in favour or neon shades so that’s the direction we’ll go there. And then over the kitchen island, we’re going to do some pretty incredible lighting…contenders are pretty much everything from Apparatus Studio…

appartus triad light project deloraine

apparatus studio lighting project deloraine

And I think that’s pretty much the gist.

I can’t wait to get the install on this one rolling…with such amazing befores, it’s going to be such a fantastical challenge to try and nail…crossing fingers:)))