An Assortment of Randomness…Etsy, #projectbistrochic, Artwork

I’ve got a pile of different things to share so…
1. I had one of the most satisfying days as a parent ever yesterday…I have a whole post planned to tell you all about it so make sure you check back on Monday.
2. Progress is being made in #projectbistrochic.
My carpenter favouite put the moulding up beside the new built ins last night and it’s already looking pretty swell…I literally can’t wait to see those walls all Hague Blue like.
As for our fabric debate from the other day, would you believe that this lady…
…is literally twice the price of this one…
China Seas Macao II Lilac Pillow Cover
Surprising for some reason- to my brain anyways.
So…as far as what’s going to go on those chairs, I hate to say it but we’re sort of back to not knowing.
My client really prefers the first so we’re considering something like a simple stripe and the $$ fabric as pillows…samples are on their way though so we shall see.
And just to add to the fun, I also threw this all time favourite in the mix…
…since I now she loves Japanese style prints.
It would be bold for sure…but she does love pink and we are working with red so it could work…especially if we made a fairly radical change in the plan…
…though I know she’s very in love with the blue walls so….there’s also this guy…
{all pillows via}
So…as you can see…this room is still not official…depending on what we decide re: chairs, the feel/colour/entire scheme can really still change.
More than any space I’ve worked on to date, this project/design has definitely been a very evolving/organic one…though the overall feel has always stayed the same, we’ve definitely gone back and forth on the particulars…its definitely keeping me on my toes as it were, which is awesome…a challenge is always a good thing.
I am very excited to watch this one unfold and morph into the space I know it wants to be…good stuff.
3. I made a recent Etsy shop discovery…
…and well, just look at what they do…
Pink "plait" pillowcase with red spots - dyed, decorative, handmade cushions.
Bedspread "plait" gray.
Dark denim "plait" pillowcase - dyed, decorative, handmade cushions.
… sculptural art pieces for your bed or sofa…absolutely IN LOVE with these.
4. I’ve been working on some paintings as of late…
a) Some new paper goodies for the shop
Abstract Painting - 'On the Outside Looking In'
Abstract Paiting - 'Chasing Daydreams'
b) A commission x 3 for one fabulous client who already purchased 2 paintings from my shop…which PS, means I LOVE HER!
…the first, this little number…
…and the second, a pair of tone on tone grey lovelies..
…that aren’t yet quite done but in progress as it were.
c) A commission for a different client…
…that’s looking like this at the moment but is about to get a few more layers of shiny gold and peach added on.
And with that, I think that’s all my brain can muster up for today.
Stay tuned for some very exciting things in the coming weeks…I have some #getpublished reveals and most fantastically, a very new look for B&B that’s going to be launching soon, soon, soon!

Holiday Reveals and a Giveaway and a Sale and Some Art

Since I took the whole holiday week off, I’ve got a rather large post for today…a bag of Santa goodies if you will.
And speaking of the big guy, the kids met with him…
…and told spoke of all their wish list hopes…he listened well and the kids were pretty excited on the big day…there’s just nothing like watching your littles on Christmas morning- so worth all the stress and work to get things ready.
Happy kid faces = joy.
The husband and I decided to go a little low key with each other this year so I asked for one thing and he obliged…a bottle of Olfactive Studio perfume…
…I got this one…
…which smells SO good.
The branding of this stuff is brilliant- each is matched to a photograph that is meant to encompass the feel of the scent- I’m framing that goodness up asap.
Unfortunately, two days after Christmas, I somehow managed to knock the entire bottle off my bathroom counter….100mL is now down to about 10 and pretty bottle is no more….not that I feel sorry for myself or anything:(((((
Anyhoo…love love the smell and hoping to try out the other ones come birthday time etc.
And speaking of prezzies, the teenager got this…
…which PS, is a party in a box.
We played on Christmas night with the grown ups and holy shite…everyone was crying from laughter…so so fun.
Pretty sure my NY’s eve will comprise of copious amounts of wine, hopefully some friends and a few/many rounds of this game brilliance…lame perhaps but I’m so OK with it;)
Moving on.
I thought since we’re still in the holiday season, I could show you another reveal…
Untitled #78
This time, here’s a little boy’s room I did for my local client a la #projectwholehouse…aka the brother of #projectlittlemiss…
This was a mini-makeover of sorts since every piece of furniture was already in place and staying…my clients purchased a matched set of bedroom furniture and though really great quality, not something that they really still loved so, my mandate was to try and hide the furniture if possible…make it look a little less matchy matchy etc.
One of the pieces was a rather large desk with bookcase above…in an effort to open up the room a bit and conceal this guy a little, we blew out 1/2 the closet wall, which created a little nook just the right size for the desk to tuck in…this made it way less visible in the room and gave us a lot more space to work with overall.  
We also replaced the closet doors with stock ones that we had Allen apply moulding to in an effort to fancy them up a bit.
As far as the decorating part went, wallpaper, window treatments, bedding, a new rug, lighting and some great art was added to give the room a little personality…and when all was said and done, this is where we ended up…

We still have a few things to finish up and since these photos are a little grainy, I’m going to re-shoot and will post the final final ones come new website time…and speaking of that, things are happening and I literally can’t WAIT for it to launch.
For now, here’s a very little sneak peek of my new logo and what’s coming at
Christine Dovey
Very much hoping that the site will be up come New Years…stay tuned!
And finally for today, a few reminders.
1. My current East & Coco giveaway for this amazing vintage G. Clark Sealy etching is still running…I’ve decided to extend it until Friday since it started over Christmas vaca…
Gorgeous Framed Vintage G.Clark Sealy Etchings of Toucan & Cockatoo
Click HERE to enter.
2. Black Rooster’s Flash Sale is still happening so if you want 20-40% off this sort of goodness…
Pictures of Black Marble Top Folding Table
Pictures of Black Grasscloth Coffee Table
Pictures of Ball and Chain Pendant
Pictures of Trolley
Pictures of Blanket - Granite Fox
Pictures of Mid Century 3-Arm Ceiling Light - Black
Pictures of Black and White Patchwork Pillow
Pictures of Walnut Tea Table
…click HERE.
3. My 20% off sale for December is coming to an end, so if you are looking some affordable original art along these lines…
Abstract Painting- 'Bathing Hippos'
Abstract Painting - 'Masquerade Ball'
Abstract Painting - 'Alter Egos'
Abstract Painting - 'Intuition'
…click HERE.
Happy almost 2014 friends…I don’t know about you but I’m VERY ready for this new blank slate to start.


Holiday Reveals- Upstairs Bathroom

I was busy yesterday with a Steven and Chris shoot so my apologies for the lack of post.
For today, I thought I’d show you a space in my house…
Untitled #78
…that doesn’t get much attention…i.e. the upstairs bathroom.
It’s one of those rooms that we made over on the cheap but is never really done as it were.  In my ideal world, I’d rip out the tub fitter like bath, swap the builder grade vanity for something infinitely more custom, and replace the lighting with something much more exciting.
Unfortunately, none of that is going to happen…now or maybe ever.
So in the meantime, I decided to spruce it up a bit by taking all the art that’s currently for sale in my shop, and slapping it up on the walls…
My plan is to cover every inch of wall space and just keep rotating things out as they sell and are made etc.
Happy days.
Also, on the art page, I’ve been experimenting with this new process that sort of lacquers my gesso board paintings…I’ve only got one done so far but am about to embark on doing many of these guys.
For now, here’s ‘midnight carousel
Me liking the gloss.
And that’s all for today…short and sweet as it were.


Holiday Reveals – My Living Room…and Some New Art

Morning friends.
I thought it was probably time for another installment of…
…and for today, I’m showcasing my new’ish’ living room.
As you know, I’ve been wanting to scale down all the stuff I had going on in there.
I also decided to change the seating arrangement so that the room had one large area, rather than two smaller ones.
In addition, I wanted to add some more masculine elements and take away a little of the pink.
So, I started by painting the walls in Para Snowfall…aka…one of my all time favourite whites.
Then, I moved things around, added in some new chairs and most importantly, a couple of pieces of large scale art in place of the artwall I had previously.
And here is how the room looks now…

Now as you know (from this post,) the white chairs were borrowed on approval and they’ve gone back…pretty sure they’ll be coming back in the new year though- if I have anything to say about it that is.
Overall, I’m really pleased with how it’s all turned out.
Mostly because of the art- I literally die a little every time I walk in the room because of my:
1.  Jen Mann large pink Jesus, as my husband refers to him…I literally could not love him more- I think I actually fall harder each and every day.
2. Stephanie Vovas photograph over the fireplace…my husband had some old work buddies over for a little party of sorts at our place on Saturday and I swear we collectively talked about my lady friend for at least an hour- she’s captivating to say the least.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…if you’re going to spend money on stuff, spend it on original art…makes ALL the difference to a space.
I’m pretty sure my room could have nothing it in but those two pieces and that would be enough.
And since we’re on that topic, I’ve added some more abstracts to my shop
…which can be purchased on their own or framed…

…and have decided to keep the festive cheer going with a 20% coupon code for the whole month of December…I’ll be trying to add new work every day until Christmas so if you’re looking for that special something to give someone for the holidays, consider the gift of art:))))
Use code:
…to redeem the 20%.
And with that, I’m off to get the kids out the door to school- I’ve got my kindergarten dude’s parent observation this morning and so looking forward to it- seeing your kid at school, interacting with their friends and teacher is always so much fun…it’s almost like you get to see a glimpse of the person they are becoming in real life as it were- tres neat.


Sponsor Welcome – My Chic Nest…and Some New Art

I’m very excited to introduce my newest sponsor…
I’ve been a fan of this online furniture destination since it launched and am so honoured to have them on my sidebar.
In their words, My Chic Nest is a…
“brand dedicated to creating timeless, unexpected and high-quality designs that are accessible to all of us. Whether drawn to the classic furniture lines popularized in the 1920s, those inspired by Hollywood Regency, or something in between, My Chic Nest offers chic decor to the masses—for a song.”

And trust me, they deliver on that mission statement in spades.

Hello fabulous…

I adore how their pieces range from decadent Hollywood Regency styles to more mid-century/stream-lined ones.
And what’s more, every upholstered piece has a fabulous selection of velvets, leatherettes, cottons and poly blends to choose from.
But…perhaps the most splendidly splendid thing about this shop is their pricing.  Trust me when I tell you that every piece shown above is a mere fraction of what you probably think it costs…oh and every purchase includes totally FREE SHIPPING!!!
And to add the cherry to that sundae, readers of B&B can get 10% of their order with promo code Mychicnest1212
To see how My Chic Nest can work in your space, click HERE to view some pretty smashing design boards they’ve put together for inspiration sake and once you are sold on adding some of their fabulous to your own home, click HERE to shop.
Goodness overload I tell you.
And to close off/speaking of happy things.
For today only, I’m offering up 40% off my art shop.
I just added 4 new pieces on paper, which are super duper inexpensive with this sale…

Use code ‘Black40’ to take advantage.
And with that, I’ll see you back here tomorrow hopefully;)
I hope you all had a jolly weekend.


Flash Sale – Fall into London…and a Couple Others

Popping in on a Sunday to share a few fabulous sales.
If you missed the post yesterday about Black Rooster’s flash
…link over and snap the good shit up before it disappears…sale items are 20-40% off until Dec. 2nd or while quantities last.
And for today, more fabulous thanks to…
For the next two days, Fall into London is offering up….
45% OFF!!!

This is crazy good news…especially when you consider that this loveliness…
Watercolour fashion illustration Titled Carrie in Paris
Charcoal fashion illustration Titled Chic a la Italiana
Watercolour fashion illustration Titled Summer & Dior
Watercolour fashion illustration Titled Alyssa
Watercolour fashion illustration Titled Muse
Watercolour fashion illustration Titled Bow Top
Watercolour fashion illustration of Leighton Meester Titled Wild Child
Watercolour Fashion illustration Titled Nothing but Chanel
…is what’s up for sale.
Use code xmas13 to redeem your 45% off from today through Tuesday.
Oh and one more sale mention, there’s one day left to save 30% at my shop
I’ll be adding more goodies later today, including this large 30×40 dude called, ‘Midnight in the Garden’…
Use code black to redeem your 30%.