I’m wracked with Indecision

Honestly, I normally know what I want…it’s not often that I feel really and truly torn.
When I’m looking for something, what usually happens is that I either spot it and know it’s meant to be mine, or I source and source until I hit upon just the perfect thing.
When I was working on the downstairs bathroom, for example, I knew from the start what I wanted the finished room to look like…faucets, tile, sink, shower…that was all easy.  
Accessories, mirror and art…saw them, and bought them…easy.
Sconces…a bit trickier…I flipped and flopped a little but when I found the IKEA dudes for literally $15 a pop, that made that decision for me.
And in the end, it’s come together exactly as I had hoped…
The living room, on the other hand, not going so smoothly.
I loved the way it was before, when I did it.
But like any decorator, I felt like it just wasn’t resonating with me all that much anymore.


I made a few purchases, painted the walls…things were good.
BUT…progress has come to a crashing halt because of my indecision over what to do with my channel chairs.
If you recall, my first plan was black embossed leather.
I still like this one but after my painting arrived, I thought some pattern and/or colour had to happen.
I thought about KW faux bois for a while…
…but I just don’t think the pattern will translate well over the channel bumps of the chair…would make for brilliant pillows though…too bad I don’t need any of those.

Same thoughts about this…

…though it does a real good job of tying colours together.

But is it too much animal with the tiger (see below).

After that, I thought I had decided on burgundy velvet…
…and am actually still leaning towards it…especially after holding it up in front of ‘Sway‘ and seeing this magic happen…
Trouble is, this colour REALLY freaks me out- I loathe red and black together…like in a mucho large way…I could end up hating this.
What I’d really like is more of an oxblood but I’m having trouble finding it- Schumacher’s Bordeaux might be close…
…it appears to have a touch more brown in it so I might order up a sample of this for comparison sake.
Of course, there’s a few abstract b/w lovelies that are also occupying some of my brain parts…Pierre Frey Leo would hold title on that front…
Pierre Frey - Leo
…trouble is, I think it might be a bit much with the b/w striped rug, large painting and this stuff (in pillow form.)
This whole minimalism thing is tough- I find it way easier to max things out…editing is NOT my forte.
My other issue is with what the hell to do over the fireplace.
With such a statement painting on one side of the room, I have to tone down ideas over there…any thoughts?  
Seriously, I need help here people.


Wish List Wednesday

My mini-makeover continues…I spent the whole day yesterday running around like a crazy person trying to snap up some things we need to finish off the basement- I’d show you the stuff but it’s not that interesting…sinks, counter tops etc.
The highlight of the venture was this IKEA faucet- $99 bones y’all…
As for things that remain on my wish list…these are the pretties on my brain this week…a la…
Blog Series- Wish List Wednesday
1. Jonathan Adler ceramic goodness…really want one of each of these…

Trying to decide which of the first two I love more…urn or vase…tall skinny dude or short tubby one?
My Allen (I’m now calling him My Allen because he’s a superhero and makes things in my brain come to life in mere minutes) made me a version of this pedestal…
…and I need something to plunk on top…the short guy would work better for this but the tall Mr would be great for my console in the basement…decisions, decisions.
As an alternative to the head on a stand, I’m also considering:
…the scale of it is just off the charts.
3. Some Vern & Vera goodness…

4. A neon sign from 47 Park Avenue
…and this set of vases
…would take one everything in this fab store actually.
And I think that’s pretty much it for now.
I’m still debating on fabrics form my re-upholstery projects….the Schumacher Burgundy velvet is now going on the pair of poodle chairs…Platner is still very much up in the air.
I’d love to do it in the black leather but it’s on a black frame and I’m worried it would disappear if I went the black route…head is spinning on that one – any advice would be much appreciated….think a Platner could handle a pattern?
In other not related to stuff I want, my little dude is now 7 months…
…and I just can’t even believe it.
And on that happy note, I’ll sign off for now.
Going to try to stream an episode of something before sweet boy wakes from his nap…chances of that happening are slim but one can hope;)


Living Room Plans

I mentioned yesterday that I was making a few changes in the living room.
Right now, things look like this…

And by Thursday, I somehow want to take this textile/art plan…
…and make it happen.
I’m still deciding on what’s going on what.
For now, I’m pretty sure the embossed crocodile leather is going to find itself on my pair of peach chairs…
As you know, these dudes have had a few previous incarnations…they went all girly in the poodle era…
…and are now getting tougher with the leather…
…excited for that to happen.
Apparently, I need 3 of these half cows to make it wurk..
Sorry cows.
The tiger will go on the charcoal sofa in the form of pillows.
The Alky chairs might get pillows and if they do, it will be the KW Faux Bois or Feline- the later works so well in the scheme but I adore the former…wish I had a way to use both!
The burgundy Schumacher velvet is going on on my Platner chair…
…and the blush is just to represent what’s already in there pink wise.
As for things that are moving out, the tufted ottoman, chioiserie display case, TV and art wall are all gonzo (don’t freak out…the ottoman will find a new home in my dressing room and the cabinet is going in Scarlett’s bathroom a la new house- I’m reusing and recycling people:)
Walls are going my new very favourite white, Para Snowfall…it’s like BM Cloud White only slightly cooler…wanting to crisp things up in there.
As for art, the Jen Mann piece arrived yesterday, thanks to the Neubacher Shor Contemporary (so nice meeting you Anya and Manny,) and I literally am speechless about it….
…absolutely IN LOVE!
I actually haven’t purchased him as of yet- renting it for a few months to see how he works with my other stuff, which is PS, a fabulous thing to do if you’re considering investing in an art piece…sort of gives you the chance to see if it really is true love as it were…I’m pretty sure I’ll be just as enamoured with ‘Sway‘ dude come rental end…I worked it out perfectly…purchase time should hit right around Christmas;))))
It’s going over the credenza, though which credenza is the question.
I have to choose between the long rosewood one that’s been there foreves and the new guy I bought for the new house…
I love love the new one but have a soft spot for the old lady as well so we’ll see.
In any case, giant art is going there.
The gold mirror that used to be part of the artwall is going over the fireplace and my Jenny original will go where the chinoiserie unit used to be.
So that’s the plan.
I’ve got two days to pull it off before shoots start happening.
Pray for me please.


Weekend Happeninings…Around the House

I spent the entire weekend shopping…shopping and styling.
As I told you before, I’ve got some shoots coming up so things need to get did as it were.
In the arena of long term stuff, we’re also re-considering our plan to rent the house out when the new one is built…feeling like selling might be a better option and if so, I want the house looking its absolute best…so we can fetch top dollar as it were.
Anyhoo…furniture pieces and new lighting will most definitely be coming with us when we move.
But for now, this is what’s happening round here…
1. Some black marble accessories and a basket (for towels) got added to the bathroom…
Now I just need to hang art…which PS, I bought at IKEA for $30 bones (not usually a mass produced art kind of girl but thought this was rather perfect for in there)…
I also stole this guy from the living room…
I wanted to note how my I LOVE the tiles in there…so so happy with how they turned out and have plans to replicate almost exactly for the boys room in the new house.
A HUGE thanks to Home Depot and Anatolia Tile for delivering the super duper goods on that front!
2. I bought a plant for the basement family room (again, HD comes to the rescue- I almost bought one of these at a local nursery last week for $129 bones…HD, $29.99:)
…let’s see how long I can keep it alive.
3. Bedding and a mattress got added to the teenager’s room…
4. I got my Trillion beauty up ( a big thanks to Christine at 219 for ordering it up for me…I seriously couldn’t function without this girl…between her store and her friendship…well, I feel very lucky let’s just say).
…which was work let me tell you.
The crystals came individually wrapped in a box like this…
…and I had to take each one out, string two pins…
…and hang.
It easily took 3 hours but wowzers, was it ever worth it…I’ll be hand walking that bad boy down the street to the new house…of this I am VERY sure.
And I think that was it for the weekend.
And for right now, my living room has been completely torn apart so that we can slap some paint up on the walls…planning on a big change in there…I’m trading in the art wall in favour of some large scale goodness by the incredibly talented Jen Mann
…he’s called ‘Sway‘ and I lurv him greatly.
And speaking of ginormous art, my two anewall pieces arrived and…

Seriously- I’m obsessed with them…the scale is just too good.
Stay tuned for more progress shots on Instagram etc.
And I promise some full reveals very soon.


If You Want It, Black Rooster It #20, Some New Basement Shots and a Dreamhouse Rendering!

Friday means…
And since I’m a little tardy with post hour, let’s get right to it.
For today, a little girly glam, Black Rooster styles…

Leather daybed

I DIE over those sconces.

Also, the NZ rug…killer jones.

Go here to see more BR good shit.


In other news…some more goodness got did in my basement.

For one, my two soho sconces from 219 were installed and I lurv them…

Also, Allen extraordinaire proved once again why he’s the carpenter to beat them all when he made some pretty doors for my under stairs storage area…

…you wouldn’t believe how much stuff is held at bay behind those pretties;)

I have to admit, getting everything finally done in my basement is making me sort of crush on the old house girl again…so much so that I’ve been second guessing the move just a little.

Thankfully, aces architect W came through and saved the day by coming up with this rendition of #projectdreamhouse during our regular Thursday meeting…PS…it took him less than 10 minutes to draw- don’t you hate people who can actually make their brain synapses talk to their hands in such a way that they make daydreams in their head come to life on paper?  I do…they induce insane jealousy in me…I didn’t death glare Wallace on this occasion though…he was doing me quite a solid rendering this beauty up…

Pretty sure I looked like a 3 year old spotting Santa at the mall for the first time when he first revealed this little diddy yesterday…though I had this house sorted in dream land, seeing it brought to life on paper…well let’s just say I was/am a tad bit excited.

More to come…for now though, I’ve got shizz to do…husband is driving to pick me up some furniture over the border tonight so watch for some weekend reveals on Instagram…my anewall artwork is also going up today so things are happening.

What’s not happening, however is any semblance of $$ conservation.

Bank account = not at all happy with these newest developments.

E-design services/painting commissions…anyone…Bueller????




A Painting and a Rug

You know those days when you have the kids all ready for school just in the nick of time and then right before you walk out the door, you remember its picture day and have to completely re-dress/re-style kids and fill out pose forms to be sent with them…ya…I had one of those:)
And since I’m still a day behind because of the holiday, I’m going to keep this post short and sweet.
I spent a good chunk of the day yesterday painting- when the mood strikes as it were…I finished off a piece I’ve been working on for a while entitled ‘Millicent’…and though I didn’t plan anything about how she’d look and where she’d go…

…the minute I hung her in the teenager’s room (aka #projectgetroomsreadyforkids) alongside my new INCREDIBLE e-carpet gallery (aka an AH-MAAZING online rug store that ships stunning luxury rugs anywhere in the US and Canada….with PS, no duty/brokerage for us Canucks thanks to a Canadian home base:))))))….
ecarpetgallery, Headquartered in Montreal, Canada- (514)-272-8000
 …silk rug…

…the stars aligned as it were…
Sooooooo happy.
Now I just need a mattress, some bedding and a few pillows.
A final reveal is coming soon:)))