Holiday Reveals – My Living Room…and Some New Art

Morning friends.
I thought it was probably time for another installment of…
…and for today, I’m showcasing my new’ish’ living room.
As you know, I’ve been wanting to scale down all the stuff I had going on in there.
I also decided to change the seating arrangement so that the room had one large area, rather than two smaller ones.
In addition, I wanted to add some more masculine elements and take away a little of the pink.
So, I started by painting the walls in Para Snowfall…aka…one of my all time favourite whites.
Then, I moved things around, added in some new chairs and most importantly, a couple of pieces of large scale art in place of the artwall I had previously.
And here is how the room looks now…

Now as you know (from this post,) the white chairs were borrowed on approval and they’ve gone back…pretty sure they’ll be coming back in the new year though- if I have anything to say about it that is.
Overall, I’m really pleased with how it’s all turned out.
Mostly because of the art- I literally die a little every time I walk in the room because of my:
1.  Jen Mann large pink Jesus, as my husband refers to him…I literally could not love him more- I think I actually fall harder each and every day.
2. Stephanie Vovas photograph over the fireplace…my husband had some old work buddies over for a little party of sorts at our place on Saturday and I swear we collectively talked about my lady friend for at least an hour- she’s captivating to say the least.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…if you’re going to spend money on stuff, spend it on original art…makes ALL the difference to a space.
I’m pretty sure my room could have nothing it in but those two pieces and that would be enough.
And since we’re on that topic, I’ve added some more abstracts to my shop
…which can be purchased on their own or framed…

…and have decided to keep the festive cheer going with a 20% coupon code for the whole month of December…I’ll be trying to add new work every day until Christmas so if you’re looking for that special something to give someone for the holidays, consider the gift of art:))))
Use code:
…to redeem the 20%.
And with that, I’m off to get the kids out the door to school- I’ve got my kindergarten dude’s parent observation this morning and so looking forward to it- seeing your kid at school, interacting with their friends and teacher is always so much fun…it’s almost like you get to see a glimpse of the person they are becoming in real life as it were- tres neat.



I’ve decided to sell some stuff…in an effort to de-clutter a little.
I’ll be listing things for the next few weeks randomly so make sure you check back often.
For now…I’ve got:
1. A pair of 20×20 Rose Cumming Sabu on Linen (Pink/Rose) Pillows (pink linen on back and on piping)…
ONE new 18x18 Rose Cumming Chintzes Vintage 1982, hot pink cheetah print, pillow cover, throw pillow, toss pillow, decorative pillow
$ 175
2. A pair of electric gilt sconces…

3. Hollywood Regency swan vase…
vintage 1960's Large Hollywood Regency SWAN Vase / Planter

4. A pair of 1960s Hollywood Regency white metal peacocks…

ON HOLD. 1960's Pair White Metal Peacock Wall Hanging/Sculpture


5. A pair of 18×18 Chaing Mai Pillows in alabaster colourway (cream linen cotton on back)…

[Schumacher Chiang Mai Dragon[9].jpg]

PS…just found this shot that appears to have the Rose Cumming and Chaing Mai together…purdy…



6. One Manuel Canovas Misia lumbar pillow (fabric on front, yellow and white dots on back)…


And I think that’s all for now.

Email me at if you’re interested in any of the above and for total cost with shipping etc.  

Prices are in US dollars.

And as I said, more to come…oh and if there’s anything you can think of that you really like in my house, there just might be a chance that I’d sell it so email me:))


Holiday Reveals…The Reality Behind the Photgraphed Pretty in My House

I’ve been posting photos of new stuff for a while now on Insta and the like…all of this because as you know, I’ve been crazily trying to get ready for some photos shoots and TV segments.
All of this happening during what I can only say is not my family’s best economic times.
So today, I thought why not tell you/show you how I’m doing this…and no, it doesn’t involve winning the lottery or spilling head first into debt.
As with everything you see in magazines or on the tube, things are often a little different than what’s there on the glossy pages etc…so I thought why not give you a little behind the scenes reality check as it were…and why not make it part of my…
…series…because really, this is very much a reveal:)))
Let’s start with the basement.
To be honest, it was pretty much done in better moula times so there’s not real trickology there…what you see is what’s there and what’s staying there.
I did get some fabulous deals on some pieces like the custom cabinet that Allen made for me, but it still definitely wasn’t free…
Same goes for everything in this picture…the anewall art, daybed, striped side table and chairs…all bought at a reduced price (from the amazing Black Rooster) but still purchased as it were.
I could go on with the basement but let’s just sum it up by saying that everything down there is mine, bought (aside from the RugsUSA beni and eCarpet Gallery rug in the bedroom which were both gifted in exchange for blogging/PR, same goes for the flooring and tile from Home Depot) at either a reduced price or for trade discount etc.
The space hasn’t been manipulated for photos or staged or anything…it is what it is.
Moving on.
The living room.
As you know, I’ve been working on a rather big change in this room’s shtick.
I wanted to move it a little away from it’s previous super frilly feminine installation.
To do this, I had to get rid of a lot and add some more.
I’ve got stuff stored away for either the new house or sale and have added the alky chairs…
…a pedestal (made by Allen) with this glorious JA vase…
..the later of which is very much thanks to Christine (whose shop 219 now carries Jonathan Adler!!!) …aka, the best online friend a girl could ever have.
And then there’s the art…this Jen Mann gorgeousity…
…and my Stephanie Vovas masterpiece…
The former is being rented from the fabulous folks at Neubacher Shor Contemporary…I arranged this last month, with the intent to purchase.
Because I’m trying to reign in spending as of late, this is very up in the air…it makes me very, very sad to think that I might have to give this back because it’s literally one of my most beloved things in the house…by a landslide actually.
Please cross your fingers that prior to Christmas, husband lands another job so that this can be my gift…praying to the gods every single day on that front.
On a happier note, I do own the photograph on the fireplace…and this makes me incredibly grateful…I’m a little sad that I had framing issues, which meant the image had to be cropped smaller than intended with a thinner frame and plexi rather than glass, but such is what sometimes happens with shoot deadlines and the like.
Now the chairs.
These are a catastrophic pain in my ass to get.
I had arranged to borrow them on approval, again with the intent to purchase.
Though I was supposed to pick them up on Tuesday, and had sent my husband to retrieve, they weren’t ready until yesterday morning on the actual day of the shoot so as the photographer was working, in comes husband with a u-haul in between shots trying to place the chairs.
The thing is with these guys that I LOVE them greatly to look at, I can’t afford them so they’ll be going back today on the same u-haul they came on, with a huge thanks to Julien Armand for letting me try them on for size…very much hoping I’ll be able to add these bad boys back in soonly.
I mean just look at the backs of them alone for goodness sakes…
Moving on…
My new lamp…
…came to me thanks to the amazing peeps at Patina.
Again, this has not been purchased but after long discussions with the other half, we’ve decided that this has to stay…it just has to.
So…peanut butter sammies and lots of painting/designing for me to be able to afford.
Sometimes, true love/one of a kind stuff just can’t be passed up on and no I’m not advocating spending on things you can’t afford…I’m just saying that there are times when ‘making it happen’ as it were is worth it.  We’ll forgo some other stuff so that we can keep this piece because though it happens pretty rarely, this guy is something we both absolutely adore.
So that’s the living room…the truth and the fiction as it were.
Now the kitchen.
You’ve seen this space a thousand times so there’s nothing ‘propped’ in here that isn’t mine so to speak.
I thought it might be funny to show you the reality of ‘staging’ for a shoot though and how that often plays out.
On Tuesday night, I sent husband out to find me a loaf of French bread, some macaroons and a small white iced cake for styling.
He aced the bread but came home with this stuff as his version of the other two…
Men…god love them.
And then there’s the flowers…
…it’s really too bad that they cost a lot and last for all of a couple of days.
I’m really hoping the roses stay put for a bit longer- they’re so pretty in real life.
Hydrangeas, though I love them, are so finicky…half of the ones I bought wilted on day one- they definitely have a mind of their own.
*edit…thanks for the soak in water tip from a few readers…going down to try this asap*
I also wanted to show you the reality of my bar area…
The photo shoot ended at 5 pm yesterday and this is how it looks at 8 am today…
Note the Red Label (for husband) and wine (for me) and Tylenol (for both of us)….and trust me, this space usually looks a whole heck of a lot more cluttered than this…so when you see the published photo of this nook, know that it’s really looking more like this;)))
And finally, I thought I’d save the best for last as it were.
And by best, I mean literally the all encompassing reality of our lives that is the master bedroom.
As the only room in the house not to be photographed, it has become the dumping ground/catch all for all the shite that has nowhere else to go.
And because I can shut the door on it whenever anything is going on, the walls are still not painted apres moulding application…there’s mounds of laundry on the floor pretty much all the time…the kids dump every toy that ever migrates from downstairs in here…and well, I’m not so good at putting clothes away.
So, may I present how this little cranny of my house looked last night, after the mad dash to get every piece of crap that was anywhere else in the house, hidden away…
So there you have it…the what’s what for realz behind the fantasy.
Life as it were.

If You Want It, Black Rooster It #23…and Some House Shots

First off, I want to thank you all of you for leaving such amazingly sweet and supportive comments re: husband’s job and Wednesday’s post– I’ve said it before but truly, you people out there on the other side of my computer make every day just a little bit brighter and I thank you buckets for that.

A special high fives with very warm hugs to Katherine for setting my anonymous swear hater in their place…your comment made my day in all kinds of ways.

To thank you all for being there as it were, check back next week for a very special giveaway…think you’re going to lurrrv it.

And speaking of love things…

Friday means shopping day…a la…

And for this week, some black and blue Black Rooster loveliness…

Black Rooster Decor - Black and Blue

[chair, urn and scuplture all available through BR by emailing me or BR directly]

I don’t know about you but I’m very much liking indigo and black as a rat pack combo these days…so moody/edgy.
Those ink screen/monoprints from Natural Curiosities Ben Morris, kill me softly.
As do Stone Textile’s newest b/w pillows…hawt.
See how purdy my Black and White Patchwork one is in action…
Also, here’s my other ST pillow…Mr. tuxedo in his new home…

…loving him in front of the Jen Mann art fantastica.

And speaking about my house/black and white stuff…my striped resin table just arrived…
…and yup, me happy like Sunday morning…

Happy almost weekend all.

Stay tuned next week for some long overdue reveals…I’m putting a new portfolio together so have been compiling/taking photos of everything- excited to share as it were.


An Instagram Reveal of the Basement #projectgetroomsreadyforkids

I have to make this quick…these dudes are coming to do a little filming of my basement today…
…and I still have a bucket list of little finicky things to finish before the cameras arrive.
Before that though, here’s the latest on what’s been done a la the basement.
1. Flowers and my antique mirror got added…
2. My new Stone Textile Pillow came and needed just the right home so I moved the Platner chair that used to live upstairs down and they’re so happy together…
3. I shopped my house for artwork to hang downstairs and love how this old antique oil farm scene works alongside the very simple modern sconces…
4. We hung the TV…now note, the guy at the store promised me me that the frame was brushed/matte black and well, it’s not so will likely be exchanged…
5.  My blue velvet pillow from Studio Tullia arrived…
…and I love love it.
(curtains are handpainted silk from Pillotopia . chevron pillows are from CC Deux Vie]
6. I added some blooms in bedroom…
…because no room would be finished without them.
7. The laundry room got styled…
…and you know me…no space feels done unless there’s some type of bust/porcelain animal in it;)
After introducing this project way back in February and with this horrow show ‘before’ situationHome Depot came to the rescue by supplying and installing (National Installations) all the tile (3×6 white subway for the laundry and bathroom walls from Daltile Corporation and marble mosaic for the bathroom floor by Anatolia Tile) and laminate flooring (from Beaulieu Canada…underlayment from PXL Cross Linked Foam) for the project.  This space literally would NEVER HAVE HAPPENED without them and I am forever grateful.
And speaking of grateful, I also have to give a ginormous shout out to my amazingly talented architect, wjb designs, for giving the bones of this space a new life.  
Of course, my carpenter Allen had a HUGE part in this whole thing too- literally couldn’t have any project work/come to fruition without him…same goes for my painter Peter…love them both to the moon and back.
So with all of that, #projectgetroomsreadyforkids has been re-born and is now officially DONE!
I/we couldn’t be happier with it and now that all is finito, the actual living in it begins…right after some photoshoots happen that is;)
Stay tuned for a non-Instagrammed version of the reveal soon!


Round Here….Halloween, The Laundry Room, The Daughter’s Room and the Foyer

I missed out on posting yesterday…again…sorry about that…just insanely busy it would seem.
In an effort to make up for my low post ratio this week, I’ll be adding one in tomorrow so check back.
For now, a look at Halloween in these parts and some peeks of newbie stuff around the abode…
First the kidlets…
Meet Mr Lion, Mr Ninja and Ms Monster High Twyla….

(PS- count me very annoyed by the blurry night photos)
I’m usually a costume maker but just didn’t have the time this year…also the reason we whipped up Sharpie Pumpkins rather than carving….
…that and I sort of hate carving pumpkins- mostly because I’m not an orange fan so never really like the end product…I’m such a scrooge.
The kids had super fun times so that’s what matters.
And while we were out hitting the streets, Allen the wonder carpenter was putting finishing touches on my laundry area…
 More to come on the final reveal front soonly.
As for the rest of the house, some things are coming together, while others are lagging a bit.
In the almost done category is the big girl’s room downstairs…the vintage Maitland Smith pedestals I ordered from 219 are looking pretty swell in there…
…though I still have some fiddling to do in that room- not quite there yet…close though.
And on the topic of MS goodness, my new console table has found a home in the foyer…
…and I’m sort of loving the less is more business going on now…the hallway feels boatloads wider too which is a bonus.
As for the lamps and BB desk that were there before, they’ve moved upstairs to the hallway landing in place of the old pair of bookcases.
I have to pass on a large thanks to captain hubster for lugging all the books away- not a fun job for sure…he’s proving to be a super good egg sport these days…feeling lucky.
And I think that’s all for now.
Again, check back tomorrow for some more stuff.
I’ve got a new project to show you, along with some Black Rooster sauce.
‘Til then.