Haute Spots – Elle Canada Closet

I’m sort of blending posts today and showcasing both a Haute Spot and some design work all in one because I honestly can’t wait to share a very exciting project I’m working on.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I’ve been hired to design the brand spanking new Elle Canada Closet…

elle canada closet christine dovey

elle canada closet christine dovey

And I’m sooooo excited.

Getting to design a fashion closet that’s going to be the hub for editorial magazine and online features, is pretty fantastical indeed.

I knew from the very beginning that I wanted the space to be glamorous, feminine and a little bistro like. So, with that overall vision in mind, I presented this design board to the client…

elle canada vision board christine dovey

Along with these photos, which really set the framework for the design…

elle canada christine dovey mix of open display and shelves with bar area

racks and walls elle canada christine dovey

From the start, I knew I wanted to take the one large room and sort of divide into two main areas, with the front functioning as seating area and place where we could showcase clothing on both rolling racks and a wall display…at the back, I wanted a vanity area, closed storage and of course, like any good closet bistro, a bar.

On the walls, I envisioned beautiful Metrie moulding ( set against a palate of white and pink.  And speaking of Metrie…I specked these beautiful Fashion Forward doors for the main entrance…

metrie fashion forward glass doors elle canada christine dovey

For the floors,  I knew I wanted pattern in the front area so with budget in mind, we selected VCT tiles (my new favourite product ever) and I sent off this photo to the contractor…

elle canada floor inspiration

Because this particular layout doesn’t require actually cutting the 12×12 tiles, it’s one of the most budget friendly in terms of installation but still gives a very high end/custom look so happy days.

As for other selections, right from the start, we knew we had to have custom branded hangers…

hangers white with black writing and brass handles elle canada christine dovey

…so I sent that plan off to my friends at Druthers and Hammond to make it happen. PSA…if you’re in the design business and are in need of custom furnishings/accessories/textiles/lighting or anything of the like, these peeps are where it’s at.

Our hangers will be white with a black logo and a brass hook.

For hardware, we’ll be using these three beautiful selections from Upper Canada Speciality Hardware

elle canada christine dovey upper canada specialty hardware

upper canada specialty hardware elle canada christine dovey

In terms of large pieces, we’ve partnered with IKEA and will be building a wall of storage out of their PAX system and will add Metrie trim and crown to make it look built in and custom…this is my inspo there…

ikea built ins with metrie mouldings elle canada christine dovey

Of course, ours will be lacquered in a beautiful pale pink:)

On the opposite wall, we’ll be using a pair of IKEA Brimnes bookcases on either side of a Malm dressing table, to create another built area that will again be finished in high gloss pink.  Make-up lights and a beautiful mirror will complete this vanity/storage unit…



And while still on the topic of IKEA, we’ll be using five of their Ekby wall shelves (with brackets sprayed in gold) to make a rather large/awesome shoe display…


As well,  Sektion kitchen cabinets, Cesearstone waterfall tops and custom brass kickplates will make this sort of island bar action happen…

bar inspiration elle canada christine dovey

In front of it, will be 3 gold stools from Black Rooster

Gold_Rochelle_Stool_Bar black rooster christine dovey elle canada

…with a pair of West Elm Globe globe pendants above…

globe-pendant-milk-finish- elle canada christine dovey

In the front section of the space, we’ll have 3 rolling racks for clothing. Originally, we had settled on bellman carts because well, they’re ridiculously pretty…

rolling bellman racks

…but because of budget and capacity, we’re looking at other options. One possibility, is these gorgeous copper beauties from Toronto based shop, The Other

the other clothing rack

Still working on a few possibilities there.

On the large front wall, we’ll be doing a pegboard like installation so that clothes and accessories can be displayed…PS…turns out pegboard has become super cool these days and will be even more so after I’m done dressing it up a little…

pegboard christine dovey elle canada

And as for probably my most favourite element in the space…this stunning vintage settee will be the first thing people are greeted with when they enter the room…


As we speak, J&J Made is transforming it with some beautiful Tonic Living fabric

So excited!

Of course, we’ll also have some other furnishings in the space. I had a visit to my local Mobilia store last week and let me tell you, there have some gorgeous, gorgeous pieces at prices that are so on point…here’s a sampling of what I’ve selected from there…

007926235_womy_chaise-9575 mobilia chair christine dovey elle canada

mobilia aterkia lamp christine dovey elle canada

mobilia elan sidetable christine dovey elle canada

mobilia nori throw christine dovey elle canada

mobilia sink chair christine dovey elle canada

mobilia sink christine dovey elle canada harricana-makadewa_tabouret_renard_noir_717812382_1100px

mobilia womy cart christine dovey elle canada

mobilia christine dovey elle canada carlyle table

This store has instantly turned into one of my go-tos thanks to this project!

And last, but not least…two of my favourite vendors will also play a big part in making this closet come to life.  We’ll be adding these Drop it Modern wallpapers to the outside wall and change room area…

bang_dem sticks drop it modern elle canada christine dovey

drop it modern crystalline wallpaper elle canada christine dovey

And for the main focal wall behind the bar, a custom Endeavour Neon sign with the Elle Canada Closet logo, will be done in pink…

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 9.00.46 AM

image (4)

And I think that sums up the plans front.

I’ll be posting updates on the construction progress in the coming weeks. Our main install is scheduled for Dec. 11th so a full reveal is closet at hand.

Stay tuned as they say:)


The Business of Design – New Projects

I haven’t done a work update lately so I thought why not.

Here are some boards I’ve done for some peeps.

First up, an e-design of a nursery, guest, master bedroom…these were the first boards…

Design Board - Bedrooms Revised Design Board - Bedrooms Revised3

And then after some revisions, this is where things ended up…

christine dovey style e-design nursery

ilissa guest room christine dovey style

ilissa master christine dovey style

Next, for #projectchapelhill, we’ve put this table into custom production…

marble base table project chapel hill project christine dovey style

And my clients just nabbed this set of vintage Louis chairs to go with…

dining chairs project chapel hill

…they’ll be made over in black leather.

As for the full design, I put together this little board…

project chapel hill dining room board christine dovey style

…and yes, I’m clearly on a sheers and moulding binge lol.

My clients have asked for a little less boldness re: art and colour, so I’ve put this revision together…

christine dovey moodboard project chapel hill dining room

…and I’m hoping they love. If not, and just for good measure, I also threw in a KW rug option…

christine dovey moodboard dining room project chapel hill

Next, I’ve got a brand new project called Project Birchcroft.  With this home, I’ve been asked to makeover a few spaces and put the finishing touches on others.

To start, I’ll be giving the piano room a facelift…with a mandate to make it an edgy showstopper of a room.

Here’s the before shots on that one…

project birchcroft piano room christine dovey

project birchcroft piano room christine dovey

And my plan…

reale concept one piano room

Super excited to see this one come to life.

And I believe that’s all for today. I’ve got a super exciting project announcement to share in the next few days so stay tuned.yay for that!

And speaking of good news…a brand spanking new series will be starting tomorrow called Haute Spots so stay tuned:)))


The Business of Design- Project Deloraine

You know those times when you walk in a prospective client’s home and you get all giddy because what they already have is so freaking good that you sort of just walk around with your jaw open thinking, ‘wow…why the F isn’t this my house?!?!?’  And then after that happy wave passes, it’s very quickly replaced with a giant tsunami of ‘holy crap, how on earth is little old me supposed to improve on this excellence?’

Well um…meet my newest clients, Project Deloraine…and by meet, I mean have a glimpse at the ‘before shots’ of their ridiculously awesome home…that they PS, designed and built from scratchies…

project deloraine living room

project deloraine dining room

project deloraine kitchen light

project deloraine rotunda

project deloraine stair bench

project deloraine stairway

project deloraine eating nook

project deloraine office

So you see my dilemma no?  It’s going to be mighty Tricky McTrickersons improving on this business.

Thankfully, the direction my clients want to go is sort of exactly my favourite thing to do.

My mandate is to edge the place up some great art and special/momorable pieces.  So…with that in mind, here was my first crack at an overall design board…

christine dovey project deloraine side one concept board

christine dovey project deloraine concept board two

And to explain…

1. Wallpapering hallway in Porter Teleo Fluidity with some great art pieces to compliment…

porter teleo fluidity kelly wearstler

2. Wallpapering ceiling of Rotunda in Porter Teleo Refracted…

porter teleo refracted

…and I’m now also hoping to do the one rounded wall in Calico Petal…

calico petal wallpaper

3. In the living room, we’ll put a custom Commute Design mirror over the fireplace, with a pair of graphic black and white photographs from These Fine Walls on either side…

project deloraine fireplace these fine walls art commute home mirror

…I mean the the mirror…gah….

commute design mirror project deloraine

4. We’ll also hopefully replace the sofa with something with some real impact…I’m loving the black one I specked from Klaus…so delish.  And a floor lamp of course…something architectural.

5. In the dining room, we’re going to do a mural to fill the three moulding boxes behind the dining table…though I had originally sourced this goodie…

mural project deloraine

…my clients are looking for something more graphic so we’re thinking Area Enviornments to the rescue with a custom version of this…

DJ+Embedded+Indigo+Art project deloraine

We’ll also add a rug and sideboard to this space.  And…a huge custom neon sign from Endeavour…

endevour neon project deloraine

…like shown only in pink perhaps.

6. For the kitchen nook, we’ll be doing Pierre Frey Kubus on the upholstered bench with lots of punchy pillows in neon pink and blues…the burgundy on the original board has been nixed in favour or neon shades so that’s the direction we’ll go there. And then over the kitchen island, we’re going to do some pretty incredible lighting…contenders are pretty much everything from Apparatus Studio…

appartus triad light project deloraine

apparatus studio lighting project deloraine

And I think that’s pretty much the gist.

I can’t wait to get the install on this one rolling…with such amazing befores, it’s going to be such a fantastical challenge to try and nail…crossing fingers:)))


New Project- Glenwood

Morning friends.

I’m excited to share the beginnings of a newish project, along with a brand spanking new moodboard format, that I’ve drawn up since a fabulous meeting I had the other day with Matthew of Heirloom and Knot.  If you don’t already read this one’s blog, you should…it’s dope.

Post meeting, I came home inspired and super ready to dive back into blogging.  My bum hand means that I can’t really be full force at anything involving a keyboard as of yet but it’s getting there and I’m chuffed to share new work so here she goes.

Project Glenwood.  For this one, I’ve been hired to do the living, dining, foyer, basement rec room, laundry, and office…with some finishing touches needed in a few other areas. The home is a two story brick traditional in Toronto and has amazingly pretty bones.  And my client…well the first thing she showed me was a Hermes print wallpaper that she wanted to coat the whole foyer in so I had a good feeling right from the start as it were.

Coming off of #projectbraecrest (after photos coming very soon on that one,) I’ve still be loving up on a palate of oxblood, deep indigo and black. I’m into it in a hard and fast way so…I’ve been playing with it all over the place, hoping that it would catch with another client.  And well…it has on this one…and well…I couldn’t be more thrilled.

So…the plans.

For the dining room, we’re looking to crate a fun mix of texture, style and colour, starting with an aged harvest table and then layering in some more modern elements in the chairs and lighting.  We’ll be building a custom bar area and above it will go what I hope will be a pretty stellar art wall.  On the board, I showed drapery options in both blue and oxblood so my client could see which option she preferred but in the end, we’re nixing drapes altogether and doing oxblood on the head chairs…either in a stripe or solid velvet…

briar project glenwood christine dovey style dining room

For the living room, Super Allen is going to build floor to ceiling shelving on either side of the fireplace in a really crisp, sort of edgy style as below.  We’ll then layer in lots of texture with the rug and use my favourite Jim Thompson Ermania fabric for romans on the bay windows.  The sofa has already been purchased from Elte and was one of those deal of the centuries sort of situations. There was quite literally almost a bidding war with other customers wanting to buy the damn thing but we snuck in pretty stealthily and within minutes of starting our search, an $8000 sofa was had for a mere fraction of the original price….sooooo satisfying…

briar living room concept one

For the foyer, we’re going to plaster all the walls in this amazing Eden Rock wallpaper and then add a sisal runner after the stairs are painted out…

briar foyer

I’m pretty jazzed about the whole thing….especially the art wall actually. For the past little while, I’ve sort of been off those but I’m feeling sort of in love with them again…as long as they’re super balanced and a little restrained and not all willy-nilly like.

I’ve been playing around with some of my favourite pieces from Nicole Cohen, These Fine Walls, Citizen Atelier, Jenny Andrews Anderson, Natural Curiosities and Dwell Studio and have come up with these two versions of a wall that I super hope will happen somewhere…

lores art wall

lores art wall 2 christine dovey style

Black, oxblood and indigo = officially my favourite palate of all time…for now.

Stay tuned:)


It’s One Room Challenge Time …. Week One- Fall 2014 Styles

I wish I could tell you that my current bathroom with its glorious Kohler Provinity vanity looks just like the ad that made me want to buy it in the first place…

kohler provinity vanity

…because lord knows I love a good pink paneled room (as evidence by my last ORC reveal,) and of course, a pretty tufted chair and fireplace in the mix don’t hurt the equation either.

Sadly, my reality is far from this fairytale version…not the least of which includes the 20something model version of myself plunked in the middle of it;)

The truth of things actually looks like this…

one room challenge christine dovey master bathroom kohler vanity

one room challenge christine dovey master bathroom kohler vanity hex floor tile subway tile

one room challenge christine dovey master bathroom

one room challenge christine dovey master bathroom hex floor tile subway tile walls

one room challenge christine dovey master bathroom subway tiles

one room challenge christine dovey master bathroom subway tile

one room challenge christine dovey master bathroom kohler vanity

one room challenge christine dovey master bathroom

one room challenge christine dovey master bathroom glass shower door subway tile exposed shower

one room challenge christine dovey master bathroom kim davies nude subway tile exposed glass shower

one room challenge christine dovey master bathroom kohler vanity subway tiles

Now I think I know what you might be saying…it’s not sooo bad…a little milk toast for breakfast maybe but not terrible….she’s ripping out subway and hex tiles?…I thought she loved pink!…etc.. etc….and you know what, you’re right but the thing is, closer inspection reveals things like this…

….one lone gross circa 2005 spotlight…that’s not so pretty…

one room challenge christine dovey master bathroom pot light

…a toilet that’s seen WAY happier days thanks to the year 2011 when my eldest son was being toilet trained…

one room challenge christine dovey master bathroom toilet seat

…a shower lip that was installed without the proper slope, which resulted in plumtastic drainage, which in turn resulted an additional weird looking threshold having to be added, which didn’t really do the trick, which eventually led to some ugly looking grime stuff…

one room challenge christine dovey master bathroom hex tiles shower lip subway tile

one room challenge christine dovey master bathroom hex tiles

(PS, the subway tiles being installed vertically for some bizarro reason, doesn’t help the ‘happy with the status quo’ me barometer)

…a drain that like previously mentioned threshold, wasn’t installed properly, didn’t drain, and resulted in a rather frequent tile pop-up video…

one room challenge christine dovey master bathroom shower drain hex tile

…a hard water situation that I know will still happen in post-ORC bathroom but that I might be more willing to tackle because I love my new bathroom so much…

one room challenge christine dovey master bathroom perrin and rowe shower head

…a rather pesky issue with the handheld/overhead diverter valve that left the pretty exposed shower fixture with a polished nickel handle on a chrome pipe….not a huge deal I know but annoying….

one room challenge christine dovey master bathroom perrin and rowe exposed shower

… a towel bar that has been broken for longer than I should admit (and why every inch of bare wall is covered in a towel bar remains yet another puzzling question) and that has driven me crazier on a daily basis than I should admit while still admitting to never fixing the damn thing…


…not to mention walls that are actually beige when not brightened via photo-editing, a weird metal cap on the subway tile that was never supposed to be there, a ceiling vent that I was quite honestly too embarrassed to even show you, grout the colour of over-cooked Trout, a weird break between the tile and the wall by the shower that makes my designer brain feel like it’s melting, and a general craptastic level of workmanship everywhere….


Most importantly though, this room remains the very last in this giant 9 year project of mine that hasn’t really been done the way that I want it to be.  And with our #projectdreamhouse gearing up/maybe actually happening, I have to get things did as it were.  I don’t want there to be any space that potential buyers might look at and feel let down by. I want this room to really be the master ensuite I know it’s capable of being…special, unique, interesting, functional, pretty…yadda, yadda.

So…what this all means is that it’s officially…

christine dovey one room challenge logo

…time (a huge thanks to Linda for organizing it all) and things are about to get real, real fast up in this bathroom of mine.

As eluded to earlier, this is actually my second ride on this ORC train…I completed a client’s piano room (seen above) last time, which allowed me to decide on a whole lot of stuff but not really get my hands too dirty.  This season will see my working on my own home, which means I’ve got 6 weeks to do a whole lot of make-overing and well, that’s exciting and exhilarating and all but also, mildly ridiculously terrifying.  I think it’s safe to say that me and one of my besties Chardonnay will be getting real tight before early November rolls around.

Now…as much as I’d like to really go to town on this mother lover, we’re moving and I’m not really going to be enjoying the bounty as it were so this little diddy is being done on an equally not so massive budget.  I have no ‘total eye of destruction’ plans  and won’t be ripping everything out…sorry in advance if that disappoints.

Instead, I’ll be working with the exisiting hardware because truth be told, I still really love it…especially the exposed shower business….

one room challenge christine dovey master bathroom perrin and rowe expose shower

I’ll also be keeping/re-inventing the vanity that started it all…minus the matching mirror because what the H-E double hockey sticks was I ever thinking buying a matched set of anything is what I want to know?!?!

So with all that being said, my ORC bathroom dreams will very hopefully culminate in a version of this mood board rendering (sadly minus Valentino rockstuds)…

one room challenge christine dovey style master bathroom makeover concept board

…which in real life will include: Bianco Gioia honed marble 12×24 tiles on all the walls and inside the shower….

bianco gioia marble christine dovey style master bathroom one room challenge close up

…and this glorious cement divinity on the floors….

cement tile shop tulum christine dovey style one room challenge

cement tile shop tulum tile christine dovey style one room challenge master bathroom

Sidenote on that one…I’ve been saving this tile in my fave files for maybe ever and sort of hesitated about using it on this room because I really really want it in the new place but then I decided, I’m going to do it in both…I love that much….so please don’t get bored when I reveal a bathroom in 2016/2017/hopefully ever that looks eerily similar to this one;)

Moving on…

I’ll also be doing a new mirror (duh,) painting the vanity,trim and window, adding a shiny new toilet…because lord knows there’s no way mine deserves anything more than a gross split second of fame it already got…and maybe just maybe purchasing a tub….this clean, simple dude is on super sale for $400 and well, that just seems sort of worth it…

bathtub one room challenge christine dovey style

Oh and I’ll be wiring/installing my new/old vintage lights, purchased circa 2010 at a local antique market for next to nothing…

one room challenge christine dovey style master bathroom vintage pendant lights

So there you have it…my ORC Fall 2014 prologue.

To recap, my/Super Allen/hubsters job list includes:

1. Demolishing bathroom

2. Taking vanity to painter and having it sprayed…which means I first have to empty it…that really deserves a number all to itself but anyhooo…

3. Renting a dumpster

4. Moving toilet plumbing a little to the left so vanity can center a bit better

5. Installing new floor and wall tile

6. Installing a new mirror into to fit flush with marble wall tile

7. Building some built in shelves for storage and prettifying purposes

8. Styling, styling and styling some more

9. Adding art- always art

10. Reporting to you each week by 8am Wednesday morning about all that’s been going on etc.

11. Oh and almost forgot…CLR’ing the crap out of hardware/fixtures

And at the end of it, my hope is that the wee 9×5 bathroom will be more in keeping with its big panties neighbour, the master…

one room challenge christine dovey style master ensuite hollie cooop

Easy peasy lemon squeezy…not…just ask my favourite counterparts….

one room challenge participant list christine dovey style

…i.e….this EXTREMELY talented/awesome/generally fantastical list of people…

Abby M. Interiors

Because It’s Awesome

Chinoiserie Chic

The Decorista

Design Chic

The Design Daredevil

Design Darling

Design Indulgence

Design Manifest

House of Turquoise

Jana Bek Design

Jill Sorensen

Maddie G. Designs

Mimosa Lane

A Piece of Toast

The Pink Pagoda

Stone Textile

Waiting on Martha

The Zhush

Trademarked by Calling it Home

…who you should definitely be following because it’s a given that their transformations are going to rock till the sun drops.

And speaking of transformations, there are also YOURS to look forward to if, if you’re bravely taking part in the ORC linking event…that fun starts tomorrow and I’ll so be following!!

As for me, stay tuned…demo for all is coming to you live next Wednesday at 8am EST.


Boarding and Black Rooster’ing

I’ve been busy working away on some brand spanking new client projects.

First up, there’s an office re-design we’ll call #projectfield.

The befores…



And the plan…

christine dovey style #projectfield design board 2

…which centers on my client’s wish for femininity…and her love for the Flat Vernacular wallpaper I  used in the ensuite at #projectgreenbay.

I’ll admit that this board was actually my second go at it.  When I first saw the room, I wanted to go bold and glammy…mostly because of that insanely perfect desk…this was concept #1…

christine dovey style #projectfield design board 1

..but it wasn’t quite what my client was after so back to the drawing board it was an concept 2 was born.

My client has already purchased that amazing vintage commode…

vintage commode christine dovey style

…and the wallpaper is going up tout suite.

The after shots will be coming pronto on this one:)

Moving on…I also just finished a  quick consult on a nursery in California…we’ll call this #project13th…

The befores on this blank slate…

before shots project 13th

…and some of the owner’s ‘keep/re-use in the new room’ items…

keep items project 13th

My inspo…

project 13th inspiration christine dovey style 1

project 13th inspiration christine dovey style

And then the plan options…

project 13th design board christine dovey style

taira two

Client is going with option A, which will include wall to wall Stark Antelope…that Black Rooster daybed everyone knows and loves, the Anthro fabo wallpaper on one wall, that incredible bear photograph from Citizen Atelier and some bold black and white stripe curtains…will be beuno when it’s done.

Next up, there’s a living room zhush I’ve been working on, with the royal name #projectwestminster…which is PS, also in California! My mainstay clientell has mostly been Toronto, Chicago and NYC up to this point so excited to be seeing some west coast action as well:)

Anyhoo…the not so before befores on this place…

project westminster before 1

project westminster before 2

And with a mandate to add in tons of femininity and lots of brass and blush, this is what I came up with on that front…

#projectwestminster concept board christine dovey style

I’m soooooo in love with the combo of these Black Rooster console tables, the mannequin artwork and the West Elm lamps…

art black rooster console west elm art christine dovey style

Like HARD CORE love.

I’m not angry at the vintage chairs either…

gold gilt vintage chairs

Note that black and white stripe resin BR table

bw_striped_close_up_grande black rooster decor

…I own it and admittedly plunk it in many design boards because it’s 100% the most awesomely versatile table ever. If I had to invest in one piece of furniture for any home that I knew would work anywhere and make any space better, that table is is.

And on the topic of BR and this room, can you die happy over a blush Beni? I sure as hell can…

Tasmanian_Rug_Salmon_grande_grande black rooster decor

And finally for this week, work continued on #projectgreenbay with a solid concept for the playroom.

The wallpaper is up and all the built ins are painted…

project greenbay playroom progress shots christine dovey style

…and with a desire to add lots of colour and fun, we’ve decided on this…

project greenbay playroom concept board christine dovey style

…the centerpiece of which is the incredible artwork from Sarah Ashley Longshore and that rug…my golly that rug…it almost makes me weap.

As with the last board, BR is plenty represented with the floor lamp, zebra rug, Love sign, giant cherry (which is PS, really giant at 2′ tall!)….

black rooster decor giant cherry

ceiling light and pink leopard pillows.

And though I love love love the burgundy, pink and teal action, we might swap out a pair of chairs and use these vintage ones of my clients…re-upholstered in this Tilton Fenwick fabulousness…

project greenbay tilton fenwick fabric christine dovey style

Stay tuned…as you know, lots and lots is happening with this project:)

And with that, I think that pretty much sums up what I’ve been up to the last few days.

Lots of fun busy as it were:)