My Master Makeover- IKEA Quick & Easy

I’m sooooo excited to share with you the beginnings of what I hope will finally (after 8 years of living in this house,) be a completed master bedroom.

Recently, the fabulous folks over at IKEA challenged me and some other bloggers to transform a space using mostly textiles, as part of their Quick and Easy textile campaign.

As many of you know from seeing the reveal of Scarlett’s room

christine dovey pine girls room 9 pom pom curtains gold hygge and west floral wallpaper

…I have LONG been a fan of using IKEA curtain panels for my drapery projects.

In case you didn’t know this trick, buying IKEA  panels is a super fantastic way to get custom curtains for less…in fact, it’s far cheaper than even starting from scratch/buying the fabric etc.  Essentially, you purhcase the panels and then have a seamstress (or yourself if you’re handy like that,) cut off the top, add pleats, attach a liner, sew the panels together and finish off with a nice large hem.  As with Scarlett’s, you can then do fun things like attach ball fringe or if you happen to know someone amazingly talented like my friend Hollie Cooper, you can actually have the fabric itself painted so that it ends up looking like my daughter’s curtains…

christine dovey pine teeanger room roses leigh viner artwork pink ceramic parrot brass candlestick hand painted curtains polka dot bedding

…OR like my brand spanking new master bedroom ones!!!

christine dovey style ikea curtains

Before I show you what these gems look like in the room, I really wish I could post some before shots but I honestly don’t have a single one because my master was THAT BAD.

It’s the one room in my house that has literally received zero love since we moved in and the fact that it’s now almost actually pretty, is making me so infinitely happy.

Anyhoo…back to the reveal.

For the challenge, I was given $350 to spend and this is what I purchased:

1. 4 packages of IKEA Lenda curtain panels…I chose these because they came in 108″ length. My ceilings on the second floor are only 8′ but I needed enough length to be able to cut the top tabs off and do a nice big hem at the bottom so these were the winners. Each package was $39.99 CDN.

2. 2 king sized pillows…we’ve had one pair of king sizers on my bed foreves but were in desperate need of another pair so this was a no brainer.  I bought the Gosa Pinje because I’m actually not a fan of real feathers and these are designed for side sleepers like moi so perfect…they were each $24.99.

3.  A set of king sheets in their almost highest thread count- I would have bought the highest ones but they were all sold out…I’m super duper delighted to have a nice soft set of white sheets that the baby dude hasn’t been able to wreck yet. These were $39.99

4.  A pair of bedside table lamps…I decided on the Tisdag because I wanted white and simple…sort of sculptural if you will.  These were my big ticket item at $69.99 each.

So…with all that in my shopping cart, I brought it all home, with the exception of the curtain panels that I dropped off at my friend’s/fabric painting genius’ house.

And after just a few days, my IKEA curtains came back all painted up and sewn together…and when I hung them, alongside my new lamps and my newly dressed bed, this is what happened to my once very sad bedroom…





christine dovey master bedroom alexandra foster pillows ikea lamp crane and canopy bedding hollie cooper intereiors hand painted curtains IKEA

christine dovey master bedroom hollie cooper intereiors hand painted curtains IKEA


When it comes to making big transformations with some simple little changes, a little IKEA goes a long way…and of course, some personaliztion/experimentation in the mix, just increases the end result.

To see more ‘quick and easy’ transformations, make sure to visit IKEA’s campaign website and also, follow along on Twitter with hashtag #IKEAMakeover.

And as for my bedroom, I still have a few more things to throw in to really finish it off.

I’m very much hoping to have this Ashley Woodson Bailey piece hung above my bed…

wihtout wax ashley woodson bailey

…and a rug…I need a rug.

I’ll be back with a full reveal when it’s all said and done.

In the meantime though, check back very soon for yet another post about this room…I want to tell you all about the pretty Crane and Canopy bedding, those fabulous silk pillows and the art of course:)